SpiritJam is for people of all ages, but youth can have a special role in the program as mentors and teaching associates for jam sessions.

Middle School:

Middle schoolers are integrated into jam sessions as mentors:

  • Middle school mentors choose a Jam to support for that day.
  • Mentors model good participation and help support the Teaching Associates and Lead Teachers as needed – a great way to develop leadership skills!
  • Mentoring prepares middle schoolers for having their own adult mentors during the Coming of Age program (offered during their 8-9th grade year).
  • Mentors are encouraged to lead jams, too!

High School:

High schoolers are invited to jam with us as Teaching Associates! Or as jam participants. Or, they can attend Youth Group on Sunday mornings.

Youth Group:

Designed for people in 9-12th grades, youth group is facilitated by a team of volunteer advisors and youth leaders. Gatherings begin with chalice lighting and check-in. Participants share a reading, prayer, song, or other deepening activity. Youth get involved through:

  • Sunday worship – 1-2 times a year
  • Music performances at multigenerational services – as needed
  • Creating and leading Jam sessions 3-6 times a year
  • Community outreach and service projects – 1-2 times a year