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We Are…

Sop prominent
Alto prominent
Baritone prominent

Bluegrass Mass
Each link below takes you to a playlist of practice tracks. There are multiple practice options for each voice as follows:
Balanced voices:
all parts play at same volume
[voice part] muted:you can hear all voice parts but your own
[voce part] predominant:you can hear all voice parts, but yours is loudest
[voce part] left:your voice part is in the left speaker or earpiece and all other voices are on the right

Ballad First Verse and Gloria
Agnus Dei


Sanctuary Choir

We Shall Overcome

full recording from publisher

Auld Lang Syne

Soprano prominent
Alto prominent

Tenor prominent
Bass prominent


Chamber Choir

On Justice, Truth, and Peace

full recording from publisher


Chalice Choir

How Could Anyone Ever Tell You

All Parts
Alto prominent
Sop I prominent
Sop II prominent