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Bluegrass Mass
Each link below takes you to a playlist of practice tracks. There are multiple practice options for each voice as follows:
Balanced voices: 
all parts play at same volume
[voice part] muted: you can hear all voice parts but your own
[voce part] predominant: you can hear all voice parts, but yours is loudest
[voce part] left: your voice part is in the left speaker or earpiece and all other voices are on the right

Ballad: First Verse and Gloria
Credo (all voices only, practice tracks coming soon!)
Ballad: Third and Fourth Verses (all voices only, practice tracks coming soon!)
Agnus Dei


Sanctuary Choir

We Shall Overcome

full recording from publisher


Chamber Choir



Soprano I
Soprano II
Tenor I
Tenor II
Bass I
Bass II

Chalice Choir