What is Thematic Ministry?

Thematic Ministry is an approach to congregational life which devotes worship and reflection to one topic, or theme, each month. This year, our monthly themes have been drawn from UUCE’s board initiatives:

2017-18 Church Year:

  • September: Inclusivity
  • October: Covenant
  • November: Multiculturalism
  • December: Tapestry
  • January: Community
  • February: Learning
  • March: Embracing Transformation
  • April: Sustainable
  • May: Centering
  • June: Culture

Each Sunday, members and guests are invited to engage with these themes in one of three ways: 

  1. Through Worship Service in the Sanctuary
  2. Through Meditation in the Front Entry Hall
  3. Through SpiritJam, starting with a Story for All Ages in the Sanctuary, a SpiritJam recessional, and a gathering circle in Room 6. From there, we offer three jam sessions to choose from each Sunday, happening in Rooms 2, 5, and 6! 

Your DLRE and SpiritJam teachers develop jam sessions based on the monthly theme during our weekly brainstorming sessions. In addition, we offer “Co-Creator Labs” once a month for interested congregants, our minister, church musicians and anyone else who wants to join us! Together we generate ideas for Jam sessions for the upcoming month. With SpiritJam, the possibilities for learning and reflection through mind, body and spirit are expanded for the entire congregation.

Past Themes: 

2016-17 Church Year, drawn from UUCE’s Covenant of Right Relations:

  • September: Covenant
  • October: Trust
  • November: Respect
  • December: Gratitude
  • January: Honor
  • February: Suffering
  • March: Abiding
  • April: Honesty & Compassion
  • May: Conflict
  • June: Sustaining
  • July: Endings
  • August: Beginnings