2016 UUCE Services Auction

 We had such a great response from everyone and exceeded our goal!

Thank you to all who donated to our awesome catalog, bid, made nourishing soup, created fun and festive desserts for our Dessert Dash, helped set-up, clean-up, decorate, enter data, spot, serve, etc.

A special thanks to our talented auctioneer, Rachel Elkins, who kept our live auction moving right along!


We are busy finalizing everything now and will get final statements out to bidders and donors ASAP.


In case you missed it, here’s what we did:

What’s a Services Auction you ask? This is a unique kind of Fund Raising Auction because instead of selling “things”, we sell the “Services of People“.  This is also an opportunity to counter materialism in our culture by celebrating the spirit of the holidays by purchasing experiences for and with each other.

And what the heck is a “Hoodie Footie”? Celebrating the Warmth of Community, we invite you to get comfortable and come in your PJs – be they hoodies, footies, sweats, or your Sunday best.


Questions? Comments? Want to help? Contact Judy Shaw or Nadja Sanders at auction2016@uueugene.org.