Current members include: 

Phyllis O’Neill
Lori Maddox
Garry Ehrlich
Olga Turner

Committee Charge 

The Financial Oversight Committee (FOC) is responsible for monitoring the overall financial health of UUCE, providing advice and recommendations regarding all financial matters to the Board of Trustees, drafting fiscal/financial policies and recommending their adoption by the UUCE Board.


The FOC meets monthly, on the third Monday, from 5:30-6:30 in the social hall. The committee shall consist of no fewer than 3 and no more than 8 members, including the Treasurer.

Activities of the FOC

  •  Provides monthly review of general ledger, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements.
  •  Provides quarterly reports on the current Budget, including the status and projections of income/expenses, (October, January, April, July).
  •  Creates and maintains policies for internal controls, procedures for money handling, and all matters involving UUCE finances.
  •  Evaluates financial/fiscal implications of policies, proposals, and practices.
  •  Researches and makes recommendations on key issues related to the church’s finances.
  •  Works with/ provides support to the Treasurer. Assist Treasurer to monitor bookkeeper.
  •  Reports to the Board of Trustees.
  •  Reviews the annual budget and treasurer’s annual report.
  •  Schedules “counters” for Sunday plate collections and fundraisers.
  •  Provides ongoing financial education for committee chairs and others.
  •  Meets annually with other committees in the “financial cluster”.
  •  Creates an annual work plan with goals which incorporate UUCE Board priorities.
  •  Reviews restricted funds and expenditures of restricted funds to help ensure that they are spent as the donor requests.
  •  Conducts preliminary internal audit.


File Description File size
2011canvass_brochure.pdf 989 kB
UUCE FY14 Proposed Budget 100 kB
UUCE 2014-15 Proposed Budget 41 kB
March 2013 Balance Sheet 13 kB
March 2013 P&L 16 kB
UUCE FY12 Approved Budget.pdf 66 kB
Budget Narrative 2011-2012 135 kB
UUCE FY13 Approved Budget 70 kB