Join us for SpiritJam: A program of worship and exploration for people of all ages

May 2017 – Theme: Conflict

5/14 – No Bake Jam: Make no bake cookies – a little sweet stuff helps any

conflict! (15)

Drawing Jam: Draw what you see and pass it along. (15)

A Story of Conflict Jam: Share your favorite books and stories and identify the conflict.


5/21/ 17 – Crayon Jam: What happens when the crayons revolt?! (15)

My Little Pony Jam: These guys are very practiced at conflict

Write Your Own Story Jam: with Teacher Rachael and/or DRE Katy

Middle-School Meet- Up: Start in Sanctuary, then to Room 1 with Advisor Shane

5/28/ 17 – Relay Race Jam: A whole group jam session that helps us learn the difference between

competitive and cooperative games – fun for everyone!

May 27th – Parents Night Out: Pajama Jam at the Drive-In.  Bring the kiddos in their jammies for a fun night of cardboard car decorating, pizza, and the SING movie! Pillows, blankets, and teddy bear passengers welcome. $5 per participant. Register today at or fill out the paper form provided in the pamphlet rack at the church and return by May 27, 2017.

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