Join us for SpiritJam: A program of worship and exploration for people of all ages

March 2017 – Theme: Abiding


3/5 LunchSack Jam:

Breaking bread is a way to create community. Make lunches for people who are hungry with Teachers Katy and Berry (15m)

Traffic Jam:

What would it be like if we didn’t abide by the rules of the road? Join Teacher Priscilla and explore why it is we need rules (15m)

Physics Jam:

The natural world – indeed the Universe – abides by certain laws. Physics experiments help us learn, and they’re really fun! With Teacher Sean (35m)

3/12 Marshmallow Jam:

Abiding can mean to wait patiently. How long can you abide? With Teacher Priscilla (15m)

Horton’s Egg Jam:

Horton abides by his egg, faithful and true. He’s awfully patient. How ‘bout you? With Teacher Sean (15m)

American Girl Jam:

Join young Teachers Relia and Lexi as they share with you some of the amazing qualities of their American Girl Dolls, patience being one of them! (35m)

3/19 Blackfeet Jam:

In times of trouble, the Blackfeet tribe have a way of restoring harmony – with Teacher Eileen (35m)

Capoeira Jam:

Learn the basics of this Brazilian martial art, which includes elements of dance, music and play, with Teacher Davey (35m)

(Two jam sessions this week)
3/26 Improv Jam:

You must abide by what your partner suggests – say “yes” to improve with Teacher Priscilla (15m)

Jazzy Jam:

Jazz learns to abide by her own heart and soul, regardless of the pressures around her. With Teacher Sean (15m)

Lego Jam:

Acceptance of others and abiding by what’s true for each of us is a skill we can practice in Lego Jam with Teacher Ezra (35m)


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