Welcome to SpiritJam!

UUCE is excited to offer SpiritJam, a new style of religious education for kids of all ages that started September 18, 2016!

Here’s how SpiritJam differs from traditional RE:

  • First, it offers hands-on learning that reliably reflects our minister’s theme and message for the month, because it is “just-in-time theology.”
  • Second, each jam is an opportunity for participants to learn about and experience our faith in a way that is personally meaningful, because they can choose for themselves.
  • Third, jam sessions are open to everyone.
  • Finally, jam sessions are designed collaboratively and lead by a staff of experienced teachers.

Here’s how SpiritJam works:

A team of staff-members and interested volunteers create each jam collaboratively at a monthly “co-creator lab.” Jams uniquely reflect that month’s all-church theme. Our dedicated staff  will make sure that the program is fun, safe, exciting, and engaging for everyone. Volunteers can plug in wherever and however they are able – no more 6-month-long commitment! If you have a knack for knitting, a penchant for politics, a flair for flamenco, or feel better served by movement and laughter with kids, you are invited share your passions and interests.

SpiritJam is firmly rooted in Unitarian Universalist principles, values, and history while offering a more interactive and intergenerational approach to learning!

Click the link to check out a typical Sunday morning.

Here’s how SpiritJam originated:

SpiritJam was created by DRE Katie Covey of Boulder Valley, CO. A DRE for over 30 years, Katie has written numerous RE Curriculum for the Unitarian Universalist Association – Chalice Children, Circle of Trees, and Toolbox of Faith, to name a few. Arising out of her experience, wisdom, and passion for dynamic religious education, this new model has changed the way her church “does church” by integrating the generations and allowing people to participate as they are able without over-burdening volunteers. We are very excited to implement her concepts here in our community!

For more information about the original SpiritJam, go to www.spirit jam.info

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