July 10 – Healing Friendships

Including this Responsive Reading

Key To Friendship – Poem by Anonymous

The key to friendship
Is not in the hand you hold
But how you hold the hand.

It’s not in the tears you dry
But all the reasons why.

It’s not how you make a person smile
But whether or not it’s worthwhile.

It’s not in the conversation
But in the way you listen.

It’s not in the laughter
But what comes before and everything after.

The key to friendship
Is not in two people relating
But in two hearts communicating.

Thank you for being that special friend
Who understands the key to friendship
And how to unlock everything within my heart.

Where do we go, what do we do, when we need to heal from the brokenness of the world. July 10 Healing Friends: Allies of our own choosing We get to pick our friends so let’s explore some of the ways friendships heal.

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