Sunday Service

August 21

“Economic Sustainability” –  The successes of global capitalism reveal it’s weaknesses, and this service will focus on new theory and practice which can have tremendous impact. The circular economy, the end of “externalities” in economic theory, and the moves in local and socially responsible economics are all fair game. – Rev. Sydney

August 28

“Inch by Inch” – My annual garden service, celebrates growing our own nourishment and the patience it takes. – Rev. Sydney

Religious Education

Looking ahead to September:

September 4

Story for All Ages – Henry Builds a House. Henry decides to build a simple home for himself by the pond. Soon, he discovers that the work is much more enjoyable when he gets a little help from his friends.

September 11

Story for All Ages – The Circle, The Cycle. All things ebb and flow. All things come and go. For everything, there is a season, a circle, a cycle…

September 18


People of all ages are welcome to join us for our first ever SpiritJam. On this day, we will explore the concept of Covenant through three different jam sessions – you get to choose where you want to go! LegoJam: Be the engineer, the quartermaster, the builder or more in this cooperative lego-building session – a covenantal relationship in action.


Together we rise, together we fall – and isn’t that the heart of the covenant after all?


Join the round table council and hone your persuasive argument skills – an inclusive and fun example of what it is to live in covenant with one another.


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