Sunday Service, June 19

Dear friends – when I went to Kesey Square to join those speaking to the great tragedy in Orlando, I felt honored to be a part of our UU tradition. I felt grounded in the generations of our faith committed to keeping on, and in our present commitment to joining our strength with the strength of all peoples of good will. Faith leaders spoke throughout the evening, and I did too.

The proliferation of guns to financial benefit, to the benefit of fear and prejudice which benefit increased militarization and non-democratic rule tells me how vital it is to keep our flame alight.

Our theme this month is justice. The times demand of us that we do justice to our vision of transformation and peace. This picture reminds us that no matter which thread you pick up, you are affecting the whole of the interwoven pattern in the fabric of our culture.

Next Sunday we will talk about how to locate ourselves and make choices that make a difference.

See you in church!

Rev. Sydney

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