Reverend Sydney Morris

The new church year is upon us, and as the dog days of summer wring the last torrid heatwaves through town, we can sense the season turning with our returning church community.

My summer was filled to the brim with family and generational passages, poignant and promising. Here at church, we have said fare-thee-well to our Ministerial Intern Kimberley Wootan and heartily welcome in our new Intern, Andy Chirch.  We have sent long term Music Director Tom Sears into his new retired future, and now begin with our Interim Music Director Camille Lively.  After a great summer of varied musicians and musical delights, the Choirs now start up again. Every Sunday after service, the first of our new Faith Forward “Visitor to Leader” Inquirers’ series, a rotating series of eight great hour-long sessions, and invites one and all.

I would like to invite those who feel so moved to apply to be Worship Associates this year.  Please let me know what your experience has been (if any) and why you would like to assist with Sunday services.  The commitment is to a whole-group meeting every season, and for each individual Associate to be in the service for a month at a time; each person is invited to offer a Personal Reflection on their experiences touching on the theme of the month. Our themes this year  are based on the UUCE Covenant of Right Relations, and are: covenant, trust, respect, gratitude, honor, hurt, forgiveness, conflict, communication, and unity. 

What an amazing range of human experience we share together!  I am with the Greek humanist playwrite Terence (195 – 159 BCE)  “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”:  “I am human, and nothing human is alien to me.”  Not, mind you, that I have Latin training – it is a matter of self-teaching to keep presenting myself with new and unknown things and see what I can puzzle out.  “Humani” – I get that.

The range of humani is difficult to endure as we watch the lesser angels of our human nature rampage through our ideals.  And yet this is a time when we are needed, more than ever, to be a people of faith.

See you in church!  –  Rev. Sydney


This month our theme is Covenant, a promise made sacred by its mutuality.  While business is conducted through contracts, relationships flourish in covenantal space.  Our religious movement does not focus on a creed or dogma, but rather a way of being together, in care and conversation that we call covenant.

September 4th Labor of Love Sunday.  Our service begins at 10 and at 10:45 we will get to work preparing this beautiful building, grounds and classrooms for the oncoming church year.  Dress casually!  There will be food available, and potluck will be heartily appreciated as well.

September 11th Ingathering Sunday.  Our annual intergenerational Water Communion service invites us to add to the bowl of community our libations of hopes and blessings for all.  Bring water from home or from your travels or avail yourself of water provided here (with a tiny amount left over from last year’s celebration)!

September 18th (Ministrial Intern Andrew Chirch will provide description.)

September 25th “Things fall apart/The center cannot hold” the poet cries, of the times when covenants are strained beyond tolerance.  What to do then? Rev. Sydney. 

Volunteers Encouraged

CROP Walk is looking for a coordinator this year, as are Sister Circles.

Those interested in applying to be Pastoral Associates or Worship Associates, contact Rev. Sydney.

Recent Videos

Reverend Sydney speaks at Sunday service, August 21, 2016.  The theme of the sermon was Economic Sustainability, part of the continuing August focus on this area.


July 17 – Sunday Service Videos

And a sample of our wonderful music offerings…

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