November 19 – Living in gratitude emboldens and enriches us, encouraging us to step right up to the welcome table. People in all eras of their lives have gifts to share in the many ways to give thanks. Bring yours! Director of Lifespan Religious Ed Katy Siepert and Rev Sydney.

This Month’s Community Offering: Occupy Medical started as a humble first aid tent at the Occupy Eugene site on October 15, 2011. A handful of medically trained volunteers began to serve the movement with their specialized skills. We had a pop-up canopy, a few blankets and donated medical supplies from the local emergency clinic. After 6 years of weekly service they are again seeking a new residence for Sunday afternoons. Now they have returned to the Park Block and need funding for medical supplies to serve an average of 50 sick homeless each Sunday. Your donation is appreciated! Ruth Duemler

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