Greetings…we are glad to offer use of the church by members who have a sponsoring committee or program at no cost, based on availability.

Having a table for your UUCE group or activity can be useful for getting your message to the congregation. Table topics must be church-related. Any event with sales or fundraising must meet our Sales Policy and be approved by the Operations Team (Minister, Business Manager, Treasurer) at To schedule a table for after the Sunday Service, send your responses to these questions to   

*  UUCE Sponsoring Group Name:    

*  Title of Table:    

*  # of chairs

*  Day(s) and date(s) requested:    

*  Contact Person (Name, email, and phone) if different from person making the request:

*  Approval for Sales or Fundraising by:                             

Tables that are listed on the web calendar under Information and Fundraising Tables are listed in an announcement about the Information and Fundraising Tables in the Weekly eBulletin/Sunday Handout. If you want to have a specific longer announcement about your table follow the instructions mentioned in paragraph #1 above.

Or enter the information below to request use of an information table in the Social Hall after Sunday service.

Thank you.