Lay Pastoral Help

The members of the Lay Pastoral Programs of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene are committed to providing a caring, helpful response to the needs of our church members. Please use one of these forms to let us know what you or another congregant you know may need. You may send the completed form electronically to or to _ _ _ _. You may also print a hard copy and give to a member of the Lay Pastoral Associates team.

Form to Request assistance from the Kindness Team:




Phone (h)____________________ ©_________________(w)__________________

I (or another member I am referring) need:

ŸMeals on a short term basis

ŸA cheering card or a phone call

ŸBabysitting due to an emergency

Ÿ Transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment

ŸRespite care

Form to Request a Lay Pastoral Associate Visit:




Phone (h)____________________ ©_________________(w)__________________

I (or another member I am referring) need:

Ÿ Crisis help

Ÿ A caring presence to listen to concerns

Ÿ A friendly visit due to being housebound

Ÿ Someone to come regularly to a care facility

Ÿ Someone to visit due to enrollment in hospice

Ÿ A church member to visit on a regular basis due to




Ÿmarital changes,



Ÿ Other_______________________________________________________