The Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene (UUCE) is pleased to make its beautiful building facilities available to individuals and groups in the community that seek to serve and enrich human life through the arts, education, social and environmental justice, celebrations, weddings, or other activities that are compatible with our mission and vision: “Empowered by love, we transform ourselves and serve our world.” Furthermore, in keeping with UU principles, no individual or group will be denied use of the building on the basis of religion, race, sex, national origin, disability, sexual preference, age, or public assistance status. We are nonpartisan and cannot endorse or support any political parties or candidates that may rent our facilities, which are available equally to all parties and candidates. We require that, when renting our facilities, you adhere to the following policies and guidelines:

Use of Premises: Groups that rent space in the building are authorized to use only the rooms they have rented, as well as the hallways and restrooms. They are also asked to honor agreements concerning beginning and ending times for their events. One time rentals and large or complex events may be required to hire an approved UUCE Event Host for the entire rental time. For on-going rentals or small groups, the Event Host’s hours will be negotiated based on needs on a case-by-case basis.

Use of Playground: Renters are not permitted to use the playground unless it is so stated in the contract and is paid for, and a playground supervisor is provided by the renter. Hallways are not play areas and should be used only as passageways between rooms. Children in the hallways must be accompanied by an adult.

Parking: UUCE provides onsite parking free of charge for 64 cars. On weekends and in the evening, guests may also park in the lot of the Looking Glass School next door and the Speech and Hearing Center next to that if there is no special event there at the time. Check with the Rental Administrator to be sure the extra lot(s) are available. During the day on weekdays, other lots close by are sometimes available. If you need more than 64 parking spaces, ask the Rental Administrator about additional parking. Please do not park in spaces designated for church use only.

Set-up of Rental Space: Discuss specific set-up requirements with the Rental Administrator. Unless approved by the Rental Administrator, only the UUCE custodians may move church furniture, including seating and location of lectern and pulpit, as well as tables and chairs in the Social Hall and Sanctuary. Renter is to fill out a Set-up Requirement Form provided by UUCE and provide it with the contract. No set-up is permitted that blocks fire exits.

Kitchen: UUCE’s kitchen is a certified commercial kitchen. To use it for food preparation beyond a simple potluck, you must hire a host (for a fee) from a list approved by UUCE to oversee food preparation, use of the dishwasher, and cleaning, even if you hire a caterer.

Displays and Decorations: If decorations and displays are put up, they must not damage church property and must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Never nail, thumbtack, paste, glue, tape, or affix anything to the walls, musical instruments, or other furnishings. Candles are allowed for table decorations only if they are contained by a hurricane shade or water base. All space used must be restored to its original condition. Items on the church walls (artwork, notices, etc.) MUST NOT be removed or altered without permission of the Rental Administrator. UUCE custodians and contracted hosts do not set up decorations. Renter is responsible for putting up all decorations and displays, taking them down, removing them from the building or disposing of them, and doing no damage. The only permitted materials for adhering decorations or displays to the walls or ceilings is Post-It Paper or blue masking tape.

Musical Instruments: Renters must obtain permission from the Director of Music to use any of UUCE’s musical instruments. Never place anything (including papers) on top of pianos (even with cover on), or on their benches. Damage to instruments will result in a charge to the renter in the amount of the repair or replacement.

Sound System: UUCE’s sound system is available only under the supervision of one of our approved sound technicians. This service is provided at an hourly charge, including set-up and take-down time. If the UUCE sound system is insufficient to meet the renter’s needs, the renter is responsible to supplement the needed equipment. Our sound technician can help you with information about this.

The Basic Sound Package includes the following sound and video equipment:

  1. Three wireless, hand-held microphones
  2. CD player
  3. Blue Ray DVD player for audio and video
  4. Up to five (5) wired microphones or plugged-in musical instruments [combined total = 5]

A trained Rental Sound Pool person will work with the event organizer to set up and manage the system to fit the event’s specifications. The Rental Administrator should refer renters who require more complicated set ups than the Basic Sound Package accommodates to the head sound tech on the AV team. That person will determine whether we can accommodate the renters or need to refer them to a professional sound company.

Lighting: UUCE is well lighted by skylights during daylight hours and by energy-efficient lights at night. Groups wishing to use more complex lighting available in the Sanctuary must hire a UUCE trained technician to set the lighting from the sound booth. Groups that require special lighting equipment must have it installed themselves and removed at the conclusion of the event at their own expense. UUCE spotlights may NOT be moved by renters. One of our sound techs or custodians may be able to help for an additional fee.

Childcare: Renters must provide childcare providers (a minimum of two) who are 18 years of age or older. Each provider must be identified on the rental contract. The renter may be required to provide UUCE with proof of liability insurance.

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the church building or on church grounds, which includes the breezeway, patio, and playground. In addition, smoking is not permitted within 10 feet of any entrance to the building.

Fire Regulations: Renters must observe all city fire regulations while using the building. Set ups must not block emergency exits, including doorways in the Sanctuary. Renters are not permitted to move furniture into any position that blocks egress.

Financial Responsibility: Any damage to church property sustained during an event by anyone involved—guest or participant—is the sole responsibility of the renter, who will be billed for any damages, loss, additional services, and/or overtime use fees following the event. Please remove all of your items immediately following your function. The church is not responsible for items left behind.

Hold Harmless Agreement: Rental applicants agree to accept full responsibility to hold the UUCE harmless, to defend UUCE against all claims, and to indemnify UUCE for all fees, costs, and damages incurred for any loss or injury to person(s) or property on UUCE’s premises or elsewhere arising out of being on UUCE premises or resulting from the sale, transfer, or use of intoxicating beverages by anyone associated in any way with this event.

Personal Liability: Once a rental agreement has been signed, the renting group assumes all responsibility for personal liability, damage to the church and conduct of the group members during and/or resulting from the group’s activities. You will be billed for any damages, loss, additional services and/or overtime use fees after the event.

Event Promotion: All posters, fliers, announcements and advertising for your event must include a contact phone number from your organization, NOT the church office number. Mail for your organization must NOT be sent to the church address.

Environmentally Friendly Practices: To help make our community a healthier place to live and work, UUCE supports and encourages environmentally friendly practices. These include using the dinnerware provided in our kitchen as an alternative to plastic ware and paper products; purchasing materials that are recyclable and/or made of recycled content; reducing and recycling waste; and selecting vendors, caterers and suppliers who are willing to meet waste minimization goals.

Animals: No animals, except for service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are permitted in the building unless authorized by the Rental Administrator.


Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, phone numbers are posted in the kitchen. There are also fire extinguishers in the Social Hall and Kitchen. Please review the UUCE Emergencies Procedures document before using space in our facility and have it with you at your event.

Weather: In case of inclement weather (ice, snow, flooding) confer with the Rental Administrator to determine if the event can proceed safely as scheduled.



Alcohol Use: Only wine, champagne, hard cider, and beer may be served at events at UUCE. No alcohol may be made available to anyone under the age of 21. Non-alcoholic alternatives must always be made available.

To serve alcohol, renters are required to show proof of insurance in the amount of at least two million dollars. If renters will be selling beer, wine, champagne, or hard cider to participants, they must obtain a one-day liquor license at their expense. UUCE follows Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) guidelines. No one representing the church will handle alcoholic beverages in any way. UUCE does NOT allow selfserve bars. We recommend you terminate alcohol service 30 minutes before your reception or event ends. The OLCC requires that at least “two different substantial snack foods are available in sufficient quantities to provide at least one serving for each person at the event.” OLCC examples of substantial snack foods are sandwiches, meats, pizza, soup, fruits, and vegetables. Not considered substantial are sweets, cake, chips, and nuts. Cheese and crackers are considered fine as long as they are served with another food item.

There are several options for serving alcohol at your event:

A. If you will be providing the alcohol—i.e., not selling, charging, selling tickets or accepting donations for the event or alcohol at the event—you can either:

  1. Designate at least 2 volunteer servers to staff an alcohol table for the duration of your event. The servers must read and sign an OLCC “What Every Volunteer Alcohol Server Needs to Know” brochure in order to serve. Keep a copy of the forms and return the originals to UUCE’s Rental Administrator or events host. Bring copies of the forms to the event, as the OLCC reserves the right to inspect these forms on the spot at the event. Remember, it is a crime to serve alcohol to a minor. Please age-check your younger guests.
  2. Provide an OLCC Certified Server or an OLCC Trained Volunteer Server to serve alcohol to your guests. The bar must never be unattended. Therefore, you may want two (2) servers. If your caterer is providing alcohol for your guests, your caterer must provide a copy of their OLCC Server’s license and their Certificate of Liability to serve alcohol to your guests.

B. If you are selling, charging, or receiving donations for your event and/or alcohol, then you (“the host”) must provide a Temporary OLCC Sales License for the event. Obtaining a temporary license in Eugene takes about two weeks. Both the City of Eugene and the local OLCC office (located in the Atrium building at 10th & Olive) must approve the application. Each agency also charges a license fee. You will find an OLCC Temporary Sales License application form at For more information, call: 1-800-452-6522. Once your TSL is obtained, you may serve using approaches one or two above.



All fees must be paid in full by the first day of the event unless otherwise approved.

Function Space: Rental fees are based on the period from event set-up through event cleanup. The renter is responsible for honoring the beginning (set-up) and ending (clean‐ up) times specified in the rental agreement.

Custodial Assistance: Unless otherwise approved, the UUCE custodial staff must handle all set-ups and take-downs, at a minimum fee of $50. If deemed necessary, additional fees may be required at the time the contract is signed, for needed cleaning, set-up, or take-down. If your event is very complex, it may be necessary to hire more than one custodian. Also, if the custodian is required to work additional hours because of weather or other special circumstances, the cost of that service will be added to the total. Additional custodial fees are $25 per hour.

Host: You will be required to hire a UUCE-provided host ($20 per hour) if you would like access to our kitchen, use of our flatware and china, and/or if you will be serving alcohol at your event. Our kitchen facilities are available for use as long as you hire a UUCE host to help with the preparation and cleaning, even if you wish to hire a caterer. Any use of the kitchen or any items in the kitchen may require an additional rental fee.

Linens: At this time UUCE does not provide table linens.

Basic Sound Package: For a fee of $25 per hour, the facility (UUCE) will provide and operate the “Basic Sound Package” as detailed above. The renter must also hire a trained Rental Sound Pool person for a fee of $20 per hour, including setup and takedown time.

Equipment use: For a flat fee of $50, UUCE can provide a TV screen with HDMI capabilities to plug directly into a laptop, a DVD player, and/or a screen that can be used for projections (the renter must provide a projector). Wireless internet is available free of charge; ask the Rental Administrator for the password. If the wireless is down, Ethernet cables and one USB adaptor will be available. Please notify the Rental Administrator if you will need internet so that the equipment is on hand.

Late Change Fees: UUCE staff, members, and committees plan their schedules around calendared events. As such, once your contract is signed, changing your event date or time or adding a significant amount of setup within 30 days of the event will incur a $25 fee each time that a change is made.

Discounts: UUCE members who have been financial contributors to the church for at least a year immediately prior to reservation of the sanctuary or chapel and have signed the membership book may hold their wedding, funeral, life transition, or naming ceremony free of charge, except for custodial, sound-tech, musician, and kitchen host fees. The children of such members also may hold their wedding and/or reception here free of charge (except for the service fees detailed above).

For all other events, UUCE members receive a 40% discount.

Non-profit organizations may receive a discount of up to 40%.

Sponsorships: Occasionally an official church program or committee may sponsor a non-church event for use of our church space. In this case, there will still be a $50 charge for a custodian, a flat fee of $50 for equipment use, a $20 per hour fee for a sound technician (if our sound system is used), and a $20 per hour kitchen host fee (as needed). For security purposes, a member of the sponsoring program or committee must also be on site for the duration of the meeting or event. The work of any outside organization that is sponsored must be in alignment with the sponsoring program or committee purpose within the church and directly benefit members of the church community, either by providing opportunities for church members and/or staff to participate or by donating a portion of proceeds to the church program or committee fund. Any request for sponsorship must be made by the program or committee representative to the Rental Administrator, with a brief description of how the event matches or furthers the program or committee purpose, and must include contact information.



Deposit: 50% of the estimated space rental fee is required at the time of contract signing to hold the space for your event. Your event will be scheduled on the calendar only after the deposit is paid. Final fees must be paid by the first day of the event unless otherwise approved by the Rental Administrator. Make checks payable to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene (UUCE).

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your event for any reason, please notify the Rental Administrator as soon as possible. You will be refunded a percentage of the space deposit according to the following schedule:


Notice Given% Refund
90 days or more100%
60-80 days75%
30-59 days50%
16-29 days25%
1-15 days0%


The refund will be mailed to you in approximately 30 business days from the cancellation notice date.