Brad Schultz, UUCE Director of Music will give a presentation in the sanctuary following worship on Sunday, January 7 about the possibility of acquiring a small pipe organ. We have been given the opportunity to house an instrument that has been donated to the University of Oregon, who currently lacks sufficient space. Without altering the way we worship here, this instrument has potential to provide unique opportunities for our choirs, additional possibilities for the service music Susanne provides each week, and the chance to engage with the greater public through performances and recitals. Brad will outline the possibilities further, complete with pictures and sound recordings. 

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  • Brian Lewis

    says on:
    December 28, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    I learned to play the Organ. (As a child and then relearned as an adult) While up in Portland I had the pleasure of playing the First Unitarian Church organ ( week days – not to an audience). I love pipe organ!!! I acknowledge some from our faith will have past experience that may trigger – past religious challenge- but to that I remind us we are to be tolerant and open to all that worship (in our doors)! I therefore conclude we must do it ( i hope enough will practice our faith and be open to this.) Please remind folks that on average the use (won’t be just for services) but in services I would predict it not be used no more than 12-15 services a year – so would people deny those of us WHO ENJOY ORGAN MUSIC that pleasure? I hope not.
    Blessings to you all in this discussion … i hope to see an Organ to be loaned to us.
    Brian Lewis

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