UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM: Some Historical Overviews

asset_upload_file876_9928Unitarian Universalist Origins: Our Historic Faith by Mark W. Harris

A Brief History of Unitarian Christianity by Chris Fisher

Timeline of Classical American Unitarianism (1740-1900)

A Timeline of Universalism


The Transient and the Permanent in Christianity ~ Theodore Parker

Unitarian Christianity  ~ William Ellery Channing

The Divinity School Address ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Cliff Notes version)


A list of writings on Universalism (compiled by Pacific Unitarian Universalist, a resource center for ministers, seminarians, lay-leaders and individuals interested in liberal religion, Unitarianism and Universalism)

Classical American Unitarian Christian Sermons and Writings

Electronic Archives of Liberal Religion

Earl Morse Wilbur Rare Book Collection

A History of Unitarianism by Earl Morse Wilbur (1945)

Our Unitarian Heritage by Earl Morse Wilbur (1925)

Plain Guide to Universalism by Thomas Whittmore (1840)