SEPTEMBER 30, 2012
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As some of you already know, I’ve been out of town for about a week, and when I visited the church yesterday afternoon I was impressed by the difference. A lot of work has been done in the last week. In general, finish construction, cleanup, painting of trim, and similar activities are happening.

sep30 reduced storage-tThe storage area on the west end has been rebuilt. The north wall has been moved so that the fire exit goes directly outside. That reduces the size of the storage area by about a third, which is fine at this point because we have a lot less stuff to store. Items in that area include cabinets, sinks, plywood, dimension lumber, and a lot of important things that I can’t identify or remember right now. The de-constructors were working on cleaning the hallways when I was there yesterday, moving carts of lumber, shelves, cabinet doors, and accumulata out of the hallways and into new resting places: storage, the free box, metal recycling. The chapel is basically empty: it contains just chairs and a piano. Tools, carts, shelves, racks of clamps, the drill press, saws… all gone. Very impressive. (Photo above: thank you, Jake and Jim!)

Almost empty Chapel……  

sep28 empty chapel-t





….almost empty except the beer frig

sep28 beer frig-t


The clouds are up, the speakers are up, the lights are up. A volunteer was on the scissor lift doing final painting in the skylight wells. We have a friend in high places, at least while she is up there. Trim is going up around the sanctuary and social hall doors, which have received a finish coat and look terrific.

The kitchen is coming together. The walls are in, including some new bits and the rebuilding and refinishing of old bits. The stainless counters and sinks are roughly in place, the dishwasher is generally where it will be, and the hood is in and working. I noticed in today’s newspaper, in an article about a new restaurant downtown, that the owner decided opening in that spot was too good a deal to pass up because the range hood was already in. Thanks to generous donations and hard work, we now have that kind of range hood in our kitchen.

                                     Kitchen coming together …

sep28 kitchen-t


The maintenance area in the old boiler room has shelves, cabinets, and partial walls. This is intended to be a lockable space for the storage of custodial and maintenance tools. It is in the old boiler room on the north side of the building.

sep28 maintenance room-t


Look for an announcement about an outside work opportunities next week, perhaps Friday and Saturday. We have a chance to get plants to dress up the corner of 13th and Chambers, the little hill of the sign. I’ll put out a call for planting volunteers when I know more.

If you know more about what happened while I was gone, let me know, and I’ll pass along the news.

Gretchen Miller
interim blogster
My term ends October 13, 2012


Office windows installed!

sep20 office windows-t


5 days to September 23

Lights went up in the sanctuary today! It looks wonderful. The Chalice Choir sounded great at rehearsal. I think the acoustic paneling makes a huge difference. And the space looks so different with the lights in! The lights are adjustable: when all the bulbs are in (which they aren’t yet), there will be two basic settings for each fixture plus choices of which lights to turn on (different rows are controlled separately), plus all the lights are dimmable. Some of the lights are hooked to the emergency generator so if power goes out they will come on in ten seconds. Now we just have to learn how to operate all this.

sep18 sanc lights1-t








sep18 sanc lights2-t








The social hall clouds and lights are not up yet. We are waiting for the delivery of two more speakers before the ceiling in that room can be finished.

About eight people signed in today; several worked assisting with the lights (all the fixtures had to be removed from their packing and pre-assembled). Others swept, worked on drywall, and did other necessary chores. The kitchen walls are looking good already. Our Michelangelo with the Drywall Mud has been at work. Grills were attached to the HVAC vents in numerous locations.

Back kitchen walls… and there’s always sweeping to do.

sep18 kit walls sweeping-t


The pillars are working on getting the occupancy permit. They would like to get the inspectors in later this week. Several tasks have to be done before we can call for inspections. A big one is to move the plywood door and wall setup on the west side of the building. The idea is to remove part of the enclosed storage area and erect a wall and door to enclose only part of the space, leaving the emergency/fire exit open to the outside. This is probably a one-day job for a couple of people skilled with tools, or maybe a two-day job for a few people like me. This is critical to get done as soon as possible.

Kitchen work is continuing this week. Some duct work is required, as well as more work to install the stove, dishwasher, sink and counter unit, and so on. At one time we thought we might have a separate building permit for work in the kitchen, but it was added to the same permit, so all that work has to be done before we can get final occupancy.

We are looking forward to clearing the chapel of construction items. Several rolling carts of tools will be going away in the next couple of weeks. The rolling cart with clouds will go away as soon as the speakers come and the ceiling can be finished. One cart of doors still needs to be installed, and there is some odd lumber, though not a lot. There is a large pile of shelving that it would be wonderful to see moved away.

We need people to put shelves in cabinets. We have a lot of shelving that we acquired when we salvaged the cabinets and we have quite a few cabinets without shelves. The sooner that we can get volunteers to put shelves in cabinets the sooner we can get rid of excess shelves and clear out our space. Theoretically, every cabinet has shelves that fit it. In reality, if you can’t find the right shelf, we have enough that you could cut one to fit.

The air balancing folks were in the building today and will be in and out all week. This is a technical project also required for occupancy. They measure air flow and duct pressure all over the building. They found one location where a required damper had not been installed, so we have called the contractor back to deal with that. That was the cause of one room being very cold and the next door room being always hot; when the damper is put in the system should direct heat and cool appropriately to both rooms. It feels really good to be getting into finishing details, annoying as they are.

If you are available at all to work with the plywood or the shelves, or if you would like to try your hand at sanding and finishing beams, this would be a good week to call or stop by.

Quote of the Day:

Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known. ~Garrison Keillor


9 days to September 23

The kitchen… coming together.

sep14 kitchen pipes-t

A kitchen wall going up.

sep14 kitchen wall-t

Piece by piece….

sep14 piece by piece-t

Big Outside Cleanup continues tomorrow, Saturday morning, 8:30 to noon.

Some cabinets, wood, and furnishings have been identified as surplus to our requirements. We need volunteers to help move items to the different sorting areas and volunteers with trucks to help move them to destinations. For example, some things can go to the free stash in the parking lot, where nothing sits for very long. It would be good if we could deliver some things to Habitat, or BRING, or Schnitzer, which we can do if we have vehicles. Some things will be relocated to parking lot locations from which someone with a truck can later deliver them to their ultimate destination, such as the scrap wood for chipping. If this sounds complicated, really it isn’t. Show up and Emmett will give you direction. The outside of the building looks better after last Saturday’s clean up effort and it is going to get even better tomorrow morning.

The Sultana plans to lead a Three Ws workshop: she will share the mysteries of weeding, watering and w-mulching with our pile of compost. Anyone who would rather work on landscape than move boards and cabinets is heartily encouraged to do so. This could be a chance to get some suggestions and information about landscape care during the winter. The Sultana will be out of town from mid-October until who knows when, probably February. Some brave gardening souls can step up to winter swale care, starting the apprenticeship tomorrow morning.

In the last couple of days, work has continued on perfect-sizing the clouds for the Social Hall, including making just the right adjustments for sound and other utilities. Some grills were installed on air vents, some touch up painting was done high in the sanctuary, and work continued on fire extinguisher boxes.

sep14 moving too fast-tThe pillars and most of the other hands-on-deck today installed wall board in the kitchen. Various walls were removed recently for the installation of plumbing. The floor concrete has set around the new drains in the floor, the pipes are in the walls, so it is time for wall board. It is a tricky space with lots of pipes, corners, odd bits, and so on, but we are used to working in those conditions. By the end of the day, much of the wall board was up. Our Michelangelo is anxious to get his trowels muddy with the taping and texturing. (Photo right: the crew was moving so fast Gretchen couldn’t get all 5 of them in the photo at one time.)

Our Rental Administrator, may the stars in her crown shine brightly, continues to take possible renters on tours of the building. People are very interested in using the space.

Quotes of the Day:

Love the earth and sun and animals,

Despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks,

Stand up for the stupid and crazy,

Devote your income and labor to others…

And your very flesh shall be a great poem.

~Walt Whitman

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~Dr. Seuss


sep14 choir lights-tSue in the Beamer.

sep14 sue on lift-t







11 days to September 23

Reminders and additional information:

Thursday night dinner at the Dexter Lake Club.

Meet at the church at 5:15 to carpool, or drive yourself to Dexter, about 11 miles up Highway 58, to the white building immediately adjacent to the highway, the Dexter Lake Club. Judy Sawyer’s son Buddy will be playing there with Kelly Thibodeaux, as Acoustic Etouffee. They play at 8, so you can stay for music after dinner.

It would be helpful if you would let either me or Judy know if you are likely to attend, so she can give the club a heads up that they will have more guests. Reservations are not required, so please don’t let this stop you from coming.

Saturday morning clean up, part two.

We will start at 8:30 and continue until noon or we get tired or we finish, whichever comes first. This is strictly an outside clean up, focusing on the plywood storage area at the west end of the building and the north side cupboard, file cabinet and locker stash. A music seminar will be using the entire building. Please be courteous and respectful: keep the noise down and stay out of the building as much as possible. We will be in and out occasionally to use the facilities, but the more we can minimize intrusions into the music space the happier we will all be. We can access restrooms through the plywood storage area and the kitchen through the adjacent door, and we can keep our conversations outside.

Quotes of the day:

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today. Mark Twain

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way. Mark Twain

13 days to September 23

First the update, then important announcements. So don’t stop before you read it all, or perhaps scroll down now.

We had a successful clean up effort Saturday morning. About ten people reported for duty and worked for more or less three hours. In that time we made progress in the west storage area, to the point that we can now see the back layer of cabinets and wood, exposing them for further sorting and either use or disposal. The work party cleared out quite a bit of the west yard, the future RE play area. Instead of two racks of lumber we have only about half of one, plus the PVC pipe that we need for the irrigation system that isn’t in yet. One can stand there and almost imagine a playground. Lots of wood was moved to the free pile, and it was nearly all gone by the weekend. The counter tops are about all that’s left now. We made two big piles to go to Lane Forest Products for chipping, and we now have better instructions about how to pile that wood to make it easier to load into a pickup for delivery.

Saturday afternoon the sanctuary looked wonderful for the wedding ceremony, and Sunday it worked really well for church. Monday it resumed the construction site identity. Over the last week or so, our BEST leader has been learning the computer controls for the HVAC system, and various folks have been making sure that every piece of equipment is hooked up and working. Today, work continued on installing fire extinguisher boxes. We rescued the boxes from the clinic. Installation involves cutting the right hole in the wall at the right place and attaching the box. Of course, as they are rescued equipment, no two are quite alike.

sep12 clouds going up-tCloud adjustment has continued; we are down to fine tuning now. We need a little size adjustment, a hole for a speaker, finish treatment for a sprinkler head hole, etc. We hope the clouds will all go up in the next few days, because then the electrician can hang the lights. The building permit for the work in the kitchen has been issued. We have asked for the air balancer company to come and do their HVAC magic. They are very busy so all we know now is that we are somewhere on their schedule someday. That has to be done before the final occupancy permit can be issued; other than that, the required work is all on schedule.

We still have one storage unit. It contains tables, big heavy glass doors, finish lumber (remember the wainscoting we removed, denailed and planed?) and perhaps a few chairs. We look forward to the day when we can bring all that home.

The Building Transition Task Force is working on a bunch of transition issues. Ed and Mark do not have time to handle “moving in” or “use of building” issues. The Task Force asks that you put a written note in the Task Force file holder, on the wall outside the office, with your request for what needs to be done to make the building more usable. They will try to get it done. Several requests have been made and met, already, mostly from RE, because they are just moving into the new space.

The Task Force is working on several documents that you will find useful, or that we hope you won’t need, such as emergency procedures and ordinary building use procedures. This will cover ever popular topics such as “How do I turn on the lights?” or adjust the heat, how do the occupancy sensors work, can I darken the sanctuary for a movie, and so on, as well as what to do in case of fire, flood or earthquake. It may take a few weeks to get this all together, but it is coming one piece at a time.

It is OK to use the Hearing and Speech Center parking lot evenings after 6 p.m. and on weekends. The Hearing and Speech Center is on 12th street just east of Chambers. The first building on 12th in that block is Looking Glass School and the second is the Hearing and Speech Center. Their property and ours touch at the northeast corner of our lot, if that helps. For those who can walk the extra distance, please feel free to park there on Sunday mornings and save the close-in parking for the less physically able.

The Aesthetics Committee has been recruited and will meet later this week. They will tackle a lot of questions, such as who gets to put up bulletin boards where, what kind of art will we have on the walls, what color will things be painted, and much more. I am so glad I won’t be on that committee.

Our pillars will be leaving September 23, it looks like. Jake has very graciously offered to take over for four weeks to lead the Some Fun Volunteer Construction Crew, so work on the building will continue. This is absolutely wonderful news, as it is clear there will be lots to do. The Building Task Force will work on priorities and Jake and his Funsters will work without a budget, but with all the resourcefulness he and we can muster. You’ll hear more about this.

Some Important Announcements:

1. A Pleasant Hill farmer dropped off 200 ears of sweet corn, picked this morning (Monday). They are next to the kitchen door on the north side of the building. Please stop by, admire the building, and take some corn. I would include the name of our generous donor if I knew it.

2. Thursday Dinner at the Dexter Lake Club.

Meet at the church at 5:15 to carpool. If you choose to drive yourself, the directions are simple:

Go to I 5. Go South to Highway 58. Take Hwy 58 toward Oakridge. (Do not stay on I 5 toward Roseburg or you might end up there.)

Dexter is not so far past Pleasant Hill. Take the second Dexter Lake exit, turning right off the highway, about 11 miles up 58. When you take that turnoff, the Dexter Lake Club is immediately on your left.

Judy Sawyer’s son Buddy Sawyer is half of Acoustic Etouffee. Kelly Thibodeaux and Buddy Sawyer play at the Dexter Lake Club every Thursday night. This is a chance to have dinner with friends and then, starting at 8, listen to lively good music.

Quotes of the Day:

“In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.” The Dalai Lama

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” Albert Einstein

“If you had to identify in one word the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word is ‘meeting’.” Dave Barry


    Concrete in the kitchen, hooray, Gabriel!                    Cabinets for custodial storage, yeah Chuck!
sep10 concrete in kitchen gabriel-tsep10 custodial cabinets-t









       Saturday cleaning….                                              moving boards…..

sep8 sat clean-t

sep8 move boards-t






        The free pile goes fast……

sep8 free pile-t





                       A cleaner yard.

sep8 cleaner yard-t



Remember the BIG CLEAN UP tomorrow morning
starting at 8:30.

We will be removing designated items to the free area, the dumpster, the firewood pile, and if we have transport, to Habitat, Bring, and Lane Forest wood chipping facility.

Dinner next week will be THURSDAY night at the Dexter Lake Club. Carpooling from the church.

Put it on your calendar now. More information will follow.



17 days to September 23

Lights are mostly temporary, but won’t they be swell?!

sep6 choir practice-t





Happy as a clamp at high tide?                                      Kitchen stub wall.sep6 happy clamps-t

sep6 kitchen stub wall-t







                                 The fire extinguishers are going up.

sep6 fire extinguishers-t

sep6 fire exting 2-t







Steel bars do not a prison make.

Mene Mene Tekel….I’m sure this picture will be explained soon.

sep6 steel bars-t

sep6 welding-t







18 days to September 23

Important Information:

Big Clean Up Saturday morning, September 8: 8:30 to noon. This is a push to clean up the north wall and the west yard. It is intended as an outside-only cleaning. We need people who can tote things to the free area near the driveway, people who can move things out of the way of other things, people who can label and help keep track, people who can load things into vehicles and haul them away, people with vehicles, and generally just a lot of help. This is at the same time as the Coordinating Council, and we apologize to those who would love to help but will be at the CC.

Our experts will be present to help us determine what items will find a home in the building and which are not going to fit and need to find new homes. They already know that we have more lockers than we need. We have lockers for sale! We could use a volunteer to sell them.

We expect to do another Big Clean Up next Saturday, September 15. Stay tuned for information after we assess how this Saturday goes. We have to get an appraisal of the building at the end of September. Our understanding is that the better and more complete the building seems, the better the appraisal is likely to be. That’s another reason to move now to get rid of stuff we aren’t going to use.

Needed: A volunteer to return items to stores: to Jerry’s, Home Depot, and others. We may not be able to find the receipts for some of the items, but they are all in resalable condition. This job will be a lot easier if someone commits to it now. You can do it when it fits your schedule, but you should meet with Ed while he is still around as he can tell you where things came from and provide other useful information. The job will be more difficult if someone doesn’t get the information in the next couple of weeks.

Needed: A pickup truck with a rack to return the large insulation that we did not use for the clouds, and to pick up church items that Ed has been holding in his storage unit. It would be great if someone were available to do this tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday.

Announcement: No group dinner or lunch on Friday. Too many scheduling complications.

Today much work concentrated on covering clouds with fabric. An awesome team worked most of the day and the pile yet to be done is vanishing. It is way smaller than the heaps of finished clouds waiting to go back up. When the drywall team gets to a stopping place on the two end bays, they will turn to putting the panels on the ceiling and you will see an amazing transformation.

Speakers are being built and installed in the Social Hall, thanks to a recent much appreciated donation. Because the donation just arrived, some retrofitting of the clouds is necessary and was being done today.

sep5 counter top-tSome work was done in the kitchen and more is promised for the next few days. A laminate counter top was installed in the sound room (see photo right & below). Progress is progressing.

sep5 counter top take1-t





The Building Transition Task Force discussed transitional issues. Occupancy permit, our goal for September 23, is not the same as a finished building. There will still be a lot of things to finish, small and large. How do we get that work done? Some of the chores seem large and critical (the south entry, a fence for the playground, and more) and others seem small and critical (hang mirrors, finish counter tops, finish doors and door hardware and many more). Even while we try to finish the building we need to transition from a “construction contractor” to a “building and grounds committee” approach. To aid in that transition, the Task Force asks that you submit your suggestions for what needs to be done in the building to the Task Force, by way of a clipboard left in the Task Force file holder outside the office on the wall of the south hall. The Task Force will review the list of suggestions and attempt to prioritize find volunteers to do the work, and as possible find the money for the tools and supplies. Leave your name and they’ll get back to you.

19 days to September 23

It was a Labor of Love at the building yesterday. Not exactly the kind we used to have, where we spruced up the building and grounds for a new year, though maybe we’ll have that kind again in the future. This was an opportunity for some people who usually have other obligations (I’m thinking work and school) to come in and work, and they did. Nineteen volunteers signed in and I saw at least five visitors.

Work that people did, according to the sign-in sheet, included:

take down clouds
cover clouds
organize project notebooks
fire extinguishers
caulk doors
watching paint dry
food and clouds
deflating clouds
polishing doodads
crawl in the attic
water street trees
as well as the ever popular:
odds n ends

sep4 drum circle-tThat probably gives you a fair idea of how the day went. A lot of work was done on the clouds. We have several highly skilled and dedicated cloud volunteers now, and they tell me they have covered more than half. They seemed to be having a pretty good time at their task.
(Photo right: “drum circle”)

Work was done to install speakers in the social hall. A lead volunteer was on the scissor lift doing something complicated before the clouds go back up in the sanctuary. Since it was occurring far over my head I never did figure out what it was. Door frames to the offices were caulked and further prepped for painting. The occupancy sensor work was pushed along. And of course the street trees were watered. The Oregon white oak on the corner is a metaphor for us all: hit by a car immediately after it was planted, it was found pushed flat to the ground the next morning, its support stakes broken. It was replanted, this time with sturdier stakes, but it has a large scar on its tiny trunk where the bark was peeled off. It didn’t leaf out for weeks and weeks. I gave it up for dead but kept watering, feeling a bit foolish. And voila! It lives!

Quote of the day:

“Pujando pero llegando.” (Grunting/complaining/struggling but finishing/arriving.)

20 days to September 23

It’s a beehive in here!

sep3 happy elves-t








Happy elves at work.



The headless scissor-lift man.                         Clouds….and

sep3 headless scissorlift man-t

sep3 clouds-t






                     more clouds…

sep3 more clouds-t





                     Ed and Marilyn                                        Counter toppers

sep3 ed and marilyn-tsep3 counter toppers-t










What?! hee hee… great hat, Ed! Is the outfit regulation?

sep3 interesting outfit-t

sep3 keep em in line-t







21 days to September 23

As far as I know, no building work was done today, but this morning at church the progress from last week was evident. Some cloud panels are up, and don’t they look great? A whole bunch more are glued and ready to mount; they were leaning on the east wall of the sanctuary. The sanctuary doors are partly in. Did you appreciate the hole which will be the dirty dishes pass-through to the kitchen?

Work continues. Consider yourself reminded that tomorrow, Monday, Labor Day, is a work day at the building. Consider it a day for a labor of love.

Another reminder:

Our Pillars of Construction, and others who are working at the building, are working very hard to get our occupancy status. Both time and money are in short supply. Occupancy does not mean that the building will be finished, as I am sure you know, and it does not mean that we will have the building the way we want it. Please don’t ask the workers to do other tasks that would make the building more comfortable or usable. They have their hands more than full with a list of duties and we have neither budget nor time to add to that list. They are focused on the clouds and the kitchen, and a very few other loose ends (doors and window glass, fire extinguishers, etc.) Just about everything on their list is required by code. (A very few exceptions have been made after long debate.) If you want furniture moved, check with Matt or Kim. If you want things put on the walls, check with Wanda K and the aesthetics committee. With their OK, you are back to Matt or Kim or good old self-help. We aren’t trying to be mean, but the time is very short and there is a lot to do.

It has been suggested that we have a potluck lunch at the building on Friday at a specified time, so that workers and friends of the building can have lunch together, instead of dinner at a restaurant. How does that sound? We couldn’t do this every week but we could possibly do it this week. We can’t do it every week because other groups have the space reserved, such as the Women’s Auxiliary. (Is that really its name? Or am I making things up again? I have now developed an earworm of Woody Guthrie’s “Ladies’ Auxiliary”.)

(sorry Gretchen, had to delete, it kept coming up before clicking on it).

I think that song will have to be the quote of the day.

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