We need movers at the building at 9:00 Friday to get chairs out of the storage lockers. Lots of movers. Shakers are also welcome.

If you can pick up a chair and move it, and are available Friday morning, come on over. If you have a pickup that can haul chairs, we need that, too.

See you Friday

DAY #652

22 volunteers today.

Two big deliveries: first clouds and then rocks. (Is there something here a poet could work with?) A big flat bed trailer was rented and rigid insulation which will be the substance of the sanctuary clouds brought home. There will be more stacks of this insulation, but now we have some to start working on. Then the trailer was fitted with protective casing and used to bring home some five tons of rocks. They are sold as rip rap. If we were building a medieval castle, or perhaps a pier into the ocean, we would want these rocks.

Floors were ground and polished, kitchen and sanctuary. Polished floors were washed. Grooves and holes in the kitchen floor were filled. Cabinets were installed in classrooms, doors attached, shelves located and installed. Stickers were removed from cabinets. I have been informed that the best way to get stickers off the cabinets is with fingernails and patience. Soap and warm water are of no use. Food was delivered, including both a lunch delivery and a snack food delivery, both greatly appreciated. Shelves and maybe other places were painted. Folks worked on attic shelving and unpacked some items from The Donald. Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, cleaning continued throughout the building.

The weed eater was in action and a volunteer has offered to finish the job tomorrow after work. The street trees (golden desert ash) were watered. The oak on the corner, which was run over by a car, seems to be dead. Work continued on the irrigation system and sprinkler heads were installed. Our swale rock artist is taking a few days off because the swales are too wet after yesterday’s watering.

A last walk-through was done at The Donald to make sure we don’t leave any “unwelcome surprises” for the new owners, and we offer thanks to the volunteers who scrubbed and cleaned and worked to leave the place in great condition for the Buddhists. The unnamed angels who did the cleaning deserve a medal. Our Buddhist contact has said many times how impressed he and the lamas are at the kindness and thoughtfulness of our congregation. He has made it clear that the group is serious about continuing the stewardship of the beautiful building and grounds. One more word about The Donald: Turn in your keys. Turn in your keys! TURN IN your KEYS for the 40th and Donald building because as of Friday June 1 we do not have access to come and go there. Any time you are at church please leave your old keys at the office. I wonder how many keys to that building are floating around?

In other good news, the church phone number is now working and you can disregard any temporary numbers. The same number is now working in the new location. Yahoo, and big thanks to Todd for keeping with this until it was solved!

Remember that the chair roundup starts tomorrow morning at 9:00. All you chair cowboys and cowgirls, giddy on up to the church. Have you ever wanted to chair something? This may be your big chance.

Friday Dinner is ON. At the Fortune Inn, as usual.

I can’t make a change of this magnitude in only three or four days. I used to be able to turn on a dime and give change, and I’m not sure what happened, but everything seems to take longer. Friday dinners are popular, so we’ll try to keep having them, and some people would like to try somewhere else. So, after not even two years of Friday night Chinese, I anticipate that we will meet somewhere else NEXT Friday, June 8. Tomorrow, June 1, we’ll be at the Fortune Inn. We can discuss some options then, if you like.

I had two great quotes for the day and didn’t write them down, because I didn’t have a notebook with me and they were so good I was sure I would remember them. Judie, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. So, I have to go with this:

“Late in the afternoon when you are tired and cranky is a bad time to start a plumbing project.”

Said to me after I broke an irrigation pipe trying to put in just one more sprinkler head before I quit for the day. (Cranky? Moi?)


DAY #651

15 volunteers today, I think. As I was leaving, a choir rehearsal filled the building with beautiful sounds.

The kitchen floor was ground again, despite my theory that it was about done. That was pure wishful thinking. Cracks, grooves and holes were filled in the south and east entries. Filling needs to be done in the kitchen. After the patches dry, those floors can be ground flat again. Then maybe the polishing will start. Polishing went on in Room 3 today.

Cabinets were installed and doors attached. The historic boards, from keg room to shelf molding, were sanded. The plants in the swale were watered with buckets and irrigation system installation continued. There was lots of sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, scraping, dust removal, trash taking-out, and sorting of various misplaced items. A person was washing plastic pipe for return for a refund, as it appears we won’t need it all. You can imagine it was plenty dusty.

We could use your help in providing grapes, other fruit, potato chips, string cheese, Oreos, and even other cookies. And juice, So far we have a dauntless supplier of basic sandwich makings–bread, sliced cheese, cold cuts, etc. But when the weather is hot and sunny, salty snacks, fruity nibbles, and juice are consumed at a prodigious rate. As the kitchen is empty, and even the stove is on rollers so it can be moved for complete floor grinding, the lunch table is in the chapel for now.

We have been blessed with dishwashers who come in either at the end or the beginning of the day. The north kitchen sink is still functional, but it is not very available during the day for dishwashing, between the grinding of the kitchen floor and the people who use it for construction purposes. If you are available early or late, that might be a place you could volunteer.

We could use someone to weed-eat the northeast corner of the property, where the grass has not been cut this year. I notice that many of the cabinets that are being installed have stickers on them from the Great Remove, which someone could remove. Someone figured out how to get them off of the cabinets in the office–I suspect with soap, water and elbow grease. If you aren’t sure what else to do, find something that is dusty and clean it. All the cabinets that are being installed have shared the dusty environment.

And I do have a Quote of the Day, from the barista at the coffee stand at 11th and Chambers, upon learning I was working at the UU Church up the street:

“You’re taking that building from zero to hero.”

may30 cabinets installed-t
Remember those cabinets?!
may30 franzen sanding hist boards-t
Dave Franzen sanding the historic boards









may30 mop water-t
She calls it “tanning water” but if she offers you a shower, it’s probably just dirty mop water!




may30 buckets in swale-t
What do the buckets talk about when no one is there?







may30 irrigation locating-t
Is Mark about to get whacked on the head?! (Locating irrigation, really)







may30 sarah lowtech watering-t
Sarah doing low-tech watering














MAY 29, 2012 TUESDAY
DAY #650 but who’s counting?

I find a short report today simply irresistible. Although I am only writing twice a week, it turns out today is another special day–special because I had too much fun to skip writing about it.

From the sign-in sheet it looks as if there were 23 volunteers today. I saw at least three more people who stopped by and visited. Plus, of course, there are people in the building doing the regular work of the church. Today our valiant newsletter volunteers were getting the June newsletters in the mail, sitting at a folding table in the social hall, which had been a lunch table just minutes earlier, between a screaming table saw and a deep chugging grinder noise. They looked as calm as if they always work that way.

Today’s work tasks ranged from providing and setting up food, always a winner with the crew, to cutting and putting up shelves. The kitchen floor was ground more, and by afternoon they were polishing rather than grinding. I hope and believe that means another reduction in dust. If anyone wants to clean the kitchen again, that chore is available. Several cabinets were installed on their bases. A number of people worked to match cabinet doors and shelves with the cabinet frames; many of the doors and all the shelves were removed as we retrieved cabinets from the clinic, with the expectation that someone would reunite them “later.” Now that has caught up with us, and the task is amazingly complex.

Wood was cut for the shelves that were started yesterday, and by the end of the day historic boards were being attached to the front of the shelf plywood for trim. They are historic because, I believe, they are slats from the old beer room which we demolished those long months ago. These boards have been carefully removed, denailed, stacked, stored, moved, and now they are in use again. As they were sanded they smelled like the old building, which reminded us that the building has a totally new smell as well as look.

Irrigation system work continued, including hand digging a long deep trench for the main irrigation pipe to the west side of the building. Plants were watered (a long process for the more than 265 new plants, watering by hand until the irrigation system is up and running. Our Tibetan friend and artist was back cobbling the bottom of another of the seven seas. And we have a lot of plastic plant pots- from 1 gallon to huge. If you will use them, come and get them. Any left over will be recycled back to the nursery. The Sultana advises that rototillers, weed-whackers and shovelers are still needed. This is a “bring your own rototiller” party, but shovels and weed-eaters are provided.

So many people supplied quotes, Quote of the Day is back by popular demand.

“We’re really lucky the city required the swale for occupancy. If it weren’t for that, we would have had the most plain, barren front yard for years, until we thought we could afford something better.”

“When is THAT coming down?” while pointing to the dog house, the storage area at the southwest corner of the building.

And finally, today I was reminded of my grandmother. When my friends or friends of my brothers were playing at our house every day, staying for supper several nights in a row, my grandmother would say, “Doesn’t that child have a home to go to?” As I looked around at the BUUBsters, there in the building day after day, I thought, “Don’t these people have homes to go to?”

Cheerfully, Gretchen.

Remember to share your thoughts about the discussion question: What about Friday dinner?

DAY #649

may28 shedhe morning work-t
Shedhe’s morning work

Welcome to my first experience blogging, or mass emailing, whichever you want to call it.

This post looks different because Judie Hansen has officially “retired” from her post as contemporary historian, cheerleader, encourager, recruiter, and so much more. I don’t think anyone can fully appreciate all that she has done, because she has done so much, each of us only sees part of it. Her contribution is immense, and I encourage you to tell her your appreciation, whenever you get a chance.

I don’t pretend to fill her shoes, or even her role as blogmeister. I offered to take over this writing because the communication is very important, and the work at the building is not done. Yes, we have temporary occupancy! Celebrate! Some of the pressure is off. And we still face deadlines and need final approval. There is plenty of work, as was obvious on Sunday, when we had a service in a construction site.

I have no idea how Judie could write every single day for going on two years, keeping it factual, honest, interesting, funny, timely, tactful, and often moving. I expect that I will write twice a week, Sunday and Thursday evenings, and other special occasions. I am thinking that on Sunday perhaps I can outline what is expected for the week, to let you plan your volunteer time, and on Thursday I can wrap up what has been going on and perhaps forecast for Friday and the weekend. Today is a special occasion, being my first attempt. I will try to keep up communication through the summer. All things must end eventually, and although work on the building will not be done, I expect I will stop writing around Labor Day weekend, if the good Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise.

It has been suggested that it would be easier if I could publish a list of chores and the approximate order in which they will be done, and I agree that such a list would make our lives easier. However, flexibility continues to be our game. As I get information about planned work, I will share it. I understand that the fire marshal left us a list of maybe 18 items to complete for final occupancy, and we are working down that list. It includes items large and small, the biggest being the clouds in the sanctuary. For now, I encourage you to come on over to our beautiful new building and see how you can help. There is work for just about everyone.

Work report for today, Monday, Memorial Day: a Tibetan artist was setting rocks in the bed of the fourth of the seven seas (swales), the kitchen floor was ground several times, with sweeping and scraping backup, work on the irrigation system progressed, and movable supports for shelves were carefully installed, all level and parallel. Several people removed masking and washed windows and doors, swept sidewalks, and ran the weedeater. Many cabinets were moved and furniture was moved to make room for them. Large cabinets were moved inside from the north sidewalk (the kitchen window is no longer blocked), and office cabinets were moved into classrooms from the doghouse storage area on the SW corner. Clearing out and demolition of that storage area is one of the final occupancy requirements. With all that cabinet moving, can cabinet installation be far away? Food was delivered, and items from The Donald were sorted for either use or disposal.

I wish I had a quote of the day. Once again I don’t know how Judie did it. Lacking that, I’ll propose a Discussion Topic of the Day:

Friday Night Dinner.

Has the Friday Night Dinner been valuable to you? Do you want to continue the practice? If so, do you want to meet at the Fortune Inn, or somewhere else? If the latter, where would you like to go, and what characteristics are important to you in that choice?

Discussion can take the form of emails to me, millerhendrickson@gmail.com, or to newhome@uueugene.org, or phone calls to me, or discussion with whomever you run into and talk to. I’ll try to summarize discussion and announce either a consensus or a decision on Thursday.

I’ve been BUUBed!


may27 small piece big crew-t
Small part of a Big work crew



may27 start young-t
Start ’em young



may27 carpentry-t
Carpentry, Sunday work party after service






















may27 sweeping-t




MAY 27, 2012 SUNDAY
DAY #648


Coffee Makers
Food Providers
Cleanup Detail
Dish Washers
Choir Members
Worship Associates
Rock Sorters
Unpacker of Boxes
Weed Whackers
Sidewalk Supervisors
Furniture Movers
Lumber Movers
1 Construction Consultant

Since there were volunteers inside and outside it looked like someone had kicked over an anthill. This made counting volunteers very difficult. And because the kitchen is torn apart and it was hard to find the sign-in sheet, I don’t think we have an accurate count. It takes a village to put on a church service and when you combine that with a work party everyone is a volunteer. We certainly made history today and it was glorious to all be together for one service. The music, homily, and readings were truly special. (Photo right: sweeping concrete dust, reason for the respirator.)
Our minister, Rev. Alicia Forsey, spoke of the “Glory Days.” I will give the essence of her homily, but not try to capture every word.

She remembers her own glory days, when she was an expert canoe paddler, the best ever volleyball server, and could do a perfect arabesque. That time of glory day was important to her and all about “me.” But the days we have labored on the BUUB focused on a project important to the larger group or “us.” We will remember this time when we had much to celebrate — the past and present and hope for the future.

During this time of “giving,” every existence is something that is given to us, and moment to moment we are giving to the larger community. When you give something, you feel good. It is the big “I” when everyone is a part of this endeavor. When Rev. Forsey met with the Interim Search Committee, they told her we would be done with this project in a year and she would be preaching in the new space. That didn’t happen, but she has listened to the stories of our involvement in working on the building and it wasn’t just about her. At the same time that we were raising money and working on the BUUB, members and friends kept the Donald going, providing money for programs and staff, organizing committees and staying involved. There was dedicated leadership at both sites and everyone in the congregation was involved one way or the other.

Rev. Forsey said she is a more resilient person than she was before. She had to practice non attachment to her ideas of the perfect situation. She reminded us to mark this day of when we finally came together in one group, one community, to transform ourselves and our church. She closed with “My hope is in you…Bless you.”

The Sanctuary Choir sang two special numbers. George Struble played Bach on his cello. He was a member of UUCE from 1961 to 1980 and served as president of the congregation twice. He and his wife Elsa live in Salem. Anna Sontag was the worship associate and read a greeting from Rev. Carl Nelson. Rev. Nelson delivered the first sermon at the 40th Street Church and was invited to speak today, but has some health issues. His message was to “Good fortune — stay alive and kicking!” Good advice. The congregation sang: “May Nothing Evil Cross This Door.”

* * * * *

THIS IS MY FINAL POSTING TO 400 DAYS – Just wanted to let you know not to expect a report every night starting tomorrow. Gretchen Miller is your new reporter. The BUUB construction will continue throughout the summer. She will keep you updated on the progress, call for specialized volunteers, and report on important events. She plans to send an email a couple of times each week, let you know if there is going to be a Chinese Dinner, and other important information.

The Building Project Oversight Committee will soon be in transition, with several long time members retiring, and the group possibly having a different focus. Stay tuned for details. If you have questions about BUUB construction, you can still send them to newhome@uueugene.org.

Doing this daily report has been a lot of fun. I feel fortunate to have been able to serve as a member of BPOC. The BUUBsters are a grand bunch. I loved going to the BUUB every day to see what magic the volunteers had created. So many surprises. It was a joy seeing Mark Doonan’s innovation and designs. For me there will always be one bright star – El Viejo, Ed Zack, Kerchief/Bandana Man, Loser of Keys – who for 648 days inspired us to do the impossible, stretch our muscles, fund the dream, and fly! I expect to suffer severe withdrawal in the next few days with no more late night sessions creating this blog. Ed Zack and I plan a book about this adventure, with back stories we weren’t able to include and a scattering of the drawings from the illustrated journal I began about UUCE life in 2009. I got so bogged down, I haven’t done a drawing since October 10, 2010, so I have catching up to do. That should keep me from getting bored once husband Ed and I get settled in at Rose Villa continuing care community in Portland. We will be coming to Eugene at last once a month to attend church and visit our young adult grandchildren. Thanks to everyone for your friendship and encouragement.


“You can’t go to any church event these days without being faced with a shakedown!”

“I never thought I would see Tom Sears lead the choir in jeans and tennis shoes on Sunday morning.”

“I’m trying to loosen up my shoulders — I haven’t painted in years.”

“Good sign — we had to bring in more chairs.”

“Thanks to Matt Kosanke, for coming in really early to set up chairs.”

AND YES – TOMORROW – MEMORIAL DAY – IS A WORK DAY – not sure of start time……


may27 swaling is swell-t
Swaling is swell


may27 plastic from windows-t
Removing plastic from windows
What's left of the mountain of cabinets
What’s left of the mountain of cabinets
















"Will it be unwrapped tomorrow?"
“Will it be unwrapped tomorrow?”


DAY #647

10 Volunteers
4 Visitors

Despite there being red tape blocking access to almost every inch of the BUUB because of application of densifier on the recently polished floors, there were volunteers going about their business. An inch of “grindings” (is that a word?) in the Kitchen, and even more “grindings” in the garbage can outside the Kitchen were evidence of work on the floor. First grind done, and half of the second grind completed. Sure looks odd to have everything covered with plastic, no cupboards, no Momma’s table, an idle coffee maker, and no refrigerators, sink or dishwasher. The stove keeps moving around! It will be in just that condition tomorrow when we all arrive for the makings of a Sunday service at 11 AM.

Someone did a beautiful job of sweeping the entire meandering sidewalk and plaza on the south side, and it showcases the swale plantings. There was general janitorial upkeep and I had a call asking that I let everyone know all cleaning supplies are now kept in the Southwest men’s restroom custodial room. I’m not quite sure how women access this room, but will ask for some clarification.

Three volunteers were painting, painting, painting and one cleaned the men’s restroom (a woman – no doubt looking for the custodial closet!) Another three worked on IT issues, the sound booth, and the loop system. There was a search for the box of materials packed up from the pulpit after the last service at the Donald. A small detail – like the portable microphone for the minister.

AN INTERESTING RESULT: Remember the notice I put in the blog last night trying to find the owner of a car key with a little red flashlight attached? Lost for 7 years? Guess who is the owner……Ed Zack! The key is the originally issued key for his aging van…. He lost the key when he installed the new sign in front of the Donald! (Tomorrow that same sign will be dismantled.) The fun part of this story is that I found a complete set of Ed’s keys in the camas flowers two years ago that had been lost for 8 months.

MOVING SALE AT THE DONALDThanks to everyone who donated items or came to shop at our sale at the Donald today – with your generosity we made $536.43. We had many questions about whether we sold the building, who did we sell it to, are we going to have an open house for the public at the BUUB (I said, “we sure are — every Sunday morning at 11….). They also were impressed with how many days we had been working on it, what a major change to the building, what a great improvement, and asked whether we would be having clutterbusting and books sales at our new location. You betcha! The custom cash register drawer I have had since I was the Bird & Herb Lady at Billie Creek Village will become the property of the church. I found it at a garage sale 23 years ago and it has served me well but I am retiring from sales.

Susanne Giordano and I had a lot of fun visiting with shoppers, were happy to have St. Vincent DePaul haul away the few leftovers, and appreciated help from Linda Meyer, Betty Hosokowa, Ed Hansen, Matt Kosanke, and all the church family who came by to visit with us – especially Posey and her human parents!

QUOTES OF THE DAY: “I think I know who lost one of those keys.”

“I hear we passed inspection enough for a verbal temporary occupancy permit — that’s very exciting!”

“Even though tomorrow is to remain a brief service, it will include (begin with?) my Bach Prelude on the cello. I will stay for the work party too.” — George Struble


may26 end of moving sale-t
Judie and husband Ed at the end of the church’s moving sale


MAY 25, 2012 FRIDAY

Ed grinds while Bob calmly deconstructs.

may25 sparky and sparkey-t
Sparky and sparky


MAY 25, 2012 FRIDAY
DAY #646

27 Volunteers
2 Contract Electricians
1 Fire Suppression Installer
1 Security System Installer
1 Electrical Engineer
1 City Fire Marshall
1 City Building Inspector
1 Construction Consultant
8 Visitors
1 Compost Delivery Truck
14 for Chinese Dinner
1 El Viejo granddaughter Matylda

YES! TEMPORARY OCCUPANCY AS OF 2:30 PM TODAY- Still have to get the emergency generator tested and clean up some small issues before signing the temporary occupancy permit – probably the middle of next week. But it is legal for us to be in the building to assemble, etc. There was a different Fire Marshall doing the inspection today who had a different interpretation than earlier. This is the news we have been waiting to hear.

As you might imagine, there was little else talked about at Chinese dinner tonight. Thankfully, there weren’t a lot of other people in the restaurant because we were a bit on the rowdy side. The fire alarm is working. The sprinklers passed the 200 pound test, which is a lot of pressure! We are totally safe and legal. There were jokes about the fact that the category our building falls in is the same as if we were a high rise building with a school attached. This requires many overlapping security systems. You will notice the bright orange boxes in all the rooms. When the fire alarm goes off, it tells us to NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. The fire marshall requests that the recording be changed so that it does not mention elevators. We have smoke detectors in the ductwork. And if the entire City of Eugene loses electricity, our gas powered generator kicks in and can run forever, supplying power for emergency lighting, voice commands, and lighted exit signs. Isn’t that cool?

NOW FOR THE OTHER NEWS OF THE DAY: There were lots of people working on the swales. They were planting, sorting and moving rocks, and spreading gorgeous compost. The whole front of the building looks fantastic. More work was done dismantling the west storage shed and finding places to store lumber. Our volunteer irrigation specialist was back at it, and he has put in a stunning system, but saved us at least $50,000. Several people were painting in the halls. A question was asked about when door frames will be added — after we are done moving so much equipment around because a lot of surfaces have gotten damaged. One volunteer worked on door locks.

The Kitchen was completely torn apart – the stove is on wheels and got moved. The gray cupboards are out on the back sidewalk. The stainless steel countertops and dishwasher are in the parking lot in preparation for a trip to Schnitzer. The plan is to grind the floor – new blades were added to the grinder this evening and it is ready to go first thing tomorrow. Densifier was added to the floors of the Sanctuary, Social Hall, and corridors around the Chapel and just inside the North entrance. There was red danger tape everywhere, and trying to move around the building was quite the challenge. It will all be dry by tomorrow morning.

I didn’t have a report about the trip to Portland yesterday to get 2 inch rigid fiberglas insulation for the flying clouds. If a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In this case it wasn’t the price, it was the material. What the supplier had was soft and floppy. Big disappointment for the two volunteers who rented a flatbed trailer, built a platform with straps so they could haul 100 sheets….so back they came to Eugene, empty handed.

Other jobs were moving all the dishes out of the gray cupboards, moving three refrigerators to chapel or pantry or someplace (I forgot to ask where they all went), moving lumber out of storage, recycling, cleaning, shoveling, lunch set up, various, raking gravel, digging ditches, cleaning up after lunch, and moving furniture. And on Wednesday, a volunteer swept the entire front sidewalk….of course it needs it again, so if you are there tomorrow looking for a job, you can sweep the meandering sidewalk so dirt won’t get tracked in on Sunday.

LOST AND FOUND DEPARTMENT: In setting up for the “moving sale” at the Donald tomorrow, there were two vehicle keys found. But here is the fun part….they were found in the playground seven years ago! There are some good clues – except the vehicles might not still be running. Do they belong to you:

Two vehicle keys and one small brass key with a blue tag – DATSUN TRUCK

One vehicle key with black rubber, connected to a red plastic disk reading REDWOOD NORTHWEST and at one time it had a little flashlight (no longer working).

TOMORROW – SATURDAY – One woman has indicated she will be there grinding, grinding, grinding the kitchen floor. She would welcome someone to come in to follow her around, sweeping, so she can keep grinding.

SUNDAY – Some jobs that will be waiting for you – moving lumber, sorting and moving rocks, moving gravel, cleaning parking lots. The list will be longer by Sunday.

QUOTES OF THE DAY: Today’s word “Poof” – All anyone had to do was mention a job needing done and “poof” it was done.

Yesterday, Bob Kinyon, the owner of the fork lift that has been on loan at the BUUB for two years! “The building is marvelous….and it’s wonderful that you aren’t cutting corners at the end of the job.”

FORTUNE COOKIES: Ed Zack’s – “Your hard work is about to pay off – Congratulations.

And someone working on the moving sale: “You will find hidden treasurers.”

How was your trip to Portland for insulation? “We had a nice lunch.”



may25 dishwasher-t
Hosea Ballou dishwasher — “I do hope someone pulls the “Universal” plate off him before he goes to Schnitzer.”


Shedhe’s Rock Design

may23 shedhes rock design-t
“Now I know what a Swale is!”



The Boots are pleading for garden volunteers
The Boots are pleading for garden volunteers

DAY #645

26 Volunteers
2 Contract Electricians
1 Electric Company Owner
1 Fire Suppression Installer
1 Fire Marshall
1 Construction Consultant
MISSING:  Please remember to return tools, cleaning supplies, etc., back to their place of origin.  Today we are missing the vacuum for cleaning respirators and the extended handle Swiffer which is needed for cleaning light fixtures.  If you see either of these items, please return them.  Vacuum to the kitchen.  Swiffer with the other cleaning supplies.
I didn’t get to the BUUB until about 7 PM today, so haven’t heard any cool quotes and don’t know the status of things.  The sign-in sheet was a repeat of yesterday in terms of work being done.

The volunteers who drove to Portland to get insulation for the flying clouds left at 7:30 AM and returned at 4:30 PM.  The sign-in sheet noted there was some disassembly of one of the outside storage sheds.

The swales are handling all the rain efficiently as planned — instead of seven veils, we have seven swales.

may25 making stone soup-t
Making Stone Soup










DAY # 644, moved-in

41 Volunteers  (WOW!)
2 Contract Electricians
1 City Building Inspector
1 Construction Consultant
1 Minister

The sign-in sheet was an interesting read and I will just run through the notations and then add what Ed Zack reported that was not on the sheet.

Floor polishing
Edge grinding
Washed floor edges and polished edges
Sprinklers, lawn work
Paint baseboards and walls
Sweeping, REcycling boxes, moving stuff
Pressure washed East parking lot and driveway
Wiped hallway edges, swept
Plant swales
Sweep, wash dishes, sweep, shop-vac sawdust
Direct inside traffic
Janitorial and lumber
Grocery shopping, set up lunch
Plant swales
Polish floors in Sanctuary
Recycling and cleaning
Moving furniture
Polish sanctuary floor
Kitchen clean-up and put it to bed
Swale planting and shoveling, floor sweeping
Wash dishes
Work on audio system

The Sanctuary and Social Hall floors are bright and shiny and reflect a lot of work.  The Storage Locker Rangers brought more items from storage and we are able to determine what we have, what is usable, and what is not.

The flying clouds were insulated with the sheets we purchased in Eugene and tomorrow two volunteers are going to Portland to purchase 100 more sheets of it — at a greatly reduced price from what was quoted by various suppliers around the state.  All of the framing angles (metal) which were recently inventoried, were removed from the garage of a church member, and the hardware was returned to the supplier who will send us a refund.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Due to the small amount of items to offer for sale, the Moving Sale at “The Donald” will be only one day – Saturday, May 26.    Items may still be dropped off on Friday, May 25 from 2-4 PM or between 7 and 8 PM.  Other hours they may be placed on the back porch – please don’t bring items on Saturday.  If you have questions, call Judie at 541-335-1637 or email judie310hansen@comcast.net.

REMINDER:  There will be Chinese dinner on Friday at the Fortune Inn, 1775 West 6th at 5:30 PM.

QUOTES OF THE DAY:  From the Sultana of Swales: “264 pots of all sizes are empty!  Thanks to the ton of people who came to help plant.  Tomorrow there is more swale planting – it is fun shovel and wheelbarrow work!”

“The BUUB looks like it is all dressed up with somewhere to go with all the wonderful plantings in the swales.”

“Now I know what a SWALE is!”

This afternoon I dropped off a flagpole stand at the local Moose Lodge.  It was left behind by the Scottish Rite, a leftover from the 1970’s Moose Lodge at 13th and Chambers. When I handed it to the Moose Lodge member he said:  “Your church has certainly spent a lot of money fixing up that building.  It looks great.  When it is finished I plan to attend the services.”



may23 sarah sealing-tmay23 sarah sealing2-t





Sarah unplugging a swale drain pipe.

MAY 22, 2012 TUESDAY
DAY #643, 5 more days to move-in

39 Volunteers
3 Contract Plumbers
1 Contract Electrician
1 Visiting Contractor
1 City Swale Inspector
1 Construction Consultant
9 Attend BPOC Meeting
7 Visitors
4 Staff

I realized as I was entering the information in the Subject line above, that we really do not have 5 days to Move In because we have moved in, we just haven’t had our first official church service or gotten unpacked. So humor me! There have been so many volunteers the dates on the sign in sheets have no relevance other than providing lines for signatures. Today they flipped the sheet over and wrote on the back, so that was good….

may23 one of seven seas-t
One of the Seven “Seas”

The planting of the swales is about 1/6th done. The ground is super saturated in spots and wind blew over a couple of the ash trees – a volunteer pounded in 26 2×2 long stakes to secure them. To do this he stood on a very unstable ladder with ladder legs stuck in gooey muck. Four people spent the day planting and more are welcome.




The Swale Inspector loved what he saw and was pleased with the amount and species of plants we are planting. He will be back for a final inspection after they are all secure in the ground. The word for tomorrow is: If it is sunny – WE ARE DESPERATE for planters. If it is cloudy we are desperate, but not so much. The reason, of course, is that when it is sunny the plants still in pots dry out and have to be hand watered. Take a close look at the front area – not only is it absolutely awesome and beautiful, there are two kids’ trucks on one of the piles of composted dirt. Ready for action.

There was work on the irrigation system. Door locks were calibrated and will be ready for inspection on Friday. The light shelves and skylights were cleaned from a scissor lift. The Storage Locker Rangers moved more furniture (chairs, bookshelves, etc.) and there is one empty locker. Cabinetry was installed in Room 1 – and those cabinets you see in the East restrooms are temporarily stored there until the custodial room is ready for them. Lots and lots of touch up painting was done and there is more to do. Floors were polished in the Social Hall and South Entry and the end is in sight.

The enthusiasm and energy of so many volunteers is invigorating and inspiring. And already groups are holding meetings at the BUUB, and it is becoming “home.” It’s a joy to see the staff enjoying their new space, even under the less than ideal circumstances because of being in the middle of a construction zone. The IT volunteers were working away, and I think their “den” in the attic was the source of some country western music tonight. (We refer to them as the “Gremlins in the Attic.”) Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned and dishes washed. “Sandwich fixings,” coffee, juice, and snacks are going to be available every day as long as we have a hearty crew showing up.

may22 gremlin attic-t
Gremlin in the attic

One person pressure-washed the parking lot, did sweeping, while others moved RE stuff, measured for cabinets, removed adhesives from signage, cleaned up the fire extinguishers, installed insulation, removed trash, and worked on audio.

Most everything on the “Punch List” sent out last night is getting attention, and we expect to get a determination on the flying cloud covers by noon tomorrow. The reason they are problematical is there are two layers of fire suppression sprinklers. The inspector needs the framework covered because with them open, in case of a fire the top row could come on and the water would hit the lower layer and shut them off. Almost impossible for me to explain, but that is my lame attempt….Each cloud is basically similar but not the same size, so the covering requires a little extra ingenuity. We have found 30 sheets of the proper insulation locally, but need 100, so various suppliers are being called to see what we can round up.

Tomorrow the emergency lighting system gets tested. We are kind of like “I’ll Have Another,” the horse that has won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness so far. We are that close to the Triple Crown, so keep your megaphones in the direction of the BUUB and if you can’t be there to help, we are happy to hear you cheering us on as we head for a photo finish.

QUOTES OF THE DAY: By a volunteer signing out after working 7 hours: “What do you call that stuff you stick behind the beams?” (Insulation – she was too tired to think….)

“It’s a bad sign when you can’t find your guard dog….”

“We don’t have to have sinks in all the rooms as reported yesterday — they are not a big concern.”




Thanks to the new people and our regulars who showed up at the BUUB this morning. There were 29 vehicles in the parking lot. The good news is that Audrey Maslin has volunteered to be in the kitchen every day this week to help volunteers find their niche. There is an ever changing list of things to do.

All boxes with a blue label (long term storage) need to be pulled from the stacks and then moved to the attic.

There is touch up painting.

More cleaning of course – each Room has a list outside the door telling what is still needed. (Mostly light ledges need vacuuming to remove dust.)

All of the plants were delivered for the swale – looks to be at least 100. Sarah Hendrickson and the landscape architect are overseeing that project. About 20 ferns were delivered by an individual and they need to be transplanted to the swale. Rocks need added to swales.

(Dress to get muddy)

Sweeping assistance behind the floor polishers or floor polishing itself.

Clean the Kitchen

I left the BUUB about an hour ago – I am sure the list is longer by now.


may21 moving-t
Storage Locker Rangers at work

MAY 21, 2012 MONDAY
DAY # 642, 6 days to move-in

40 Volunteers!
1 City Building Inspector
1 Contract Electrician
1 Electrical Engineer
1 Electric Company Owner
2 Plant Nursery Technicians
2 Contract Plasterers
1 Construction Consultant
3 Visitors

Lots of ground to cover tonight –

TOMORROW – Emmet Band is asking for more Storage Locker Rangers  (people and trucks) tomorrow morning at 9 AM to move items from the storage lockers to the BUUB.  “If there is heavy rain, we will cancel, but a little mist never hurt anyone.”

Items on the board to do:  Provide support for floor polishers; touch up painting; clean rooms (see list in doorway of each room), pull boxes with blue tags and move upstairs to attic storage; work in kitchen, plant swales, wash windows in Room 6.

Every day this week the BUUB opens at 8 AM.  Ed Zack will stay until at least 6 PM for anyone who wants to come in and work in the evening.  No key required to lock up.  The choir will be in the building practicing Wednesday night.  If you arrive by 6, instructions on what to do will be given.  During the day, Audrey Maslin will be in the kitchen and make assignments.

Katy Siepert is requesting help beginning tomorrow to help unpack the Religious Education boxes.  Some of the work may involve cleaning products to wipe hard surfaces.

WORK DONE TODAY:  A semi-trailer truck-full of plants was delivered and positioned into place in the swales. Some of the trees and a good number of the plants were planted. Through the landscape architect, we were able to get mature plants for $2,200.  There was a steady stream of volunteers working outside all day, including during a gully washing downpour!  And the happy news is that the swales did exactly what they were supposed to do in filtering the runoff water from the roof.  The Sultana of Swales was concerned about thieves in the night, so she is spending the night in her camper so she can keep an eye on the new plants.

Addition to yesterday’s report:  “Just to add to Judie’s report: at least a dozen people worked for two or more hours at the old church on Sunday. We washed windows and walls, sorted RE materials into things to go to the BUUB and things to go into the rummage sale, and loaded up trucks.”

A crew dismantled the stove hood and it was hauled to Schnitzer and sold for $49.28! After it was gone, the 50 plus years of grease and grime were washed off the wall behind the stove.  Light shelves in Room 3 were being cleaned from the scissor lift until the battery ran out, so it will be finished tomorrow. Floor polishing was done in the North entrance, and both the East and West corridors. Speaker wires are all strung and we are waiting for the speakers which were special-ordered.  The Storage Locker Rangers moved more stuff from storage.  Audrey was on hand directing traffic and much appreciated. Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned and mounds of dishes washed.  Irrigation work was done.

Kudos to Susanne Giordano who created a full Evacuation Plan and Disaster Response Plan she says is “plagiarized copiously from previous church documents & internet resources–thank you to the emergency planning committee for providing documents and links” and arrived late in the day to post the necessary signs by the exits!

Many people have asked what the Inspectors have to say about what is needed for Temporary or Permanent Occupancy.  The following list was put together today — keep in mind that everything needed for the Temporary permit must be done by Thursday so it can be inspected by Friday afternoon.  Since this is Memorial Day Weekend, there will be no inspections between Friday afternoon and Tuesday morning.  If we do not have the temporary permit, we will not be able to have church Sunday.  That’s why we have been stressing the need to get things ship shape ASAP.  In some cases we got conflicting information on what was needed.  This can occur because each inspector has some leeway in how they rate a job site.  Things to be done are on a “Punch List.”  Since this report is already long, the “Punch List” will serve as the Quote of the Day:


FIRE MARSHALL – Needed for Temporary Occupancy)

(X = Done)

1 – Generator Plans/Plan Review

2 – Fire Alarm Test Completed and Approved (including waterflow and tamper switch on sprinkler system.)

3 – All sprinklers Dressed property (2 in audio, plus north and east promenades)

4 – 200 Pound hydro test on system

5 – Cover Flying Clouds

6 – Emergency Plan Submitted (X)

7 – All construction materials removed from exits.

8 – Signs in the – Electrical room, Riser room, Alarm room

9 – Lock Box for Fire Personnel (6 ft high and to left of riser door – key needs to be master)

10 – All fire exits shall be hung and with panic hardware

11 – Extra insulation needed in Sanctuary

12 – South entry non-protected areas need sprinklers

13 – Doorknobs need to be levers

14 – Fire extinguishers need to be hung.


15 – Storm sewer/swale approval

16 – Gutters and downspouts

17 – Sinks in Rooms 1-7

X 18 – Seismic Straps on Hot Water Heater


19  Test pressure for Hot Water Heater or provide regulator

20 – Provide smoke detection system in HVAC units


21 – Finish Registers and Grills

22 – Provide Air Balance Report

X23 – Remove kitchen hood


24 – Directionalize arrows in exit signs

25 – Door in SW custodial must have free unlock from inside

26 – No lock on west woman’s restroom

27 – Grab bars in ADA restroom

28 – Blocking and sheetrock in boiler room (south wall)

29 – Lever hardware on all doors.

30 – Egress lighting test (at night)

BUILDING: (For Permanent Occupancy)

31 – All glass, plus windows installed (including side windows, Room 1-7)

32 – Necessity of 5/8 S/R Needs to be Settled

33 – Doors on corners of Sanctuary

34 – Siding on Northeast corner

35 – Soffit throughout the promenade (porch)

36 – Flush out floor depressions in entrances (panels for foot cleaning rugs, etc)

37 – Accesses need to be closed up

38 – Restroom signs (5 ft to center of signage)

ELECTRICAL: (For Temporary Occupancy)

X39 – Drinking fountains on GFCI system

X40 – Install plug-ins for grinder cables

41 – Fix ADA restroom light switch

42 – Exterior Door Lights

OKAY – ONE QUOTE from USA Today,so you know what inspectors can do –  “The June 3 opening of Berlin’s $3.18 billion airport was canceled due to unresolved fire safety issues. Mayor Klaus Woweveit said March 17, 2013 is the new opening date…”  (I hope we don’t have to wait that long…..)



MAY 20, 2012 SUNDAY
DAY #641, 7 days to move-in

28 Volunteers at BUUB
14 Vehicles and an Unknown Number of Volunteers at The Donald
1 Construction Consultant on His Day Off – 9 AM – 7 PM

All of the temporary “dog house” storage structure on the east side was dismantled and places found for everything being stored there……EXCEPT FOR A CLUB SIERRA ROADMASTER BICYCLE WITH A FLAT TIRE. Come get this bicycle if it belongs to you. If not claimed by Wednesday, it will be sold at the garage sale on Friday.

A member of the IT team spent the day in the attic crawling around in tight spaces working on audio wire and will be back after work the next two days. Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned, and dishes washed. Trash was hauled to the dumpster. (There is still virtually NOTHING in the dumpster at The Donald.)

Even though we list 28 Volunteers we are sorry to report we do not have enough people. The average age of those working today was 70. Ten were painting, 5 were sweeping, and moving lumber is not possible by the majority of those who are doing the bulk of the work. Some came with a walker or cane. The maximum poundage of boxes was to be 30 pounds, but most volunteers cannot lift 30 pounds. One person packed up the entire kitchen – despite the fact that we all drink coffee, attend potlucks, and use the kitchen. Where was everybody this weekend?

Getting our new church building and moving to this beautiful new space is a once in the lifetime of our 103 year old church. Where are the young people? Is it not possible to devote a single day to this important task? I was determined to not get preachy, but we are ten days behind where we need to be. A core crew of 25 individuals has done 80% of the work for 641 days. The list is geriatric. Where are the 30, 40, and 50 year olds?


The southwest temporary storage area has to be cleaned out and torn down.

The north side temporary storage areas have to be cleaned out and torn down.

New storage racks have to be built outside and the lumber has to be stored outside.

We have a list a mile long to do this week for inspections. If we don’t pass, we can’t occupy the building.

We need 4 or 5 strong backs to lift the stainless steel hood off the stove.

We have furniture to move.

We have boxes to move (on hand trucks)

Please do not track down Mark or Ed with questions about where to find things like shovels, extension cords, ladders, wheelbarrows, etc. Make decisions, take initiative, don’t ask questions.

Tomorrow the plants will arrive for the swales. We need people to plant them.

We have rocks to move into the swales. Must be done for occupancy.

We have paint patching to do.

We have floor polishing to do.

We have dusting and additional cleaning to do.

Katy Siepert is asking that I request volunteers to help unpack the Religious Education boxes beginning on Tuesday. Some of the work may involve cleaning products to wipe hard surfaces.

Items made of fabric brought from the Donald (except Sanctuary Chairs and one blue/green couch) will be thrown out.



Shed Destruction

Stacking Wood in Playground Area


Moving furniture

Bring Food, Clean Kitchen, Errands

Set up Kitchen, make coffee

Build Racks and Move and Stack Wood


Floor Polishing in Sanctuary and South Entrance


Unload Cabinets and Lumber from Shed

QUOTES OF THE DAY: “The Universe is nothing but dirt and dust….and we are part of the Universe.”

“Do painters have to wear painter’s clothes…..?” –Nope, you just have to wear clothes.

“This is the most exciting event in the last 50 years….where is everybody?”

“Those who haven’t been involved in the move will be the first to ask, why isn’t everything finished now that we have moved!”



DAY #640, 8 days to move-in

32 Volunteers Signed In – but there were more!
1 Construction Consultant
1 RE Director and Her Mother
5 Visitors

Where on Earth to start this report! What an incredible moving crew and cleaning crew and painting crew and grinding crew, etc., etc., etc. Three loads of boxes and furniture were brought from The Donald to the BUUB in a large Penske Rental truck, and then there were at least six or seven people with pickup trucks and large trailers who made multiple trips. Suffice to say that 99% of The Donald is at the BUUB. Rooms are stacked with boxes, tubs, and furniture.


Paint touch up – wear paint clothes –

Wheelbarrow work outside to move dirt in preparation for planting swales on Monday

Sorting boxes and furniture and moving to their designated locations

NO PACK RATS PLEASE – The dumpster at 40th is basically empty – we don’t have room at the BUUB for storing junk. If in doubt, throw it out. The mantra is: Recycle, throw it out, or put it in the garage sale…don’t keep it “just because” or “maybe we will need this some day.”

Grinding and getting stuff out of the way.

TOMORROW – SUNDAY – HELP IS NEEDED AT 40TH TO FINISH PACKING RE – 10 AM – and when that is done, help needed to move things to the BUUB, then help sort and move within the BUUB.

This is crunch time all around.


Light shelves were cleaned

Touch up painting on walls

Redesign of the flying clouds

Discussion related to Harvey & Price

IT wire, phone and audio work

Grinding in the South Entrance

Cleaning in Rooms 3,4, and 6

A seismic strap was added to the water heater

The old stainless steel hood was loosened from the stove in the kitchen and will go to Schnitzer on Monday

Momma’s kitchen was bountiful, the food was terrific. Break Room Dancers outdid themselves. We couldn’t survive without them!

NEEDED – B I G R O C K S FOR THE SWALES – think Stonehenge, boulders, Sarsen. Too big to carry. If six strong people can lift it, it is too small. For $1,000 we can get all the rock we need and a machine to move it!

HERE IS THE DEAL – Today was a day of a job well done. Up and down stairs and ramps, lifting, sliding, pushing, shoving, heaving, hefting and no injuries. Chuck Wagar picked up the rental truck and drove it back and forth, Eric Swegles and Emmet Band coordinated all of the numerous volunteers who showed up in good humor and made the job fun. Audrey Maslin answered lots of questions and “told people where to go!” – in a nice way…..Members of the Aesthetics and Logistics Task Force were on hand to assist. I can’t list everyone individually because I am sure to forget someone who was there all day laboring away. As Ed Zack said – “Kudos to the crew! A job well done.”

A fun observation – the kiosk with all the name tags – shrink wrapped so no buttons were lost.

I had an email from someone who painted yesterday with some ideas about making the job easier. I passed this information along to Ed Zack and he will be picking up some of the materials suggested on his way to the BUUB tomorrow – here are the suggestions:

I hesitate to offer any suggestions to Ed Zack and Mark Doonan, who are wizards at so many things, but I think the painting protocol at the BUUB can be improved, and would appreciate if you could print this and pass it along:

1. There should be a couple of paint pails for the people painting with brushes. Roller trays are more awkward and inefficient. Maybe there are some pails, but the one I brought was the only one in evidence yesterday. There should be a choice of 2-inch, but especially 3-inch and 4-inch brushes, and maybe there is.

2. Have a couple of inverted 5-gallon buckets to rest painting pails on, so people don’t have to bend over to floor level to refill their brushes. Something with a broader top would be better for roller trays.

3. If someone is going to leave their brush or roller for more than 10 minutes, WRAP IT IN SARAN to keep the paint from drying or thickening.

4. At the end of the day, wrap brushes and rollers INDIVIDUALLY in SARAN, so they don’t dry out. Keeping them in the fridge is nice, but not necessary if they are wrapped well. This also means that the next painting day, people only unwrap what they will use. (Yesterday one or two rollers sat around open and unused all day. I may not have helped matters by putting them in the fridge partly rinsed.)

5. At the end of the day, paint left in pails and roller trays should be poured back into the main supply bucket, assisted by a brush so we put back as much as we can. Then the metal roller trays SHOULD BE RINSED. Otherwise, paint dries or at least thickens, and forms a skin that is transferred to the painting surface. It isn’t as necessary to rinse plastic painting pails; when remaining paint dries on them, the skin pulls off easily. (I DID rinse the roller trays and the roller handles yesterday; I trust that people find the paint and equipment I left in Room 3 and in the fridge.)


“You won’t have enough room in your report to list everything that was done today.”

“The move went like clockwork – cuckoo clockwork.”

“I spent too much time at The Donald.”

“I’m only doing audio.”

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this day — it was fantastic.”

“I bet it will be sad to visit the old building and see it so empty.”

“We need more bodies for the next week if we hope to get done. There are thousands of things that need to be finished.”

“This is the first time I have been here in a long time. I came when you first bought the building and no demolition had been done. Then I came about six months after that. WOW – it sure looks different now! It is beautiful.”

“I’m exhausted just writing about today.”



MAY 18, 2012 FRIDAY
DAY #639, 9 days to move-in

42 Volunteers
1 Contract Electrician
1 Audio Consultant
2 Contract Drywall Installers
2 Administrative Office Staff
1 Construction Consultant
1 City Inspector
5 Visitors
9 For Chinese Dinner

The number of volunteers must have certainly set a new record. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped get work done. It’s going to take that every day between now and occupancy.

TOMORROW SATURDAY IS MOVING DAY — FROM THE DONALD TO THE BUUB — WORK BEGINS AT 9 AM — There is still cleaning to be done at the BUUB before furnishings can be moved into the various rooms. We are days behind where we need to be, so everyone needs to stay flexible.

WORK DONE TODAY – The OX was polishing the East entrance and the South entrance. Edging was done in the East and West hallways — one person running the Ox and another with a bucket going along in front wetting the floor to keep down the dust! There was painting touch up all the way through the East wing offices and Library. Room 3 (the old project office) was a particular challenge to clean up and paint, but looks great now thanks to George Struble who came down from Salem dressed in his best painting duds. It is too dirty to bring the piano into the BUUB this week, so it will arrive next week.

The City inspector who came today checked the building and mechanicals. The HVAC tested well, and the building had a few little glitches that are easily fixed. Materials and equipment were moved from the temporary “dog houses” and west storage to the rented storage units that were emptied of furniture. The Storage Locker Rangers brought several loads and the Veneta Groover brought a trailer load from his barn. Once at the BUUB, he worked on the locks to meet fire marshall requirements. Work was done on the building emergency evacuation plan.

Trees were watered. The swale plants are expected to arrive on Monday, so after working everyone really hard this weekend, everyone should be fresh and ready to plant them. The speakers for the audio system were ordered. The contract drywall crew continued to patch around doors and windows. Holes were drilled in the counters in the Administrative office so computer wires were more efficiently and neatly stored. Rubber base molding was installed beginning in the Music Director’s office and marching down the hall to the other offices and library.


“Unfortunately, we are not done at the Donald St. building – What is going to get packed before tomorrow’s big push has been packed. I only have so much time/energy/ and muscle to pack with, and we haven’t had much help the last two days (thank you to Beth, Ken, and Anna for their contributions to the effort on Thursday and Friday!). I’m asking that people NOT try to pack things on Saturday that haven’t been packed so far. I will not be there Saturday (prior engagement facilitating a youth leadership conference, a commitment I made months ago), but I WILL be there Sunday to tie up loose ends and get those odds and ends packed and brought over to the BUUB. If there are volunteers able to come help, please send them my way. On Sunday, I am providing childcare to those who need it over at Thea and Jeff Cook’s house from 10:00 to 2:00. If people are interested, they should contact me for the address.”


Office Computers

Now that the admin offices have permanent power, thanks to the assistance of Barbara Coleman, all of the office computers were hooked up to the network last night and confirmed to be online.


Dust can’t be avoided, and computers and other IT equipment need to breathe to stay cool. Please donate draftsman brushes, dusters and compressed air bottles, because we’re going to be battling dust for awhile. As I wrote previously, dust in and of itself won’t cause a computer to fail, but the unchecked accumulation of dust can. So there’s no need to freak out about it. We’ll just have to inspect and blow out our computers and other IT equipment every week until construction and moving activities in the building wind down and everything settles…or rather, stops settling in terms of dust.


Thanks to Kim’s discovery of current voicemail at the old church, this unfortunately confirms that our main church phone number has NOT been ported over to the new building. We’re sicking our telecom broker on our service provider to find out why it wasn’t done on Monday like it was scheduled to, and to get it done ASAP.

I’m not happy!!!!

Al Hutt continues to work on optimizing and configuring our phones, voicemail and interactive voice response (IVR) system to meet our needs, as well as provide training and orientation where and when required. He’ll also be working on proactive security of our phone system.

A phone was donated for use in the kitchen, but can’t be installed until outlet boxes and conduits are cut and installed into the walls.

Fire Alarm

As of the 16th, the fire alarm now has two active phone lines (instead of just one) available to it in order to comply with occupancy requirements. As I wrote before, we’re using two Comcast voice lines temporarily while we work through what’s required to bring CenturyLink back into the building.


I’ll be at the BUUB on Saturday to move, wire, and hook up the temporary wireless access points (WAP) into their intended deployment locations in the attic, as well as resolve issues with the permanent WAP installed in the Social Hall ceiling.

The backup firewall that was hastily thrown into service on Saturday will be optimized, and if I have time I’ll install the second firewall for automatic failover purposes.

I’ll also address any IT/Phone issues or requests for the newly moved-in staff.


“There is only a little bit of dust rather than a disgusting amount. There is lots of cleaning, but the dust is ongoing.”

“George! Despite all that painting you look so clean”.….(that’s because he covered it up with a sweater.)

And speaking of George – he presented Mark Doonan with a very special cap – with the words: “UU Builder!”

This very same hat was presented to George 15 years ago by Rev. Rick Davis during the construction of their new building. A very special gift.

“We are almost done folks…..just another six months.”

Chinese Fortune Cookies: “Your lost treasure will be found within the month.”

“An important discussion about you will take place today.”



DAY #638, 10 days to move-in

31 Volunteers (Filled every line on the sign in sheet!)
1 Contract Electrician
2 Contract Plumbers
1 Secure Com Technician
1 Construction Consultant
3 City Inspectors
1 Fire Truck

The Plumbing inspection was magnificent.

The Electrical inspection went well and the small things needing to be done are do-able.

The Fire inspection produced a number of items that need to be done (for instance all the temporary “dog house” storage sheds, the wood and cabinet storage area, etc., have to be torn down and all the lumber stored someplace else.) The arrival of the fire truck was caused when the fire alarm system was being tested, and instead of it staying inside the building, the alarm went straight to the fire station. So that was a surprise. At least we know that is working!

There was work on the irrigation system throughout the day. There was painting in Rooms 1 and 2, and drop cloths are down in Room 3. The painting being done is to cover up where there has been damage to already painted walls, along with doing the patched sheetrock around skylights, doors, and windows. We can use painters, but this is not “Tom Sawyer” type work and requires some experience and being very neat and tidy.

THE BIG NEWS is that the cleaning crew was magnificent. All of the east corridor offices are completely cleaned and ready for furnishings. They are sealed off from dust and grime to preserve their freshness. Some of the other rooms are pretty well along in being cleaned and there is more work tomorrow.

THE OTHER BIG NEWS is that there is no more grinding! The only thing left is polishing from here on. There is a small amount of edge grinding. Today the South entrance and the Northeast entrance to the Sanctuary were finished and ready to polish. The East corridor and North entrance were edged and are ready for the 100 polisher.

Emmet Band and the Storage Locker Rangers aggressively emptied storage units and delivered more desks and filing cabinets to the BUUB. He needs a crew with trucks or a strong back tomorrow, Friday, at 9 AM. MEET AT THE BUUB. The desk with the glass top we have been protecting so carefully, finally made it into the Music Director’s office.

There was sweeping, sweeping, sweeping, and dusting and vacuuming of light fixtures. Also, cleaning in the attic, work on the audio system, pressure washing of the 5 gallon buckets, wheelbarrows, and scaffolding. Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned and dishes washed.

REMINDER: Chinese dinner at Fortune Inn tomorrow (Friday) – 5:30 PM – 1775 West 6th.

I drove past The Donald this afternoon and all was quiet, so packing must be done. There is almost nothing in the large dumpster. I can’t believe we don’t have more to get rid of – but perhaps it is all being saved for the Moving Sale on May 25 and 26.

While collecting my report from Ed Zack this afternoon, the amount of natural light was reduced and by magic the overhead lights in Room 6 came on. Of course it was because the light sensor measures lumens and when a certain level is reached, the lights come on automatically. There is an over-ride feature, and the automatic portion can be shut off or left on. The electrical service is 99% functional.

QUOTES OF THE DAY: “We got some dynamite stuff from the PeaceHealth Clinic.”

“Even with a full page of volunteers on the sign-in sheet, we need more.”

“The buckets, wheelbarrows, and scaffolding don’t look like anything we have in the BUUB because they are so clean.”






Betty Hosokowa has devised a plan to get the BUUB ready, and once more I am asking for volunteers.  This is our last major push and then things should settle down a bit.  The jobs listed below can be done anytime from 8 AM to probably 8 PM.  We aren’t asking for an all day commitment, but we do need more volunteers than we are getting.  Here is the plan:

We want to start this final room cleaning push on Thurs. 5/20 so that these rooms will be ready for furniture placement as it arrives. (Peacehealth furniture will start arriving on Thurs. or Fri. from storage.) I will be there at the BUUB, starting Thurs. 5/20 am to be a resource person/cleaner for this effort.

1. A closet of cleaning materials for this purpose has been established in the west hall.  We are using an RE closet and It is marked “Supplies for final room cleaning prior to move in.”

2. There is a cleaning procedure posted beside each room.  Check off the tasks as you complete them.  Please do them in the sequence mentioned, if possible.  (There is a logic to the sequence- work from top down, dust settles.)   The first task noted on the cleaning sheet in each room involves the scissor lift.  This skylight cleaning will be done by Chuck Wager starting early Thurs. am.

3. Start with the first office on the Southeast side of the building and work across (music director office).  After offices are done, we will do the classrooms.

4. Final step with each cleaned room–seal off room using plastic sheeting to prevent dust from other activities migrating back into the cleaned room.

5. When finished, please return these cleaning supplies to this special closet for the next room cleaner/worker.

Note:  These are all discrete tasks, to be checked off individually, and thus are an ideal way to contribute for the person with limited time who can help for an hour here and there.  No heavy lifting involved!

Thanks, Betty Hosokawa

may16 clean instruct-t











DAY #637, 11 days to move-in

28 Volunteers at the BUUB
8 Volunteers at The Donald
1 Contract Electrician
1 Maintenance Company Representative
1 Construction Consultant

Correction:  In the note sent out earlier today with instructions from Betty Hosokowa, it said help was needed on Thursday, 5/20.  That should read tomorrow, Thursday 5/17.  Be there at 9 AM!

As you can see by the list, there was a lot going on at both buildings.  Seven people showed up to help Katy Siepert pack up and stack up the Religious Education rooms and things are just about done.  The shed contents were packed or stacked.   Katy could use 2-3 people tomorrow afternoon after 3 PM.  Many of the areas upstairs where things collect were cleaned out and packed, the name tag kiosk was getting emptied.  Yesterday, Rev. Alicia packed up her office by herself, but thankfully had some help moving boxes out today.  Two people worked in the kitchen and it is packed up.

At the BUUB the irrigation system got more pipe, there was leveling out of soil on the swales and some of the old rough gravel was dug out and river rock moved in.  Cable for IT was strung through very tight spaces in the attic. There was a meeting of the minds to discuss finances and some change in procedures now that the church office is at the BUUB.

may15 scissor polo-t
Scissor Polo

Floor grinding in the South entry and Room 3, edge grinding in the hallway around the Chapel, and floor polishing in the Music Director’s Office.  (The choirs rehearsed at the BUUB this evening.)

The sign-in sheet indicated the following:  Meetings, kitchen set up, grinding, miscellaneous errands and help Ed, straightening, sweeping, and grinding, landscape sprinklers, electricial and rocks, more of Raisin the Drain, Dirt – move and remove plus rocking the rocks, recording with digital camera, various, moving earth, Floor polishing, gleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning, wiping walls and floors, swaling, pulling wire, digging, recycling, lunch and landscape, swale and pack RE, kitchen clean plus help pack RE, and Audio.

The sign-in sheet was completely filled!  That’s a first.  Thanks to everyone who answered our call for more volunteers.

I had a note from Emmet Band this afternoon – he needs the Storage Locker Rangers to show up at the BUUB at 9 AM tomorrow with trucks and bodies to attack the storage units and Kaeser’s barn with enthusiasm.  No material was moved today and we need it all collected in one spot so we can make determinations about how to allocate furnishings to space.  The clock is ticking.

Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned, and dishes washed.

Thanks to Rich Margerum and his editorial team for creating and sending off a press release about our move and first service on Sunday, May 27. I hope it is picked up by the Register-Guard.

REMINDER:  There will be Chinese dinner on Friday (May 18) at 5:30 PM at the Fortune Inn, 1775 West 6th Avenue.

QUOTES OF THE DAY: “I had a swale time.”

“Crawling around in the attic I kept banging my head on stuff, and the body reacts quickly and goes in the other direction, only to bang my head on something else.  Good thing there were no sharp objects up there.”

In cleaning out old files at home, in preparation for husband Ed and me moving to Portland in June, I found an envelope full of copies of the original floor plan of the BUUB when we purchased it from the Scottish Rite.  Mark Doonan was never in the building until after the interior walls were demolished.  He asked lots of questions about where things were located, lack of access to certain areas and the need to go through other rooms, etc. “The only thing that is the same in that floor plan are the kitchen and the safe and some of the exterior walls.”

Betty Hosokowa has devised a plan to get the BUUB ready and once more I am asking for volunteers.  This is our last major push and then things should settle down a bit.

“Right. Last major push. Sure.”

“I fought the BUUB and the BUUB won.”


may16 window closed-t
Left, moving into the office
may16 rocks-t
Gretchen says, “I fought the BUUB and the BUUB won.” Moving rocks in the hot sun.










Only one person showed up to help pack RE last evening.

Today there is NOBODY!  Katy cannot be expected to do all the packing

herself – there are 7 classrooms and two storage sheds to pack up.

She will be there until 4 PM today, and again tomorrow afternoon

(Thursday) after 3 PM.  If you could work tomorrow earlier, go see her

today and get the instructions, and then you and a friend could work


This is very important for us to keep on our sequencing of packing and

moving.  Everything is schedule to be MOVED to the BUUB on Saturday,

May 19 – and it has to be packed first.

Please, if you have an hour or more, give Katy some help today!



MAY 15, 2012 TUESDAY
DAY #636, 12 days to move-in

23 Volunteers at BUUB
(No complete count from The Donald)
1 Contract Electrician
1 Lighting Programming Specialist
1 Tibetan Artist
2 Loads of Topsoil/Compost
5 Visitors

A hole was drilled in the brick wall in the southwest corner custodial room for phone wire. Setup of the Administrative Office is going well. A plastic dust screen was fabricated to block dust from the office, and exhaust fans were set up in the south entrance to draw dust outside.

may16 grindingAll temporary light fixtures and their temporary cords were taken down to make room for the new permanent light fixtures. IT wire continues to be strung. There was floor grinding in the South entry, Room 3 and the West hallway. The Chapel was cleaned so the densifier could be applied this afternoon and cure overnight.

A great team worked at emptying the various storage units at Downtown Storage and by tomorrow we will be using one less unit. Furniture brought from storage is temporarily in Room 7. Be sure to read the special storage unit story in the Quotes of the Day. We still could use lots and lots of volunteers to help move and clean.

Two loads of topsoil/compost were blown in and then spread by hand. The river rocks are being meticulously and artistically laid by a Tibetan artist, and it is worth a special trip to see the design created in the most eastern swale. He will continue to work on them this week and the result is very pleasing. It was interesting to watch the meeting of the minds as the outside crew walked around surveying the job at hand. We learned that Sultana is a variety of raisin, so our Sultana of Swales has been working in the hot sun so long she is the Raisin of Drains…..

Over there at The Donald a team of two packed virtually all of the kitchen contents and the stuff in the room behind the kitchen. The move is going very well so far. The Religious Education space is being packed this evening from 6-8 PM, and they will be there all day tomorrow beginning at 9 AM. They hope to be done by 3 PM Thursday so things can be moved to the BUUB. More volunteers are needed tomorrow to help pack RE!

Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned, respirators cleaned and the dishes washed. A specialist from San Francisco flew in for the day to set up, program and calibrate the dimmers for the lighting in the social hall and sanctuary. The job didn’t get 100% finished, but almost.

may14 concrete dust-tThere was lots and lots of sweeping, but there is lots and lots more to do. (Photo right: bucket of concrete dust.)

There was work on the irrigation system and pulling of the tape covering fire sprinklers (they were protected from paint spraying earlier but have to be viewable for the city inspection. I think I heard that the inspectors will be in the building tomorrow.


QUOTES OF THE DAY: “Shoveling is easier if you think of it as paddling a canoe.”

“While the crew was sorting through the storage unit, they found a badly stained and torn couch that someone added to the pile from the PeaceHealth Clinic. The crew couldn’t decide what to do with it — so just set it outside the storage unit and drove back to the BUUB to ask for direction. The consensus was it will never enter the BUUB, so put it in the dumpster. So back they drove to Downtown Storage. They were gone about 20 minutes….and guess what? When they got back, the couch was GONE! Why someone grabbed it, nobody knows.”

“The couch was stolen before it could be recycled.”

“We handled lots of compost and dirt today. It’s beginning to look a lot like landscape, everywhere you go.”

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my sword fern.”



MAY 14, 2012 MONDAY
DAY #635, 15 days to move-in

24 Volunteers
2 Contract Electricians
1 Construction Consultant
8 Attend BPOC Meeting

I completely forgot to ask about the various personnel that worked today – I do know there were no contract laborers, but there may have been some HVAC folks.  I will let you know tomorrow.

There is a repeating theme tonight:

WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS – tomorrow we will be moving things like desks, cabinets, bookcases, and filing cabinets.  So we need strong backs.  We need to do some sorting at the storage unit to get us down to less units.  Pickup trucks needed too.  Work begins at the BUUB at 9 AM – Emmet Band is in charge.  Things will be stored in Rooms 4 and 7.

The Administrative Office move went flawlessly this morning and the staff was busy most of the day unpacking and cleaning up their office.  They were packed up and out of “The Donald” by 10 AM.  There is some concern about the amount of dust flying around and how that might affect the computers, so they will be covered to protect them.

WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS – tomorrow to help pack up the kitchen at “The Donald.” Today we had 2 people packing in the morning and 2 people in the afternoon, plus Audrey Maslin, aka Information Central.  There is a lot more to be packed in the kitchen.  Doors open at 9 AM.  Eric Swegles is in charge.

A lot of grinding was done by a determined group of men in the morning and a determined group of women in the afternoon.  Work yet to be done on floors – Sanctuary and Social Hall – need to be washed and densified.  The densifier takes overnight to dry, so it will have to be scheduled at a time when those two rooms are off limits.  The Chapel may have had densifier applied tonight.  After it dries, then it requires 4 more polishes.  Rooms 6 and 3 require the most work because those are the rooms used for the project office.   There is also more work needed on the Lobby.  The hallways are ready for the densifier.

WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS – to keep those floor grinders going from dawn to dusk and beyond. The BUUB opens by 7:30 AM and rarely closes before dark.

The roof is done except for one small patch around one of the small skylights.  An extension was built on the mezzanine (old boiler room) to create a triangle area, and then a safety rail was built to meet code.  Sensor trim was installed, a lot of material was moved.  The IT crew was on hand working on computer wires and other goodies.  The electronics for the administrative office should be hooked up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS – to help pack up the Religious Education rooms downstairs.  Eric Swegles will be at “The Donald” by 9 AM to help coordinate this job with Katy Siepert.  No strong back required for this job, but there are seven classrooms plus two storage sheds to pack up.

Irrigation pipe was installed in the south area near the swales.  Some weed whacking was done to cut down long grass and weeds in the parking strips.  Old light fixtures were taken down.  There was a lot of sweeping going on.  Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned and dishes washed (including those from Saturday and Sunday work days).

WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS – The following came from the Sultana of Swales.  Keep in mind that there are some unknowns in this scenario.  We don’t know for sure when the irrigation system will be up and running.  We don’t know for sure which day the plants will arrive, but no matter the timing, here is the proposed plan.  Everyone needs to stay flexible.

Do you enjoy piling up rocks? Are you a sculptor at heart? Soon the swale will need your artistic efforts. Not an artist? Come help move the rocks, each with a piece of a UU family’s history. Well, most of them.    Planting will begin when plants arrive on Thursday, or perhaps not until next week.

Our (very) tentative very rollback-able schedule looks like this:

Tuesday        dirt and compost/mulch

Wednesday    rock sculpture of swale sides

Thursday       plants arrive (?) begin planting

Friday Saturday Sunday   keep planting

And if the above schedule gets delayed, the east parking lot needs a lot of cleanup work.

QUOTES OF THE DAY:   “I read the plea for people to come clean the walls of dust.  Yes, a good step.  But when there last week, I saw a number of walls that have become stained/dirty beyond just an accumulation of dust.  Is there a plan to do some repainting?  There has been a good deal of sheetrock work around windows and skylights, and that needs to be painted for the first time.  When will this be done?”

ANSWER:   Painting patched sheetrock around windows and skylights, and repainting the scuffed walls are PHASE 2 projects.  We have already done a lot of Phase 2 work, but until we get our Occupancy Permit, the projects required for the permit are our priority issues.


I know, I am worse than an Army recruiter, but between now and our first service at the BUUB on May 27, we have a lot of work to do to be ready!



From: Sue Craig
Date: May 13, 2012 10:27:04 PM PDT

OK, I know I will get dinged for this, but I am a driven person for sure, as far as the floors are concerned at the BUUB.  We got some done today…but there are MILES to go, and not much time to arrive at our destination.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to work on the grinding tomorrow? …we need teams of two..or two grinders and someone who can scrape/sweep  after the grinding. We are on the last grind in the hallways. Then we need to polish, etc.

The problem is that I can’t be there tomorrow, and it is essential that we keep working on this part of the project. This last grind, is not quite so dusty, but still we need to get it DONE so we can start to get the dust under control. Even if you only have a few hours, it would be great. If we can keep both grinders working (they are both set up with the correct last grind blades of 120/) we can finish the grinding by tomorrow evening. There is a really poor drawing by the sign-in sheet for folks to see where we worked today.

Many thanks to/from everyone!   Sue C


MAY 13, 2012 SUNDAY
DAY #634, 16 days to move-in

15 Volunteers

It was a full day for our faithful volunteers.  One did floor grinding BEFORE church, and came back twice for more floor grinding in the afternoon.  Someone wrote on the sign-in sheet that she was WONDER WOMAN.  Grinding occurred in the East corridor, the North entrance, and the hallway around the chapel.  Other volunteers cleaned the administrative office so it would be ready to accept our staff and their equipment tomorrow.

Wood was moved back to storage, temporary structures were dismantled, there was sweeping, vacuuming, and putting tools back where they belong.  The “dog house” on the East side of the building was emptied out since it blocks an exit.  A member of the IT crew came to help sweep.  Several people picked up the rocks in the East parking lot and swept the driveway.  Another volunteer cleaned up the North parking lot.  It was disappointing to find cigarette butts all over the dirt areas near the entrances.    Picking them up is a good job for someone who can’t lift heavy things.  Going through all the places where there is dirt in the parking lots would be helpful too – I found about 20 nails this afternoon.

A moving tutorial was presented at “The Donald” after church, with instructions on how to label and inventory everything that is packed.  The only items to be moved this week relate to the administrative office and grand pianos.  The bulk of items will be moved on Saturday, May 19 when we rent a large truck.

H E R E     I S      W H A T     W E     N E E D    T O M O R R O W

Call Emmet Band if you have a pickup truck and want to help move the administrative office from The Donald to the BUUB – this process begins at 9 AM.

Reorganization of our storage units and trips to Kaeser’s in Veneta to move furnishings they have been storing long term.  We need to get all our furniture in one place so we can determine what we have and where it can be used.  Let Emmet know when you are available so he can schedule the work.

We have jobs for everyone – cleaning, floor grinding, moving materials.  Cleaning all week, but for sure on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week.  We cannot and will not move things into the BUUB until everything has been cleaned.

Cleaning of The Donald is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week – NOT TOMORROW.

We are going to have a “Moving Sale” at The Donald on Friday and Saturday, May 25 and 26 from 8 AM to 3 PM both days.  If you have been saving items for the next Clutterbusting Sale, you can bring them to the church beginning Monday, May 21 and no later than 6PM May 24.  Items may be dropped off from 6 to 7 PM each evening, or by calling Judie (541-335-1637) to set another time.  Everything in the sale will be offered first to the Buddhists, and things not sold by 3:45PM Saturday will be picked up by St. Vincent DePaul.  If anyone would like to help staff the sale on either Friday or Saturday, please let me know.  Susanne Giordano is the boss for the sale…Her phone is 541-517-7234.

QUOTES OF THE DAY:  This is a repeat from above, but can’t be stressed enough:

“We cannot and will not move things into the BUUB until everything has been cleaned.”

“We need lots of extra volunteers this week.  Every day.  Come help “dust” the walls in every room.”



DAY #633, 17 says to move-in

6 Volunteers
1 Construction Consultant
6 Visitors

One volunteer did floor grinding and polishing for eleven hours! And there was some cleanup, more replacing of the fire suppression rosettes (requiring a lot of scissor lift work), and enough people on hand to get the very long length of IT wire pulled. Ed Zack and Mark Doonan added laminate tops to all of the counter tops in the administrative office.

SO HERE IS WHAT IS DESPERATELY NEEDED TOMORROW by anyone who is not at 40th packing or spending the day with their loved one for Mother’s Day:

The inspectors come on Monday. Prior to their arrival, cleaning the BUUB is a high priority. Ed Zack will be there as soon as he has met with those packing 40th after the church service. Audrey Maslin will be the “Information Central” at 40th, and members of the Aesthetics & Logistics Task Force will be on hand. Some of the jobs at the BUUB:

Interior cleaning – picking up stuff and wiping down the walls that are covered with concrete dust. This can be done using a dry dust mop.

Changing things around to make the appearance more orderly.

Cleaning up the parking lot – especially the east side where the old piles of rocks were stored. When the scoop shovel loaded them up to be hauled away last week, some were left behind – some of the rocks are golf ball to baseball size, and there is a lot of dried mud. Work might involve a 5 gallon bucket, or a wheelbarrow, or shovel, or broom.

If you can come for an hour or several, your help will be greatly appreciated.

IT UPDATE: Todd Woodward sent out a very detailed report on the status and configuration of our new phone system at the BUUB. I thought I wasn’t going to have much for tonight’s blog and had intended to include the whole IT report, but have decided to offer to send it to anyone who is interested. I am not sure how many are on his “undisclosed recipients” list. It is fun stuff to read.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: From the IT Report by Todd Woodward:

“It’s probably difficult for most people to understand the giddiness that Al Hutt and I share when we’re able to place and receive phone calls for the first time, affirming that all of Al’s hard and steady work is paying off.

I can’t thank Al Hutt enough for all the work he’s put in with our new phone system. Due to delays outside of our control, it’s taken far longer and taken more time to get everything together. Please join me in thanking Al or say a silent “Thank You” to Al next time you have the opportunity to interact with our phone system at our new building.”

And thanks to Todd Woodward and Chris LeBlanc for the many hours they have volunteered on phones, sound, and internet systems.



MAY 11, 2012 FRIDAY
DAY #632, 18 days to move-in

25 Volunteers
2 Contract Electricians
2 Glaziers
4 Contract Laborers
1 HVAC Installer
1 Sprinkler Installer
2 Security Company Installers
1 Landscape Architect
5 Visitors
1 Construction Consultant
2 Finance Meetings–5 Attend
13 for Chinese Dinner

There was floor grinding in the south corridor and the finish coat was put on Room 5. There is so much going on it is difficult to keep track. There was sheetrock patching, swale work, cleaning, removal of surplus rock (the rock taken out by the rock pickers), irrigation pipe installed, food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned, and dishes washed. A load of river rock was delivered. Most of the volunteers wrote they were grinding or polishing floors, cleaning, sweeping, or pulling IT wires. One volunteer worked on maintenance, another sorted screws and moved lumber to storage. There was also shoveling to be distinguished from digging! Great to have Audrey Maslin join us for Chinese dinner. She will be chief of our Information Booth at the BUUB — as people arrive with loads of boxes, she will tell you where to go.

One person asked where I got the idea that the floors are done….Straight from Ed Zack. And when he said the floors are “done” he meant that they had gotten the amount of grinding and polishing that would be done prior to the move. Some have had the densifier. The corridors will not be completely done before we move. And my mistake – the only wire being pulled is IT wire, not low voltage. I misunderstood.

Tree watering buckets were fabricated….Six buckets had 1/4th inch holes drilled in the bottom. Please do not try to use these buckets for anything else. (Like drywall mixing!) Our newly planted trees need to get 15 gallons of water at least once a week for the first year. The second year they will only need to be watered every other week. A watering schedule is being developed and will be posted so others can help move and fill the buckets.

The custodial cart salvaged from the Peace Health Clinic has been outfitted with spare rolls of toilet paper, paper towels and various cleaning products, and can be rolled around with ease. The fire suppression sprinkler heads were replaced with the newer rosette heads.

It will be frantic next week at the BUUB with moving in and having our final inspection starting on Monday. All jobs, except those needed for occupancy, will be shut down because of money. The theme is NRFO Rules…..NRFO – Northing will be done Not Required for Occupancy.

TOMORROW: Full work day – Doors Open 9 AM – Volunteer Opportunities Available

Vacuuming and otherwise cleaning the light shelves in all the rooms (they have accumulated dust and grime since they were installed months ago).

Vacuuming and otherwise cleaning the attic. (Contractors have been working up there

and have left a lot of debris behind.)

Using a dry dust mop to clean the painted walls.

Helping pull IT wire.

Quartermastering outside and inside.

Clean up all the dust in the project office.

See Todd Woodward or Ed Zack to find where you can best fit in.


NEXT WEDNESDAY – MAY 16 – We are looking for people who like to artistically arrange rocks in the swales. We also need people with strong backs to transport rocks in wheelbarrows from where they are piled along the east perimeter, to the south side to the swales.

QUOTES OF THE DAY: “Scrounging should be our 8th Principle.”

“No more dirty boots allowed in the building now that the floors are polished.”

“Doesn’t the hallway look beautiful?”

“I got to drive the Bobcat and the dump truck today.”

“I can work with you…..well, it may come down to that as a last resort.”



DAY #631, 19 days to move-in

18 Volunteers
2 Contract Electricians
2 HVAC Installers
2 Security System Installers
1 Fire Sprinkler Installer
2 Glaziers
1 Construction Consultant
2 Earth Movers
1 Dump Truck Driver
3 Visitors

The fire and emergency alarm was tested – out of the blue a recording was blasted throughout the building to the effect:  “There has been an emergency in the building.  Please leave the building immediately.  Do not use the elevators.”  No problem on that last item.

The IT crew was hard at work most of the day tending to audio and low voltage wiring. Floor grinding and polishing were going strong.  Room 7 is done, the Religious Education Office and Minister’s office are done.  The east and west hallway had grinding.  Outside a ditch was dug for irrigation pipe, pipe installed and then the ditch filled in again (photo below).

may11 bobcat-t



may11 tilt-t

may11 filling wheelbarrows-t














The fire suppression system was pressure checked — antifreeze was put in the loops and the rest of the system filled with water — and after going over the building, only one small leak was found near the vault.  Bill paying and bookkeeping was done.  Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned, trash removed,  and dishes washed.  A tasty rhubarb crisp was scarfed down and declared to be exceedingly tasty without a care concerning the amount of butter and sugar it might contain.  I didn’t get to sample it, since there was only tiny scraps left.

may11 lunch-t

Tree buckets--hands off, bucket thieves! ;)
Tree buckets–hands off, bucket thieves! ;)

Plants were ordered for the swale, and a planting party is  tentatively scheduled for Friday and Saturday (May 18 and 19).  For those of you anxious to plant something, this is your opportunity.  Talk to ad hoc pro tem Sultana of Swales, Sarah Hendrickson for details.

Three scissor lifts were in use today, but it wasn’t possible to see who was there, unless you can identify people from the knees down.  Two volunteers spent the day transporting special issue items from 40th to the BUUB.









QUOTES OF THE DAY:  “Cement dust is a wonderful hair spray — especially on a day with a fine mist.  It will hold your hair in place for days.”

“I think we have done so much grinding and polishing on the floors they must be two inches lower.”

“When pulling wire, it helps to talk to it and push….just tell it, ‘if you don’t go back in there you darn wire, I will have to cut you off.’   Amazingly, it goes right in.”

“The circuit tester went home with one of the volunteers, then this morning it came back and was put in with the IT tools……but when I went to use it, it wasn’t where I had put it…..turned out it was in El Viejo’s tool belt.”

REMEMBER – Chinese dinner tomorrow (Friday) at the Fortune Inn, 1775 West 6th, at 5:30 PM.



may11 bonnie-t

may11 bonnie3-t






may11 bonnie mud-t






DAY #630, 20 days to move-in

22 Volunteers
1 Contract Carpenter
3 Contract Fire Alarm Installers
2 HVAC Installers
1 HVAC Supervisor
4 Contract Laborers
2 Contract Glaziers
1 Construction Consultant
1 Acoustical Engineer

Our recycling guru made two trips to drop off a carload of materials.  She reports that we can take cardboard to Next Step Recycling.  There is no charge to drop it off, and Next Step can make some money for the cardboard.  When I visited the BUUB this afternoon, all was quiet with no grinder/polishers running.  We are getting close to done.  Room 7 needs only one more polish and then it is done.

Register holes were cut in the HVAC ducting, and exterior molding was fabricated for doors and windows.  Insulation continues to be added above the flying clouds.  There was tweaking of the entrances, adding insulation and weatherstripping.  Volunteers were pulling wires.  There was major moving of materials and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning in preparation for the main inspections on Monday (and the inspections will likely continue for most of the week).

The Packing and Moving Task Force held a “staff” meeting to go over the tasks at hand.  The Aesthetics and Logistics Task Force met at 40th & Donald with Ed Zack for a final review of the sequencing of the BIG MOVE.  Since the Buddhists are starting with absolutely nothing, we will be leaving a number of items for them to use (kitchen, maintenance, yard equipment, some furniture, etc.).  Despite the fact we are moving to a larger building than we have now, the available storage space is extremely limited, so everyone will be encouraged to use the dumpster liberally at 40th.

The parking strip was cut with a weed whacker, with a small section not done because the string ran out!  The upper cabinets were put up in Room 6.    There was work on the berm and preparing the south area for future brick pavers (recycled from our building) near the seating areas.  Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned and dishes washed.

Low voltage wires were pulled and some errands run.   The IT team met with the acoustical engineer to discuss the sound system.  Those attending were Todd Woodward, Chris LeBlanc, Bob Kaeser, Mark Doonan, and Doug Wilson.

ABOUT THE MOVE – We need volunteers all week beginning Sunday.  All empty boxes and other packing materials will be in the 40th & Donald social hall immediately following the service.  Various stakeholders from program areas or committees will be packing their own inventory.  Everything that is to be left behind will get a piece of red tape to indicate that it stays in the building.  There is a published sequence of what will be moved to the BUUB and when.  After that, then beginning Saturday, May 19, the rest will be moved to the BUUB.  Everyone will need to be flexible as we work out the kinks for the move.  There is major cleaning needed at both locations.

REMINDER:  There is a Chinese Dinner this Friday, May 11 at the Fortune Inn, 1775 West 6th Avenue at 5:30 PM.

TODAY’S QUOTES:  “Sometimes you don’t realize how much fun a job at the BUUB is until you go to another job and then you get to go back to the original job…and it is so much better than the second job.”

“I pulled wire that I pulled before.  Like the boards, I will need to start giving the wire names.”

“I don’t know that we need to meet next week unless there is some disaster…..” (this brought howls of laughter — how could there be a week without a disaster?)

“Can you believe we are finally to this point, where this weekend we will be packing?”



may8 sidewalk superintendent-t



DAY #629, 21 days to move-in

18 Volunteers
1 Contract Carpenter
4 Contract Laborers
4 Contract Glaziers
2 Contract Plumbers
2 Contract Electricians
1 Construction Consultant

Everyone said – Go see the Music Office, go see the Music Office! And for good reason – the glaziers installed the large windows in the Music Office and Minister’s Office, the last upper window and two side windows in the South entrance. All of the east side offices, library and corridor have had all of their final floor grind and there will be only some polishing and cleanup left. The floor in the Music Office has been polished and was gleaming, especially with the late afternoon light reflecting off the floor. Check it out!

may8 window music norma-t

The outside volunteer crew was making magic with the irrigation system and the contents of the control boxes are spanking new, with a little red wire like a cherry on a hot fudge sundae.

may8 irrigation control box-t







may8 irrigation man-t








They reported that tomorrow a dirt mover will be on hand to shape the berm. The ad hoc pro tem Sultana of Swales met with the landscape architect and was preparing plant lists. The two ginko trees have been adopted and there are some vine maple, ash, and northern red oak that can be adopted for between $100 and $600 depending on the size. If you prefer a native tree, an Oregon white oak is available. Talk to Sarah Hendrickson for details. She wants to know if anyone reading this has camas plants from 40th & Donald in pots, or sword ferns to donate. Also, if you didn’t bring rocks last fall, please bring them now. Football size or larger…the harder they are to carry, the better. Stack them with the other rocks by the orange pots near the east side lasagna garden.

IT wire was pulled, and there was a lot of pushing and pulling of low voltage wire. It was a major production – one person stuck his head through the speaker box as at least one person was trying to thread a long PVC pipe with a tennis ball into the hole, to be received by the person in the speaker box. A string was attached to a gizmo that fed a flexible strip into the wall, and when it makes it to its destination, then the low voltage wire is attached to the string and pulled through.(see series of photos below)

In the midst of this operation was a crew on the scissor lift installing more insulation behind the flying clouds in the sanctuary.

Below: Pulling a pull string so I could pull cable across the Sanctuary above the folding doors. Project involved four people, 40 feet of PVC pipe, a tennis ball (thanks Todd), a scaffold, the tall ladder …  Myles is on the scaffold and Jake is handling the pipe

may8 pull cable-t








Below: Myles seen through the speaker: he’s pushing the pipe down the tray

may8 myles in speaker-t








Below: Pipe hole maneuvering and Mark is bringing the big ladder

may8 pipe hole manuever-t








Below: Mark feeds the pipe. Then they notice Gretchen taking pictures instead of working.

may8 mark feeds pipe-t

The laborers were patching and texturing walls in the entrances. There was custodial work and digging and sweeping and food delivered and kitchen cleaned and dishes washed. The plumbers worked on the gas line for the emergency generator and were installing the fixtures in the accessible restroom. The owner is having major back surgery on Thursday (his 7th as the result of a motorcycle accident years ago). He has done the plumbing for the BUUB and worked on fixing things for many of our church family. We will keep positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Husband Ed and I dropped off a load of rocks for the swale, a weed whacker so the berms and parking strip can get a haircut, and 2 one gallon buckets of ice cubes. We supplied ice all last summer from our ice maker, and it would be appreciated by our summer volunteers if someone with an ice maker will take over this task when we move to Portland at the end of June. Depending on the number of volunteers and the outdoor temperature, a gallon of cubes lasts 3-4 days.

I don’t know if any of you are on the UUA email list sent out every Saturday with news articles about churches in our denomination. Last week they included an article from the Salem Statesman Journal that made it sound like Rev. Rick Davis of the Southeast Salem congregation was retiring. I sent a note to George Struble to express my surprise. Rev. Davis is NOT retiring! Here is what George wrote about what happened at their Sunday service: Yesterday Rick started to tell us about the mistaken headline in the SJ and the messages he was receiving from all over, when John Roy Wilson interrupted in a loud voice “I HAVE HERE A DOCUMENT; DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT BUY FOUR NEW TIRES ON NOVEMBER 11?” Rick confirmed that he had. “THEN YOU WERE RE-TIRED!”

QUOTES OF THE DAY: A sign posted on the floor of the Minister’s Office by the glaziers: “Thanks for not removing anything from this room. It will save hours of aggravation.”

“I found the board secretary moving a rolling cart loaded full of lumber by herself- including some very long boards. It was acting like a bad shopping cart, with wheels not behaving. I am stunned by what people are doing.”

“Be sure to check out the Music Office.”

SPECIAL NOTE: The Coordinating Council meets Saturday at 40th & Donald in the Social Hall at 9:30 AM – all Committee Chairs encouraged to attend – come get details for the big move and calendaring issues. Also on Saturday, beginning at 9 AM – an IT wire pulling contest at the BUUB. No prizes offered, just a rousing good time…..kind of like a tug of war!



MAY 7, 2012 MONDAY
DAY #628, 22 days to move-in

17 Volunteers
1 Contract Carpenter
1 Glazier
2 Contract Electricians
4 Contract Laborers
1 Construction Consultant
6 Attend BPOC Meeting

The glazier was working on the “fussy” aspects of the South entrance.  There was insulation added to the very peak of the South entry and new temporary doors were added, complete with panic hardware.

Several trips were made to Jerry’s to pick up more insulation.  This time it was installed above the flying clouds in the Sanctuary and Social Hall.  A shelf was fabricated in the sound box and IT wire was strung.

Outside several volunteers worked on the swales and irrigation system.  There was a lot of cleaning, inside and out, and a ton of stuff was moved.  Grinding and polishing was done in Rooms 1 and 2.  Crews followed along to sweep up and in some cases vacuumed or washed the floor.    The closer we get to the occupancy permit, the more cleaning has to be done, because the HVAC system cannot be fired up and tested until there is no dust to get sucked in and ruin all the new equipment.  We know cleaning is boring, but it is one of our top priorities these days.

Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned and dishes washed.  Respirators were cleaned.  In addition to the sheet cakes, there were containers of food in the fridge that I hadn’t seen yesterday.  A call went out for food for later in the week to the Break Room Dancers and in a matter of minutes the “BUUB dance card” was filled with offers of entrees.  What a great bunch of cooks we have.  I can hardly wait to see the cookbook with recipes for the tasty soups and pasta dishes.


MAY 6, 2012 SUNDAY
DAY #627, 23 days to move-in

4 Volunteers

The main event today was an IT crew member working on sound wiring.  I noticed a soldering iron along the way.  There was to have been a meeting with the sound engineer, but he wasn’t available.  El Viejo breezed through to drop off a donated lateral file cabinet, and another volunteer was sweeping and cleaning.  Only one person signed in, and it was kind of like playing hide and seek at the BUUB.  There are lots of places a person can be working quietly and not be visible.

I was informed that the two sheet cakes that appeared yesterday were donated by Vic Rutherford’s family after his memorial service.  I am sure they will be gobbled up quickly on Monday and very much appreciated.

The “chair” of the 400 Days blog has been transferred – not the person who wrote it or the person who will take over on May 27, but the office chair from the office of the person who writes it now!  Sounds kind of official to me.  And the desk of the 400 Days blogger will get transferred to the office of the Religious Education director very soon.  We had the first open house today and are counting on all who read this to keep your fingers crossed that our house will sell quickly.  We are enjoying the tidy and sparse space, but being “on call” to stage the house in preparation for prospective buyers on short notice is a bit stressful.

Busy day at the BUUB tomorrow and we are hoping for a full team of volunteers!

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Mom — when we come to visit you, will it be in Eugene or Portland?”



DAY #626, 24 days left to move-in

6 Volunteers
4 Contract Laborers
1 Construction Consultant
5 Visitors

The IT team of Todd and Chris were there from 9:30 AM until about 6 PM – This was my first adventure of climbing the fold-down stairs and seeing the “headquarters” where Todd does all the control work. He is like a mad scientist – had headphones on and I had to wave my arms and holler a few times to get his attention. Chris was working on the audio portion with one of the Veneta Groovers, and Todd was putting connectors on wires and hooking up the phone line for the fire alarm. They were also working on the network. While I was on the ladder, I looked down into the safe and discovered there is a lineup of filing cabinets in place.

There was some drywall installation and floor grinding by the contract laborers. One visitor was picking up things in preparation for the Quincey concert tomorrow after church. Someone dropped off the remains of two sheet cakes – one white and one chocolate. There was speculation that it was left over from the wedding at 40th Avenue.

El Viejo had a meeting with the Music Committee regarding the process for packing and moving. Baby changing tables were moved from storage to the BUUB. One volunteer was there sweeping…..

GREAT NEWS – After I retire from doing the blog on May 26, it is Gretchen Miller to the rescue. She has offered to continue the 400 days blog so we won’t all go into withdrawal! Since a lot of work will be done this summer, she will report on what’s happening – probably only twice a week instead of every day. I suggested that at least one of the days be a Thursday so she can announce whether there will be Chinese dinner on Fridays.

Speaking of Chinese – husband Ed and I were running errands this afternoon and were within shouting distance of the Fortune Inn, and since we didn’t go yesterday, we decided to go there for dinner. The owner was happy to see us – last night his phone cable was severed – people couldn’t call in “to go” orders and he was not able to accept any credit card payments so he had absolutely no business last night and lost money. He was very happy to hear we would be back next Friday.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Who brought the cakes?” “I don’t know – I have been up here in the attic all day…”



MAY 4, 2012 FRIDAY

DAY #625, 25 days left to move-in

16 Volunteers
2 Contract Electricians
1 Contract Carpenter
3 Contract Security System Installers
4 Contract Laborers
4 Glaziers
1 Construction Consultant

An exterior door was hung in the Northwest corner of the Sanctuary, and a lintel was built over the door to the playground. An emergency generator was installed on the roof just before closing time. (This is for future use, no emergency today.) Secure Com worked on installing the security system.

There was grinding and sweeping, and grinding and sweeping, and grinding and sweeping in Rooms 5 and 7. Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned and dishes washed. The glaziers are just about finished installing glass in the South entrance – we still have the temporary South doors, but all but one small window is in. All of the photo sensors are in, but they still need to be hooked up to power.

I got a full description of all that is involved in putting those photo sensors in. They have to be positioned a certain distance from windows, or other light source, and once the proper point is chosen, then the crew had to go to the attic and locate that spot from above as they crawled around in areas covered with insulation and mechanical equipment.. It was quite the adventure.

An IT crew and a floor grinding crew are working tomorrow SATURDAY, and the doors will open at 8 AM – we could use some additional help.

QUOTES OF THE DAY: “We obviously had to be totally ignorant to take on a job of this magnitude. I don’t think any of us knew what we were getting into.”

“I chased around a whole bunch of cardboard! There were some small parts that had been shipped in small boxes that had to be located. So one volunteer went through each and every small cardboard box at the BUUB looking for the parts.” (I don’t think the small parts were found.)

I heard an interesting story today – about something that happened last Tuesday. Those trees in the Sanctuary as decoration for Celebration Sunday were going to suffer if left inside the building while the ad hoc pro tem Sultana of Swales was gone for a few days. So she and her partner in crime decided to ask the various tree experts on duty if they could plant them. All said they were busy with other tasks. Finally, a nice person said, ‘I’ll do it”…..Stakes were put in the ground and when the Sultana drove around the building ten minutes later, there stood the four people who said they were too busy, shovels in hand, making sure the job was done right.” Now there is typical BUUB behavior!



DAY #624, 26 days to move-in

18 Volunteers
3 Concrete Finishers
3 Glaziers
2 Electricians
1 Electrical Company Owner
1 Electrical Engineer
4 Contract Laborers
1 Construction Consultant

Photo sensors were installed in the attic and the IT crew met to have a discussion about the wiring for the sound system in preparation for working on it this weekend.

Here is what Todd Woodward reports:
Quick update on CenturyLink…    Mark Doonan and our direct CenturyLink engineering contact have met and talked about what is required in order to have our fire alarm and fax phone lines brought into the building. Unfortunately, it’s going to take more time, more digging and more paperwork to get it done, which is causing some timeline stress.

(Please Note: CenturyLink has nothing to do with our office phones and phone system that our administrative and office staff will be using. Our office phones and phone system does not go through CenturyLink.)   While I’m fairly assured that we will be able to get the fire alarm and fax phone lines brought into the building before May 15th, as a backup plan (and to relieve some of the pressure and worry) I have made the decision to temporarily utilize an existing Comcast Digital Voice line that was about to be decommissioned. This week I will be reconnecting and testing the Comcast Digital Voice line, and on Saturday pulling cable to the fire alarm location.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Todd D. Woodward


The concrete finishers came to  rinse off the blue on the new concrete poured yesterday and generally tidy things up.  Now that all the concrete has been installed, the Plaza is looking sharp — especially with the addition of a couple more trees today.  As mentioned earlier, if you would like to “Adopt a Tree” talk to Sara Hendrickson.   And I haven’t consulted with anyone, but I noticed today the parking strip along 13th AVenue is just about ready for harvest time.  I’m wondering if there is someone with a weed whacker that doesn’t like grinding or sweeping, who would like to chop down the grass.  I don’t think a mower would be a good idea because I noticed large mounds of dirt with gravel and other impediments.  Probably a good idea to check with our ad hoc pro tem Landscape sultana Sarah on this too.

I did notice when I went to look at the newly planted trees on the south side, that the glass doors for the South entrance are still not installed.  The glaziers were there most of the day, but I wasn’t able to connect up with El Viejo this afternoon, so I don’t know what they were working on.

One volunteer fixed that banging restroom door on the east side – I didn’t hear it on Sunday, but understand it was pretty loud, so having it fixed is a good thing.  A crew was mounting light fixtures, and there was a lot of floor grinding going on.

Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned and dishes washed.  There was a picking up, sweeping, cleaning, and adding wood to the free box. I have been storing two heavy bases for holding a flag that were left behind by the Scottish Rite – I was ready to toss one into the metal recycling, when I noticed it had the letters MOOSE down the side.  I thought it might be of some historical relevance to the local Moose Lodge, so called and left a message to see if they would like to have it.  I bet it has a few stories to tell.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Everyone is wearing a button today.”  (I, Judie Hansen, am a #1 Packrat – over the years I collected different buttons for environmental causes, with silly sayings, or supporting political candidates.  Now that we are moving to a small space, I decided to liberate them from my possession.   I took them to the BUUB and said help yourself.  The people I saw wearing them today brought a chuckle – One of the Hispanic crew wore “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” and a volunteer had one with “Can You Do This at Home for $1.79?”

REMINDER:   No Chinese Dinner tomorrow.




12 Volunteers
2 Contract Electricians
4 Contract Laborers
3 Glaziers
2 Contract Carpenters
1 Construction Consultant
4 Concrete Finishers
1 Concrete Delivery
1 Maintenance Supply Representative
5 Visitors

Husband Ed and I went to Portland and returned too late to catch anyone at the BUUB, but our key worked and I was able to get the sign-in sheet.  A phone call to the Construction Consultant filled in the blanks, but tonight’s report will be a little slim.

Edge grinding was done in the Sanctuary and Social Hall, a 400 grind was done in Room 5. Additional drywall patching was done.  The Southwest (back door) was installed.  The glass installers worked on the South Entrance, but truth be told I didn’t walk around to check it out, so I don’t know how far they got.

I did drive along the east side of the building, and discovered that new concrete (blue!) was poured for the accessible ramp and an apron for the east end of the plaza.  I think that is about the end of the concrete work.

There was a discussion about risers and the movable stage.  Work continued on the plywood countertops in the administrative office.  Photo sensors were installed in the attic. Volunteers worked on floor grinding.  There was tweaking of the irrigation system around the swales.  Lots of sweeping, some chairs and other items were moved back to 40th, there was de-nailing and some sorting and moving wood in the “wood shed” on the west end of the building.

Food was delivered, the kitchen was cleaned and dishes washed.

There is NO Chinese dinner this week.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Whoever took the rectangle tablecloths home to launder them after Celebration Sunday – could you please return them to 40th & Donald ASAP?  They are needed for an event on Sunday.  Questions?  Contact Norma Landy.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “I think it’s sad that so few people are showing up to work.  But so many of the BUILDING tasks now need actual skills; miscellaneous people like me get to clean and move things, and that doesn’t feel as rewarding.”

“Could you pass along the word that I’m planning to come on Friday?  It’s my last chance before you start moving.  I could be part of a floor grinding crew, though I haven’t had any training in that.  Or I could do some painting, or …  I will plan to be there by 10:00, but if it would be important that I come earlier, tell me and I will.”

NOTE:  While it is true some special skills are needed for the present jobs, there are many jobs requiring no special skills or training.  Cleaning up the parking lot, picking rocks out of the front area, moving hoses for the person running the grinding machine, or sweeping before and after the actual grinding.  The edge grinding requires you to be on your knees. The cleaning jobs never end, and despite them seeming to not be rewarding, they are the meat and potatoes support needed by the contract workers.

Ed Zack still needs to hear from a few more people who can help move items from 40th during the May 14-26 time period by supplying pick-up trucks for odd shaped or specialty stuff.



DAY #622, 28 days to move-in

16 Volunteers
2 Contract Electricians
4 Contract Laborers
3 Glaziers
2 Contract Carpenters
1 Construction Consultant
5 Visitors
1 Maintenance Supply Salesperson

Our dedicated volunteers are extremely appreciated and we don’t want to minimize their contribution, but the majority of those listed today were of very short duration. Some had specific short jobs to do, or deliveries to make, etc. By Noon, only two people had arrived. This makes it even more evident that we are depending on the contract laborers to keep things moving toward occupancy.

The glaziers installed the North entrance glass and doors and we even have keys for that door! For the time being, however, the northeast door is the best to use with existing keys. They were also putting the finishing touches on glass and doors for the East entrance.

The carpenters were constructing a safety rail for the mechanical area on the roof, and it will also screen the mechanicals from view and give a more finished look. Additional work was done on the plywood countertops in the office. Doors and cabinets were cleaned.

There was work on the irrigation system and THREE TREES were planted on the South side. (Trees were formerly INSIDE in the sanctuary for Celebration Sunday) There was grinding in various rooms in the East wing. (Sounds like the White House.)

Food was delivered, the kitchen cleaned, and dishes washed. Two IT/Phone system volunteers arrived after a full day of work and concentrated on fixing up the BUUB. An email from Todd Woodward this afternoon indicated that 90% of the work is complete, and any delay relates to areas they have no control over. Todd does an excellent job of reporting on a regular basis how things are going, and has set up an “undisclosed-recipients” list and if you want the Full Monty you can visit: http://www.uueugene.org/buub-it-phone-project-status. You will learn more than you can imagine about phones, internet, fire and security lines, etc. The whole IT team has been very busy. I don’t understand much of what they are doing, but am delighted they are doing it.

QUOTES OF THE DAY: “We have nowhere near enough volunteers.” (Case in point, this afternoon one of our contract carpenters, who is paid by the hour, was cleaning up scraps of wood, etc., in the parking lot. Easy job for a volunteer.)

“Husband Ed and I want to thank everyone for such a loving response upon hearing that we are moving to Portland in two months. (The announcement said two weeks, but we are not leaving quite that soon.) Our three grandchildren (age 20, 21, and 22) live here in Eugene and are accustomed to us feeding them every Sunday, along with their roommates and boyfriends. So we will be coming to church in Eugene at least once a month and then taking them out for an early dinner before going home. Lots of folks have offered to host us overnight if we want to stay in town and not drive home after dark, and we plan to do that too. So it isn’t like we are moving across the country…. We picked up the large card yesterday that was circulated at Celebration Sunday and we spent time reading and re-reading all your wonderful wishes for our future. We appreciate your outpouring of affection, and UUCE will always have a special place in our hearts. We haven’t decided which one of the Portland area UU churches we will latch on to. I was a member of First Church for 20 years before Ed and I were married. We also have a very strong social and support network with my friends of 40 years, and my son lives in Portland, so we will be well cared for. You have all made our seven years in Eugene fun! Thanks again. — Judie and Ed.”



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