jun29 cleanup continues-t
Helping load furniture
jun29 ministers office-t
The Minister’s office with furniture
jun29 stacks of chairs-t
Stacks of chairs here, and there,
jun29 chairs hallway-t
in the hallways,

















jun29 chairs hallway2-t
in more hallways…
jun29 chairs in entry-t
More chairs in the south entry,











jun29 chair east-t
and in the East entry.

66 days to Labor Day
I was out of town for a very few days and all kinds of work was done.

Today there were at least thirteen volunteers, including the temporary return of the self-described “fuzzy grey carpenter.” When I saw him his head and his hammer were in the clouds.  Scaffold and scissor lift were in use in the social hall.  The cloud frames continue to march west.  A contract sheet-rocker came in and repaired dings, scrapes and holes, we hope for the last time.  He focused on the areas near the floor where we need good backing for baseboards.

Volunteers brought in food (really good tuna salad) and cleaned up the kitchen.  Volunteers cleaned up the work area in the social hall, removing scraps to the firewood box, sweeping sawdust, and so on.

About half a dozen people responded to the Tuesday call for pickup trucks and volunteers at the storage lockers.  They started with the goal of clearing out one locker to save a month’s rent.  They brought all the contents back to the building, half to keep (at least provisionally) and half to give away. Then they thought about the two remaining lockers:  if they went through both of them, could they get it down to one?  So they did.  They asked St. V de P to come to the storage locker place to pick up a load from there, cutting out the middle step of bringing things back to the building.  We now have just one storage locker, saving $150 a month.

They also nearly cleared out several rooms.   RE people are expected to show up tomorrow to finish organizing some of the RE furniture and supplies, and they should be able to make a lot of progress because other furniture is out of the way.  Rooms 4 and 7 are nearly empty, each with only a few items in it, almost all intended to stay.  Room 7 contains two couches, a whiteboard, some narrow folding tables, a big cupboard, a desk, and a few other things, but not the immense piles of last week.  Last week Room 7 looked a lot like a Tetris game with tables and chairs for pieces.  Rooms 4 and 7 are both ready for installation of baseboards.

Chairs from the storage lockers are everywhere: in the hallways, in the south entry, in the east entry, and in rooms.  Someone will have the fun task of deciding which chairs we are going to keep, because we cannot possibly keep them all.

After all this, the moving and sorting team was still in good humor and making jokes, but everyone was ready for hot showers.

Several items were put on the curb under the free sign.  The white couch is gone.  It didn’t even have time to get wet. A woman who was picking up a desk thanked me, of course meaning all of you, profusely. She told me she is on disability and her son wished he had a desk for schoolwork but she couldn’t afford to get him one one. Now she has it. A man driving down Chambers stopped and helped her load it on top of her car.  As she and I talked he finished tying it down and drove away.  We all rely on the kindness of strangers.

Remember Friday Dinner at 5:30 at Izzy’s buffet, on Seneca just north of W. 11th, in the Fred Meyer parking lot.

Quote of the day – provided by our former Blogmeister, from one of her new neighbors:

“Do you know the difference between Unitarians and Humanists?  The Unitarians have a building.”

Desk is on its way
…to a new home. The woman thanked me profusely.
She tells me she is on disability and
her son wishes he had a desk for schoolwork but
she can’t afford one. Now she has it.
She said she stops by every day to see
what is out because they don’t have much furniture.
A man driving down Chambers stopped and
helped her load it on her car. As she and I talked
he drove away. The kindness of strangers.

jun28 helpfulness-t


jun28 ed peara-t

jun28 i been buubed-t
You could write your name in the dust despite frequent even obsessive cleaning


68 days to Labor Day

Hi all,

This is Judy Sawyer, pinch hitting for Gretchen Miller who is out of town. And our indefatigable construction consultant Mark is away as well, taking his elderly Dad on a cruise to Alaska, so Ed Zack is holding us together and moving things forward.

Which brings me to our immediate, first-thing-in-the-morning need: Volunteers with trucks to help move as many chairs as possible from the storage units to the BUUB, and for others to help. That will include emptying at least one storage unit and getting us down to just two, thereby saving money on the space rent. We have also identified furnishings we don’t need–and I’m sure there is more of that in the storage units–so St. Vinnie’s is coming sometime in the morning to take away anything we don’t want.

So, we hope people can be at the BUUB by 8:30 am to make that happen. (But don’t be deterred by that: If you come later, that’s good too.) Of course, we need the trucks to do the moving, so if you know someone who is willing to lend a truck, and a hand, that would be awesome.

For those who can’t move furniture, there is paint patching to do, and cleaning, and window washing–among other things that arise on the spur of the moment.

Meanwhile, we had about a dozen volunteers today–and with the unstinting efforts of a valiant few, we reached another milestone: As of 3 pm today, the final polishing of the floors (except, of course, the project office) was finished. We owe accolades of appreciation to Sue Craig, who led the way to complete the monumental task. She cajoled, and scheduled, and persisted, doing the lion’s share of the work herself, but drawing in and inspiring at least 8 others to pitch in regularly. The task included several levels of grinding (going over each floor twice per level of grinding, in opposite directions); sweeping and washing between grinds; densifying; followed by several levels of polishing (twice per level), followed by sweeping and washing.  I’ve lost count of the months we have spent–and the hours. Maybe someone will figure that out some day.

Work continues on the flying clouds, under the able tutelage of Myles, who has his marching orders from Mark. He relies on assistance from others, so if you are OK riding around on a scissor lift high in the air and working with tools, come on down!

On that note, a dear friend of mine just sent the perfect quote, for life, and for all of us and for the project:

The Way It Is

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among
things that change.  But it doesn’t change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can’t get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.
You don’t ever let go of the thread.

~ William Stafford ~

The Process of Putting Trim on Flying Clouds
jun25 stacks lvls-t
1. Stacks of “LVLs” (layered veneer lumber)










jun25 one lvl shaped-t
2. One LVL shaped – and it has to be exact.










jun25 up they go-t
3. And up they go!










jun25 and lift up-t
4. Lift it up…










jun25 and take back down-t
5. oh oh… take back down…










jun25 trim a bit-t
6. … and trim it a bit.


















JUNE 22, 2012 FRIDAY
72 days to Labor Day

One worker was signed in when I looked today, but I saw at least seven more people working and I spoke with six visitors.

Fifteen for dinner.

The Paragon of Polish was working on floors, the Sultana of Swales worked on landscaping, and dishes, kitchen cleanup, and recycling were handled. I managed to water all the street trees shortly before the heavens opened. If you don’t water them, they die. If you water everything, it rains. What is a poor Second Level Assistant Landscape Helper to do?

Today a couple of young men joyfully took one of our old desks from out by the free sign. Someone seems to have left some other things there, unfortunately. A pile of clothing didn’t come from us. I hope someone will toss it now that it is wet, before it becomes a moldy mess.

For the next week or more we will focus on clouds. Today, two people, with occasional help from others, measured, marked and cut the LVL boards, marked beam end locations for the drive screws to attach the LVLs, attached support boards to help hold it all, lifted the LVL boards on scissor lifts, and installed them. This process continues painstakingly for each of the four sides of each of the large cloud panels. The work is precise. Think of it as Fine Cabinetry in the Sky. A quarter of an inch off is totally unacceptable. An eighth is too much. Both ends of the twenty foot boards have to be spot on and all four corners have to come together exactly.

Cloud Builders….
They say they are channeling fine woodworkers of the past

jun22 cloud builders-t

jun22 clouds of dust-t
Cloud of sawdust
jun22 perfect lvl-t
Perfect cabinet work, LVLs









Next week, if anyone can get his or her head out of the clouds for a few hours, we will work on clearing out rooms 4, 5 and 7 and making them ready for rentals. Furniture items will be assessed and moved to their new locations: into a room or out on the curb. RE materials will be consolidated: placed in the rooms where they go, or in the attic, or removed. I don’t know just when this will happen, but stay tuned or, if you can help, check in.

At dinner we had a discussion about the Buddha. No one could remember who donated it or under what circumstances. There were a couple of interesting stories but they were different, so we don’t have the real scoop. Someone out there knows. Remind us!

Sometimes little issues arise as we are using the building while still building it. To clarify:

Four rooms are available for meetings at this time:

The Library, the Minister’s Office, Room 3, and the South Entry.

Use of these rooms, as always for use of any space in the church, is scheduled through Kim in the office. Remember she does not work 40 hours a week, so plan accordingly. Set up and clean up are self-serve. Please leave the room at least as clean and tidy as you found it, return tables and chairs, etc. If you need extra set up help, talk to Kim about getting one of our custodians to help you.

Remember, the work crew is there to work on the building and their office is for work on the building. They are not building managers and their office is not a meeting room. Please cheer them on, of course, but don’t ask them to resolve other building use issues, move tables, clean up for your event, etc. Please let them work on the critical pieces of the building required for final occupancy. They are so agreeable and helpful that we must discipline ourselves to not distract them.

Since no one gave me a quote today, I will close by reminding you that today would be Alan Turing’s 100th birthday.

73 days to Labor Day

We had about a dozen volunteers.

Floor polishing was worked on. There are a few places where a white film keeps coming up on the floor after repeated cleanings and polishings. On one area we can see the outline of the floor washer, so the machine must have been parked there for a while and kept the floor wet. We don’t understand why it created what seems to be a permanent stain on the floor, but it did. Our patrician of polish (formerly our Beamer) has cleaned and burnished and worked over these spots in increasing frustration. I cannot adequately describe her dedication.

Irrigation and landscaping work continued. No new leaks were found! Dirt and compost are being moved and grass seed was sprinkled on the berms. This is only a temporary measure. In the fall, a much better time to plant, more permanent landscaping is likely (if we can afford it then).

Work continued on the clouds. Our construction consultant worked intensely to set up systems for others to follow during his absence to assure that the clouds will keep gathering overhead all next week. LVL boards were installed around one of the ceiling frames. Each LVL board comes with a waxy coating, so the first step in handling each board is to plane that off. These are the boards that I erroneously called glu-lam in a previous post. They are layered veneer lumber: LVL. These long boards will go around, on all four sides of, each of the ceiling frames and the insulation will sit within that edging.

At the end of the day, the second floor grinder, the newer machine, was loaded into the construction consultant’s pickup for a ride to Redmond, back to the manufacturer. It is leaking oil again. It weighs at least 300 pounds, so loading it involved three strong men and the forklift. Then planter containers belonging to the blogmeister were loaded, all beautifully planted, for a ride to her new home up north. That truck is full!

What to take on a cruise:
Right:  300 pound floor grinder, Center:  300 pounds of plants,
Left: one corner of one small suitcase sticking out.

jun22 truck filled-t

Remember Friday dinner at Izzy’s. 5:30. Your choice of all-you-care-to-eat salad and soup buffet, or add a pizza buffet, or a hot food buffet, or individually prepared grilled meat items. Or go wide and have it all.

Quote of the day:

White clouds clinging to vague rocks.
Now I’ve lived here – how many years –
Again and again, spring and winter pass.
Go tell families with silverware and cars
What’s the use of all that noise and money?

— Han Shan, The Cold Mountain Poems (tran. Gary Snyder)


jun22 low truck-t
Can you see how low the back of the truck rides?







74 days to Labor Day

Getting close to the solstice. Days are long.

But not long enough to get all the work done at the BUUB.

jun21 strong as ox-tToday was a “here’s the new boss just like the old boss” sort of day. Floors were polished. A strong volunteer took over the ox for a while and polished floors (see photo right). The ox gees and haws incessantly and is exhausting to run. The strong volunteer did greatly appreciated work for a few hours, and the floors are looking wonderful. I was told that all the edges are done, but I am not entirely sure I can believe it.

Irrigation system was worked on. Once our good “extra labor” golfer arrived to dig out the leaks, leaks were repaired. It seems that all the irrigation sectors work without leaks. Can we believe that?

Low voltage IT wire was pulled through some gnarly spaces. Didn’t we think we were finished with that?

The clouds were worked on. Plywood was ripped into long narrow strips, and then glued and nailed onto the edges of the insulation. Today was mostly an effort to develop an efficient system that will allow dozens of these pieces to be assembled, so the building of jigs and adjustments of saws and measurements continued most of the day. Late in the day, glu-lam boards were delivered and unloaded. They are to form the edges of the clouds. (see some photos below)

Dinner Friday at Izzy’s. Izzy’s is on Seneca off West 11th. You can get a salad and soup “All You Care to Eat” buffet for a set price. For additional increments, you can add a pizza buffet, or you can add hot food (fried chicken, pulled pork, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, etc.) and for a little more you can add food grilled to order (ribs, steak, who knows what). Join us at 5:30 Friday.

Quote of the day:

If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

jun20 plywood-t
Stacks of painted plywood waiting to be cut
jun20 plywood cutting-t
Cutting the plywood for edging the clouds








jun20 hundreds plywood-t
Stacks of painted, cut plywood edging ready to install on the flying clouds.


75 days to Labor Day

Just another day in paradise.

One of our volunteers worked more than eight hours on the floors. She simply cannot be stopped!

There were about a dozen volunteers. Among the chores were: cut blocks, floors, carry lumber, shopping, paint cloud trim, recycling, IT wire, floors, sweep, kitchen, baseboard, and swaling. The west hallway was cleared, cleaned, and densifier applied. (Please keep the marked areas of hallway floors dry for a couple of days.) The last blocking was installed in the sanctuary.

Cheers of approval to Kathryn, who (with a little help from her grandmother) provided egg salad. It was used in thick sandwiches by happy eaters.

Perhaps “paint cloud trim” deserves a little explanation. A large number (maybe 27) sheets of plywood were painted with two coats of a rather dark grey paint. They will be cut into strips and installed on the cloud frames. Sprinkler heads and other important items will appear through holes in this plywood. Then the cloud-body-insulation and other parts will be attached. There are lots of little parts to be fabricated and installed.

Late in the day a jig was created for planing glu-lam boards, expected to be delivered any day now, which will be the fascia, or edges, of the clouds. (“Fascia” are edge boards but their name refers to the fact that they form a “ribbon” or “band” around the structure, which relates them to “fasces” which are bundles of sticks. Writing this blog is such a joy!) I can’t describe these structures adequately in words. My digressions don’t help. You’ll just have to come see.

Quotes of the day:

The Sanctuary is all blocked!

The verb form of BUUB is not buubbed, but buubble, as in, “Are you going to be buubbling today?” or “I’ve been buubbled.”

Enigmatic caption: “They’re painting the roses red… Nope. Wrong movie.
Here, they’re painting the plywood a very dark grey greenish color”

jun19 plywood green-t

JUNE 18, 2012 MONDAY
76 days to Labor Day

This is what a leak looks like

jun18 leak-t

There were about twelve volunteers today. Volunteers cut blocks, sorted shelves, and worked on the audio system. A volunteer brought a delightful pasta salad and stayed for lunch. The crew appreciates the affection and the variety in the menu. We were spoiled by Mama’s Kitchen.

I saw some volunteers carrying lumber. Blocking continued to be installed on the cloud frames. I keep thinking the sanctuary blocking is nearly finished and it keeps getting a bit more complex.

Other volunteers continued working on the floors, polishing the east atrium and south hallway and working on edges. More baseboard was installed in room 3. Various items were moved so that the floors can be polished in other hallways.

Another team continued working on the irrigation system, even though the main irrigator has departed for the Midwest. Today they installed about 85 sprinkler heads and turned on one sector after another. Each time they found geysers–places where pipe had not been closed off, or where no sprinkler had been installed, or where the pipe had developed a major crack. Each time they dug out the leak, capped or replaced the pipe, installed the sprinklers, and tried it again. After about six iterations, they quit for the day, knowing there is a big leak to dig out tomorrow. The good news is that several sectors are working and very soon much of the planted area will be able to be watered with the irrigation system.

38 sheets of 1/4 inch, 4 x 10 plywood were delivered, along with 18 and 24 foot 2 x 8 boards. They will be part of the essence of the clouds. A work table is being assembled to build the cloud essences upon. That continues to be the big focus of the paid and the skilled.

The focus is still on what is required for occupancy. If you have some time, you can help

jun18 rock duet-t
Rock Band (or at least duet)
jun18 watergate anniversary-t
Right: Watergate Anniversary









jun18 buddha-t
Buddha in the garden


jun18 sheddhe buddha-t
Shedhe and the Buddha

June 17, 2012 SUNDAY
Like Robinson Crusoe…. I suddently suspected I was not alone on BUUB Island…
jun17 not alone-t



jun17 breaktime-t
Break Time











JUNE 15, 2012 FRIDAY
79 days to Labor Day

12 or so workers, about 21 for buffet dinner.

Several people worked on the floors: we had one dedicated polisher for hours, plus sweepers and washers. See the quote below.

One volunteer worked on shelves. Others set out and put away food, cleaned up, washed dishes, and one cleaned and wiped down the kitchen, after cleaning paint brushes and other equipment.

The Sultana worked on irrigation, installing individual drip irrigation lines to plants in Sector One. Late in the afternoon she tested that sector and pronounced it good. Her assistant watered a bunch of plants by hand, looking forward to the day when the irrigation system can do it. The street trees were also watered.

Baseboard molding was installed by three volunteers. Baseboard is now installed along one wall of the sanctuary and one wall of the east atrium. Only several miles yet to go!

The clouds were an all-day project, as they will be for some time. Because some carpentry skill and strength is required, we are bringing back a paid carpenter for a while to work on this project. The challenge is to build 4,000 square feet of acoustic panels, attach them to the high ceiling, do it with the least expenditure possible, and have it all work. The paenls must work both acoustically and aesthetically. Allowance must be made for sprinkler heads, speakers, lights, electric wires and boxes, pipes. insulation, and so on. As much material as possible will be reused or sourced inexpensively and fabricated by volunteers on site. It is a very technical job and most of us are learning on the fly. Today, most but not quite all of the blocking was installed in the sanctuary.

The work crew stopped around 3:30 or 4:00 to clean up the sanctuary and social hall and put away tools. We lose valuable work time because of this. Today, the space had to be cleaned for a rental, but it has to be cleaned up every week anyhow for the Sunday service. We could really use some dedicated teams to step forward to prepare the sanctuary for Sunday services by coming over sometime on Saturday to clean up. We need a few people who can push wheeled carts out of the way and into the corners and closets of the social hall, put tools away, and sweep up sawdust. The custodians take it from there. It is not strenuous and can be kind of fun. Put on some music and slide on the polished floors! It can be a family activity. Maybe your teens can get community service hours. Maybe your SMG would like to reconvene a couple of times this summer for an extra service project. We will have this opportunity to help each weekend this summer, and we could really use your help. Let me know so I can schedule.

Quotes of the day:

“I’m sick and tired of hearing how great you are.” [But I know you don’t mean it.]

“They did great work on the social hall floor. It looks like a skating rink. It glows.”

June 14, 2012 Thursday
80 days to Labor Day

jun14 locks of love-t
Locks of love


About 15 people today.

People drilled holes in aluminum pieces.  Those will eventually be part of the system holding the cloud substance up.  We had a volunteer installing boxes in the clouds.  Others measured, cut and installed blocking.  These are relatively short boards that are attached to the cloud frames.  These frames will soon support the clouds.  Others planed some of our multiply used wood so it would be the right size to make the little pieces of blocking.  One volunteer can now add to her resume “dry kiln planer off load bearer.”  The demolition, denailing, stacking, sorting and moving paid off again as we are able to use a lot of wood we already had instead of buying more.

Others continued with the floor chores:  polishing, washing, sweeping.  It may not seem glamorous to sweep a floor again, for the zillionth time, but it is critical.  We need to finish the floors so we can install baseboards, move furniture in, and start using the rooms.  Finishing the floors involves polishing over and over, but no floor can be polished unless it is clean.  All of our work gets the floors dirty–people track in mud, nails are dropped, sawdust and cement dust and plaster dust abound.  All of the floors have to be cleaned so they can be finished.  A round of applause for the people who keep showing up and doing what needs to be done, glamorous or not.  Sweeping, emptying trash cans, washing dishes, washing out paint brushes, and other jobs always need to be done, and someone is always doing them.

Food was provided and cleaned up after.

Swale and irrigation work were done again today.  Plants were watered and rocks moved.  The front sidewalk was swept again.  Have you seen the remarkable picture of the front of the building?  It is on the church web site already:  http://www.uueugene.org/     What a difference our work has made!

Dinner at Izzie’s tomorrow, Friday, at 5:30.  Hope to see you there.

Izzie’s is in the Fred Meyer parking lot on Seneca, just north of W. 11th.


jun15 results-t
With saw and drill press volunteers made aluminum straps into little aluminum with holes.
jun15 old wood-t
Rescued during demolition detailed stacked moved & now to be milled & used in the clouds










jun15 moving wood-t
Moving wood again, and they didn’t invite me!
jun15 sanctuary-t
Where Sunday service was just last Sunday, the Sanctuary is now a beehive of flying cloud construction










June 13, 2012 Wednesday
81 days to Labor Day

jun13 cutting wood-t
Cutting large wood into small…
jun13 making clouds-t
…and making clouds.








jun13 sweeping-t
Always sweeping…
jun13 polishing the line-t
….somewhere between involved and obsessed









It looks as if there were 12 volunteers yesterday. and they worked on the floors, polishing and densifying. They also worked on low voltage IT wires, clouds and baseboards. People also washed dishes and provided food. Since I went to the coast (to join the 10,000+ people visiting the Japanese dock on Agate Beach, among other coastal experiences) that’s about all I can tell you.

Today, Wednesday, there were at least 15 volunteers, probably more. Whenever I am there I see people who aren’t signed in. Tasks accomplished were similar: repair low voltage wiring, polish sweep and wash floors, install baseboards. The baseboard molding in some rooms is trickier than in others. In the kitchen, for example, the concrete floor is not very level, so the workers first make a template, then cut the plastic molding to size, and then install it. I was shown a sweet trick involving super glue for particularly obstinate spots.

Cloud installation proceeds. One worker on the scissor lift measures and installs. One on the ground cuts the boards to size and passes them up. Meanwhile, another volunteer is using the drill press to make the thousand small metal pieces with holes just so, which will soon hold the insulation in the sky. We have some expectation that skylights will arrive fairly soon, speaking of sky. There seems to have been confusion about writing the check and we think that has been resolved, so the skylight fabrication company should be back at work.

I understand there are three major items that must be installed to obtain final occupancy: the skylights, the clouds in the sanctuary, and the glass. The last includes the outer and inner doors at the south entry, all the windows alongside the doors to the various rooms, the windows to the office, and whatever other glass we lack. We are focusing on these jobs. There is a list of smaller jobs, including installing fire extinguisher boxes (I think we rescued six from the clinic), installing doors, removing the “doghouse,” and so on. Each of those could be completed in a few days if we went at it. We are also tracking all the “lesser jobs,” but we maintain focus on the big ones.

This is a good time to offer huge thanks to the people who are making all this work possible. We cannot thank enough everyone who has dug deep and then deeper to help finance this project. We are certain that pretty much none of us thought we could afford a project this big, and a lot of people have sacrificed to make it possible. Some have sacrificed time, sweat, blood, and even a finger. Others have sacrificed some retirement security, a new bathroom, a vacation, home improvement projects, dinners out, and other things that would have made our lives nicer (but we prioritize this building!). “Thank you” is so insufficient. This building will stand for more than fifty years to serve the community, and people you will never meet will thank you from the future for your efforts.

Back to the mundane:

Tools are missing. We cannot find reciprocating saws, skil saws, drills, and more. As the building gets more finished and tools are gathered into the tool shed, it becomes more obvious that we are missing tools. If you are working in the building and see tools where they should not be–perhaps in the attic or in a cupboard, or the back of a shelf–please return them to the tool tables in the work room. If you have borrowed BUUB tools or supplies, please bring them back as soon as possible. No recriminations. The work is far from done and we need the tools. In the worst case, we will have to replace them. We don’t really have the money to replace Ed’s tools, so please return them.

Quote of the day:

“Now it is starting to get crazy.”

Our previous Blogmeister stopped by, picked up a few empty packing boxes, and mentioned that their moving day approaches.

Some of us thought it was pretty crazy already.

Dinner at Izzy’s seemed to be a success last week, so we will be there again this Friday. See you there.

Izzy’s is a pizza and buffet joint on Seneca just north of W 11th. It shares a parking lot with Fred Meyer and is immediately across the street from Goodwill and St. Vinnies. You can get a salad bar, or a salad plus hot food buffet, or other options, all for reasonable prices. Join us Friday!

jun13 irrigation test-t
Irrigation test: Each test finds leaks. They are repaired. More are found. So far 3 sectors seem to be good. Until we put the next pieces of the system on.















Lots of photos just posted on Friday June 8.

June 10, 2012 Sunday
84 days to Labor Day

jun10 sunday-t
Sunday: church plus construction









85 days to Labor Day

jun9 prayer scaffold-t
Prayer flags on the scaffolding

Just home from the terrific spring concert, which I know many of you also attended. It was an excellent event, and we seem to be learning our way around the new building. As we start using the space, we run into some glitches, some concerns, even some issues. The following information is provided to help with our moving-in processes.

Although we are now in a new building, the room scheduling/room set-up process has not changed. All requests need to go through Kim and the front office staff. She is the contact person for any requests that involve Matt’s efforts. We are in the building finishing stage so please be patient if everything is not yet where it eventually will be placed. Also, please remember that our office staff is part time, so please plan ahead with space/set-up requests.


As UUs, we normally have an opinion on almost anything. (Just ask us!) However, the layout and direction faced for any particular worship service/event in our wonderfully flexible new space is the decision making prerogative of the minister or whatever group is in charge of that particular service/event.

The people working on the building are doing just that: trying to get as much building finished as soon as possible. They are not in charge of nor responsible for events held in the space.

Hang on to your hat as we create a new church chapter in this amazing space.

jun9 kids room social hall-t
Children’s room in the social hall during service last Sunday.










86 days to Labor Day

21 volunteers, 20 at dinner at Izzy’s; some overlap but not all the same people.

jun10 tgif-t


Good work was done today throughout the building. A volunteer took on the puzzle of returning the drawers to some of the cabinets we rescued yesterday. Hours later he had fitted drawers into all but one of the cabinet frames. It is remarkably difficult to return drawers, doors and shelves to their proper places once they are separated.


jun10 mtns of cabinets-t
Mountains of cabinets

The kitchen floor was washed and cleaned again, and it gleams (photo below). The sanctuary floor was washed.

jun10 kit floor gleams-t






Cabinets were installed in the music office and volunteers worked organizing music in file drawers.

jun10 music storage-t

One volunteer installed switch and outlet covers. Another washed cups, glasses and tables. Late in the day a mirror was installed in the east women’s restroom.

jun8 mirror-t

Childcare facilities were set up in room 3, which is not finished but is usable. Carpet was installed in rooms 1 and 2, the rooms for the babies and youngest children, by a professional installer, and it is such a deal. Some say it is the miracle of the day; others think of it as today’s kindness. We were able to obtain carpet remnants from a large commercial job through a connection with one of our professional advisers and we purchased the carpet with installation for less than anyone would expect to pay just for carpet. The installer Kevin, who happens to be a member of First Christian Church, is a certified nice guy. He gave two of our volunteers a tutorial in installing the rubber base molding, actually installed a couple of outside corners while showing them how it is done, and then gave them the outside corner tool to make the necessary cut. At the end of the day, after a day on his knees on the cement, he was still smiling. (Photo below: carpet)

jun10 carpet-t


About half the chapel baseboard is in place. Our Boadicea of Baseboards says to come on down. She has knowledge of corners inside and out, has been trained by a professional, and has the tools for the job. She would love to pass on some of that lore to you.

jun10 baseboards-t
Where are the volunteers?







The irrigation system was worked on despite the weather. Our irrigation man is as dedicated as he is wet and muddy, which is saying a lot. (photos below)

jun10 irrigation system-t

jun10 irrigation figuring-t






Our construction consultant is working on a system to attach the clouds. His present thought is that we will purchase metal bars, cut them to length, drill holes in them, and use those to attach the clouds. Work has started on a jig to hold the metal pieces so that all cuts and holes are in just the right places. It would cost about $1900 to purchase the pieces from a fabricator. It will cost about $125 to purchase the metal. The difference is our volunteer labor. So come on down to the building and run a drill press. (Photos below)

jun10 cutting cloud covers-tjun10 cutting aluminum-t





The difference throughout this project is our volunteer labor. We had one estimate early on of about $85,000 to finish the cement floors. We have purchased machines, blades, and other supplies for a small fraction of that; the difference is us. Everyone is doing all he or she can. As we get tired, let’s stop occasionally to take a breath and to appreciate the wonders that are being achieved. (Photo below: Sue playing)

jun10 sue playing-t








Remember the Spring Concert tomorrow night, Saturday. For the first time in many years, we do not expect to completely sell out of tickets. We believe we will have enough room for everyone to attend. Allow a little extra time to admire the building.

jun12 kids smoking-t
Sarah watering plants, and across the street can be seen some high schoolers sitting in a circle, smoking. If they only knew a public health doc was in scruff-of-the-neck range!








87 days to Labor Day

At least 23 volunteers. Some never signed in either because they only worked at the Clinic or because they came late.

Another successful raid on the Clinic today. This time we expeditiously removed cabinets, including drawers and shelves, big and small, upper and lower, and a single door. Other doors we had hoped to retrieve were not present. We also retrieved five fire extinguisher cabinets. A truckful of cabinets was successfully and efficiently removed from their mountings, hauled out of the building, loaded in the rented truck, transported, unloaded and stowed in the woodshed. We are getting quite good at demolition and removal, if I do say so. We have cabinets outside still, some similar to some we obtained today, but not quite the right size. The Eugene Mission had a truck and workers at the clinic today, also. They were rescuing medical equipment, furniture and cabinets for a new women’s shelter. Our volunteer coordinator coordinated with the man from the Mission and they will come by the BUUB and pick up cabinets we will not be using. Our motto: Nothing goes to waste around here.

Speaking of that, only a single tool cabinet was left of the items we left in the driveway yesterday under the FREE sign. It is a joy to be able to share.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, floors were washed and densifier was applied to the South atrium. The sanctuary floor was polished again. The multiple polishings absolutely pay off. Each time it looks better! The kitchen floor was carefully cleaned, edges were ground, and it is ready for polishing. Volunteers indicated they moved cabinets, participated in a raid, swept, dusted, polished and scrubbed. Cleaning, organizing and filing occurred in the music room. Sprinkler heads were installed, adjusted, and counted for the next stage of that project.

Remember we still need people to install baseboard.

When our cherished lunch provider arrived with pizza and salad at the clinic, about half the volunteers were near the door and the other half were far on the other side of the building removing a few last items. The quote of the day comes from that time.

Quote of the Day:

From a person pushing a cabinet on a dolly, moving from the depths of the building toward the front door, his cry preceding him, “I smell F-O-O-O-D!”

DINNER TOMORROW is at IZZIE’S. IZZIE’S is on Seneca just outside (immediately to the east of) Fred Meyer. About a block north of W. 11th. Hope to see you there at 5:30 Friday!
A little levity below, in photos :)…..

jun7 mark-t
The message about this photo, from Gretchen’s phone is, “I can’t even type the captions I have in mind.”
jun7 pirates unloading-t
Pirates unloading after the raid.










jun7 eds wallet
Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket? (Ed’s ‘purse’ — he takes it everywhere)


Tuesday, June 5, we had at least 24 volunteers. Many were involved with the floors: grinding edges, polishing, sweeping and scraping cement dust, washing floors. Densifier was applied to the back half of the kitchen and to the south and east atria. This is the last step after grinding and before polishing. Room 3 floor was finished and washed. The last IT wire was pulled and speaker boxes were assembled and sanded. Lunch was provided, set out, cleaned up after, and recycling was organized. Outside, all of the big rocks were moved to their long term locations alongside swales. That makes five tons of large rocks moved by our intrepid volunteers, with the mechanized cart and shop crane that they provided. Certified professional rock location advice was provided to locate each boulder in just the right place.

Give a special shout out to the volunteer who cleaned the kitchen all day, hour after hour. She emptied each shelf, cleaned the contents and the shelf, then replaced things in better order. It is impossible to describe how much concrete dust had settled everywhere, but everything was unbelievably dusty. She cleaned it all: shelves, stove, counters, everything.

In the afternoon, under the supervision of an aesthetics maven, furniture was moved. As the maven designated a new location: minister’s office, library, out of here (for example), volunteers loaded furniture on hand trucks and distributed it. The “free” sign was repainted to be more visible. Motorists stopped and everyone I talked to was very appreciative of receiving a backless bookshelf, a shelf for a child’s room, a big fiberboard cabinet, a painted and dinged file cabinet, and so on. We received a lovely thank you email from the Salem UU Church. George took a file cabinet back with him for use by their music program. We are so fortunate to have been given so much by Peace Health. It feels good to be able to pass some things along.

Wednesday, June 6. Today is the anniversary of D Day, which has nothing to do with the BUUB. It was a much quieter day at Fort BUB-be-gon. Only 14 volunteers. Much of the day there were only three or four inside and about the same outside. Outside, good progress was made on sprinkler heads and irrigation piping was tweaked. Some of the disturbed areas on the berm were seeded. Inside, a lot of recycling and washing took place. Floors were swept. Cloud materials were fiddled with. Doorknobs were worked on by our doorknob guru. The previous blogmeister and her spouse came for a visit. Their absence has left a significant gap and it was wonderful to hear their voices again.

Plastic baseboard molding was installed in room 3 and on one wall of the chapel. I was told it would cost at least $20,000 to have the molding installed professionally. We could use a half dozen volunteers willing to help. Free training is available. No heavy lifting or heavy dust exposure required. Stretch out the plastic molding to length, cut it, apply adhesive, and stick it to the wall. Basically, that’s the job. If you can work at floor level you can probably do it.

jun6 baseboard-t
You don’t notice it (baseboard molding) until you’ve installed it.


Crawling around the walls today, I learned that the painting equipment refrigerator squeaks like a kitten.

At the end of the day as we cleaned and put away our tools, there was a meeting in the library and choir practice in the sanctuary. Great to see the building in use.

jun7 meeting setup-t
Meeting in the Library
jun6 choir practice-t
Choir practice









Quote of the day:

“I think baseboards are fun.”

REMEMBER: Dinner Friday evening at Izzy’s. Izzy’s shares a parking lot with Fred Meyer on W 11th. It is across Seneca from Goodwill and St. Vinnie’s. So you could combine a trip. Izzy’s is said to have a buffet, a salad bar, pizza, and a bakery. We will try it Friday; please let me know what you think.

jun4 strong men big rocks-t
Strong men, big rocks. All is in place, now.



jun4 speaker boxes-t
Not a cat climbing structure….. speaker boxes!

jun5 grinder sweeper-t
South atrium. Grinder on left & sweeper on right. This is the 200 grind so we’re ready for densifier.
jun5 free stuff-t
After I repainted the ‘free’ sign to make it more visible, stuff started running away!









jun7 plastic reused-t
BUB plastic re-used in the garden.
jun7 tshirt-t
This job is murder. (the t-shirt says “Homicide Research Working Group” and “Our job is murder.”)











17 volunteers.

jun4 rock mover-t
Paul Pattison’s power rock mover.

Big rocks were moved with a very cool mechanized cart. Thanks to the church volunteer who brought the cart. Even with mechanical assistance, the rocks must be wrestled in and out of the cart and into place. It looked like a challenging job.





jun4 muscling rocks-t
Still have to muscle them into place.

Food was provided, consumed and cleaned up after. Cabinets were cleaned so that things can be moved into them. Janitorial work and general cleaning of floors were pursued. With less floor grinding there is less dust and a space once cleaned stays clean a bit longer.

RE stuff was moved into rooms, onto shelves, and into storage.

Floors were polished and floor edges were ground. Every day the floors get a little closer to a finished state, so more rooms can be moved into.

Twenty-two speaker boxes were being built in the social hall; it looked a little as if Santa’s elves were working in their North Pole workshop, as big pieces of plywood were made small with table and chop saw, then shaped with drills and jigsaws, and shaped with hammer gun, glue, and other tools. The thought of elves suggested the Shoemaker and the Elves, but I don’t expect these elves will finish the project overnight while we sleep. I think speaker boxes will be on the chore list again tomorrow.

jun4 building speakers-t
Just like elves in Santa’s workshop.
jun4 elf building speakerbox-t
Another Elf. We build speaker boxes.










Such a great feeling this morning to feel the presence of our “one strong body” filling the sanctuary, music rising to the arched beams. Such a delight to appreciate our young adults. The second quote, below, is in reference to their presentations and their presence.

Two people stayed after the meeting and installed sprinkler heads. The work progresses.

We are privileged to be able to pass one or more file cabinets to the Salem UU Church. It feels good to be able to share the wealth. A church member is going to find a home for the Pigg O Stat, so if you haven’t appreciated it by now it is probably too late.

In the coming week, I anticipate more floor finishing, more cabinet installation, lots of cleaning, and more work on the irrigation system. I hope we will be able to start cloud installation soon. We have a tentative plan for large rock moving. As specific dates and items come up I will share them, but for right now, next week looks a lot like last week but more so.

I was asked to share the punch list of items required by the inspectors for occupancy. That list was printed on May 21, and by going into the archives of the blog, which you can find on the church web site, you can read the entire list again. It is worth another look.

Notable Quotes:

Saturday the church was occupied by the Youth and Advisers getting ready for the bridging ceremony for graduating seniors. On the way there, one youth said, “Which church are we going to?” Reply: “There’s only one church now, this is it, our church.” And boy did it feel great saying that!

“This had better not be more than a five hankie service.”

Here’s an exchange overheard at last Sunday’s work party from some 30-40 somethings: “I sit at my computer all day at work – all these 70 year olds now have much better muscles than me!” The reply: “Yup, they could kick my butt!”


No report today, because I haven’t been there. I drove by and saw quite a few vehicles, including those of our construction consultant, our groovy lock and key expert, and other vehicles known to me, so I know work is happening. I’ll ask around tomorrow morning and fill you in tomorrow evening.

This is to remind you of the SWELL SWALE TUTORIAL after the Congregational Meeting tomorrow. As food is not provided, let’s provide our own. Bring whatever you have in your kitchen that would work in, on, around or with a sandwich. We’ll spread it all out on a table and snack while we learn how to install a sprinkler head and where to move dirt and rocks. We may even learn about a few more Mysteries of the Hub.

Factoid of the Day:

Last Sunday, more or less our first real service in the building, I counted nine bicycles. The most I have ever seen at The Donald at one Sunday morning was three.

jun2 clouds-t
This is the material for the “clouds” (wooden frames on the ceiling of the sanctuary).











Summer countdown starts today. We are in a new phase of our project in many ways, and we are now counting down to Labor Day, and the start of a new church year in a new church.

The feeling at the building is different than it has been. With verbal temporary occupancy, with all our belongings moved in, with church happening in the building, the atmosphere is different, and we love it. The minister has been there, visiting with people informally and cleaning up her office. Our other staff people are present, volunteers come in and out to do church business, meetings happen, choir practice gladdens the heart–and it is a series of wonderful feelings.

It was suggested today that with the new activity and new feeling comes a new name: The Hub, instead of the BUB. It could probably be the HUUB, if you pronounced it “hub,” and stand for “Holy UU Building.” Or maybe not. Discussion continues.

25 volunteers. 10 for Chinese dinner.

The sign in sheet told it all: polish, floor stuff, sprinklers, moving stuff, furniture, trucking, sweeping, scrape, chisel, cabinets, clean, dishes, chairs.

jun1 scraping floor-tNo more floor grinding, I am told, except maybe where the cracks, grooves and door jambs have been filled. Polishing continues. The sanctuary was polished more than once today. Densifier was applied to Room 3. Edge grinding continued and we had a new development: floor chiseling. A team of chiselers was removing excess grout. I didn’t hear if the experiment was deemed a success. (Photo right)


Short haul movers responded to the need with a handful of trucks and workers. They emptied two storage lockers, saving us the rental fees for another month. We now have just three storage units. They brought back benches, chairs, tables, mirrors, bins, file cabinets, pamphlet racks, cabinets, and who knows what all.

jun1 pigostat-t
“The Pigg-O-Stat, a symbol of greed; Sarah says the 8th principle is ‘scrounge.'”)

They brought back the Pigg-O-Stat, even. In the three remaining storage units, there are a set of large glass doors, a display case, a few shelving units, and lots and lots of chairs.

Dishes were washed twice and food delivered, set out, and cleaned up after, to the great delight of all the crew. We use a lot of cups and glasses on hot days. We are using disposable plates for lunch now. The disposables, a motley collection, were found at The Donald when the kitchen was packed up. The timing was fortuitous, as we don’t have a kitchen and sink access is questionable sometimes.

The hearing loop system was working on Sunday, and one user even found it too loud. Adjustments are pending, but it is exciting that it works so well. So, hard of hearing UUs, set your hearing aids to T Coil.

Cabinet shelves and doors were installed. One cabinet has doors with security code locks and of course we don’t know the code. The volunteer removed the latch that the locks snap into, so we have cabinets with doors and we are not locked out of them! It is a great crew of smart people.

Outside, the irrigation system work continued, along with the swale rock artistry. The Sultana of Swales announces that she will lead a tutorial after the Congregational Meeting on Sunday. Bring a snack, stay and vote on the budget, and then come outside to learn how to attach sprinkler heads. She has installed many sprinkler heads around the swales but dozens more are needed along the berm and the sidewalk. She will also clarify the dirt and rock moving system, showing you where the dirt is now and where it needs to be instead. We have a zipper poem for our work. (In a zipper song, you insert different words to fit your present circumstance.)

From there to here,

From here to there,

is everywhere.

Next Friday we are going to meet for dinner at Izzie’s next to Fred Meyer on Seneca just off W 11th. I am told it has not only pizza but also a salad bar and other buffet options. Some people feel that 650 days (divided by 7) of Chinese food is enough, so we are trying something different.

Let’s fill the Donald Dumpster! The dumpster at The Donald will be hauled away on June 7. It has very little in it. This is a Once in a Lifetime Chance to get rid of whatever you have sitting around that doesn’t fit in your regular trash service.

“There’s something wrong with my hands since I’ve been working here.” “Those are callouses.”

Fortune cookies: You will overcome difficult times.

“Your plans will succeed if you stick to them.”

jun1 grooving-t
Scraping the floor by hand… “we’ll never complain about mopping again!”
jun1 heavy-t
“He ain’t heavy, he’s….my brother?”








In case of emergency do not use the elevators to access the basement employee break room…..

jun1 massage-t
Gretchen says, “My new favorite sign.”

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