What a special Music Sunday it was on April 17….here are some of the comments about the service, and also about Music Director Tom Sears as he prepares for retirement:

“A friend who comes rarely said she couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have showed up on that particular Sunday.”

“I have loved being able to take part in these last couple of seasons, especially the Latin masses! We rocked Missa Brevis this year and last year’s Beatitudes because of your dedication to our rehearsal schedule and us as individuals. My boyfriend was blown away both times, and his church service count for his 30’s is now TWO!”

“Thank you so much, Tom!! It was absolutely wonderful to get to participate in this mass. You keep me thoroughly engaged and  challenged.   And a huge shout out of appreciation to Susanne, who tirelessly carries us along with her dedication and ability, AND with a smile!”

“Thank you for encouraging me to join the choir nearly 14 years ago, Tom!  Under your gentle leadership, I’ve gained courage and ability.  At times, it felt as if my heart were expanding with every new piece you brought us.  Often I felt as if I wasn’t “good enough” or couldn’t live up to your hopes/expectations.  Yet you always brought me along, and I felt proud of my accomplishments under your direction.”

“On a larger scale, you and our music brought peace to me when I needed it.  I can’t imagine how difficult our past 10 years would have been without the Sanctuary Choir.”

“Thank you for this message.  But even more, thank you for your years of kind, humorous and courageous leadership.  (If “courageous” seems over the top, just think of The Beatitude Mass and how you got a choir where half of us don’t even read notes to perform it beautifully and feel really great about it.  It took some nerve just to come up with the idea, much less to execute it!)   I’ve often heard it said that you “gentle” the music into us.  The faith you have in us encourages us to have faith in ourselves, and the tone you set that we are all in this together is what being in community is all about.   It has been such a pleasure to be a part of the choir these last few years, and I thank you for creating an environment of acceptance and encouragement during some rocky times for the church and for me personally. ”

“Thanks, Tom, still nice to be aboard this dedicated choir after at least 20 years.”


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