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Members and Friends are welcome…most are low-traffic and on-topic and there is no charge

Netiquette Guidelines
Lay Leaders


Subscribe or Send a message to the following listservs

• If there is a link, you may subscribe yourself or ask at
• If there is no link, you may send a message to that committee or group anyway
by adding the domain to the end of its name, such as:
Questions to

 UUCE-News     Weekly OOS/Bulletin, Newsletter, no discussion, only about 5-6 messages a month
 UUCE-Share     Personal Sharing and UUCE Community Building 
 UUCE-Chat       Discussions – news, philosophy, theology, politics, ideas, spirituality, quotations 

AccessAccessibility Committee (on hiatus)
AestheticsPlanned Decor at the building
AdultREAdult Religious Education committee
Auction2015Auction Plans for 2015
BAGBuilding and Grounds
Bcluub Breakfast Club – 20s, 30s, 40s w/wo children
BirdersTuesday Birders and Breakfast Group
Biz-UUCELay leader announcements, Board agendas  and Minutes, committee heads, members only
BoardBoard of Trustees as a whole
CareCasseroles, Rides, Cards, Phone Buddies, Visits, Grocery
runs, and other practical, short term help
ChaliceLightersGive $15 or more, on request, three times a year to help congregations in the District with their building projects
CUUPsCovenant of UU Pagans
EarthActionEarth Action work and discussion
EACbizEarthAction Leadership
EndowmentsManaging the Endowment for the Church
FundraisingFun fundraising projects to supplement the budget
InterweaveLGBTQI’s and allies
KitchenKeeping the Kitchen organized
MembershipMembership Committee
AssistMusicMusic Committee – Assists the Music Director
PoetsPoets, Poems, and Workshops – morning group
PoetaPoets, Poems, and Workshops – evening group
PoesyPoets, Poems, and Workshops – Fridays
PublicationsWeekly eBulletin – Tuesday evening Deadline for Friday Publication
RE-FamiliesReligious Ed Families announcements
infoSGMSmall Group Ministry
SistersSister Circles (think connections, friends, depth)
SIA-genService in Action: Social Justice projects and awareness
StewardshipAnnual Canvass
Webteam1Website and listservs
WorshipSunday Mornings

What is an eMail List / Listserv?

An electronic mailing list or email listserv is a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users. It is similar to a traditional mailing list — a list of names and addresses — as might be kept by an organization for sending publications to its members or customers, but typically refers to three things:

  • a list of email addresses of people who are interested in a topic,
  • the people (“subscribers”) receiving mail at those addresses,
  • the publications (email messages) sent to those addresses.

Electronic mailing lists use special mailing list software from which messages are distributed to all email addresses subscribed to the mailing list.

Subscribers can send commands to the server to perform such tasks as subscribing and unsubscribing, temporarily halting the sending of messages to them, or changing available preferences. Some list servers also allow people to subscribe, unsubscribe and change preferences through a web-based interface.

Some listservs allow discussions back and forth among the people “subscribed” to it, and some don’t. ALL listservs at UUCE are provided at no charge, and most are open to both members and friends. On discussion lists, there are Netiquette Guidelines.

– An email address and a listserv both use the ‘@’ sign

– Websites use the ‘http’ and/or ‘www’ indicator

Websites are sort of like going to the library and looking in a book.  A webSITE usually has different “chapters and pages” for different information. The “book” for the church is called, and it has various “pages”.  

On each of those pages, clicking on the “Menu” either takes you to the intended page, or shows you more menu choices in that category. Use HOME to return to the beginning/start over.  Use the Back Arrow on your computer screen to back up a page or two or three.  If this does not make sense, the WebTeam at UUCE can hold tutorials or classes for you, depending on how many folks would like to attend. Put your name on the roster in a note to

In the larger UU world, the UUA [Unitarian Universalist Association] sponsors over 300 mailing lists where members with similar interests or committees in their churches share questions and possible solutions. Participation is free.