“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.
Rabindranath Tagore          





Accessibility Committee Jeanne-Marie Moore 541-684-9797 access@uueugene.org
Aesthetics Martha Snyder 541-484-0197 aesthetics@uueugene.org
Archives/History Cte John Clay 541-338-2960 archives@uueugene.org
Audio-Visual Team Chris LeBlanc 541-514-4413 AVteam@uueugene.org
Birders Mike Berg 541-357-3145 forthebirds@uueugene.org
BOARD OF TRUSTEES Officers & Trustees ~ uuceboard@uueugene.org
~ President Sarah France 541-912-659 president@uueugene.org
~ Vice President Barbara Kellogg vice-president@uueugene.org
~ Treasurer Dave DeCou 541-434-4175 treasurer@uueugene.org
~ Secretary Nadja Sanders 541-255-5930 secretary@uueugene.org
~ Trustee Katy Colburn
~ Trustee Janelle Heidenreich
~ Trustee Wanda Kuenzli
~ Trustee Isaac Prier
~ Trustee Peter Powers
~ Trustee Lizzy Utterback
Building and Grounds Eric Swegles 541-636-3878 bag@uueugene.org
Calendaring/Scheduling Jen Del Rosario 541-686-1775 office@uueugene.org
Care Team Charlotte Writer 541-935-1170 care@uueugene.org
Chalice Lighters OPEN chalicelighters@uueugene.org
Choirs Camille Lively 541-686-2775 music@uueugene.org
Coffee Sales Fundraiser Laramie Palmer coffee-sales@uueugene.org
Community Offering Committee Marilyn Milne 541-344-7989 community-offering@uueugene.org
Valerie Elliott 541-505-7183
Communications T. Force Dick Loescher 541-485-1157 communications@uueugene.org
Custodians Bob Smith 541-686-2775 custodian@uueugene.org
Covenant of UU Pagans Grace Hart 541-935-3708 info-cuups@uueugene.org
Directory Committee Martha Osgood 541-484-1180 directory@uueugene.org
Earth Equity
~   Sanctuary Connie Newman 541-543-1685
~   Food Project Berry Broadbent 541-344-9037
eBulletin/UUpcoming – Weekly Dick Loescher 541-485-1157 publications@uueugene.org
Endowment Fund Olga Turner 541-485-0242 endowment@uueugene.org
Financial Oversight & Review  Phyllis O’Neill  541-510-2739 foc@uueugene.org
Fundraising Committee See Stewardship fundraising@uueugene.org
Gallery, Community Scott Hovis 541-731-3412 gallery@uueugene.org
Greeters Christina Wagner ~
Interweave chapter Nisco Junkins 541-225-8696 info-interweave@uueugene.org
Justice Network  Barb Prentice 541-747-9864 sia-gen@uueugene.org
  ~ Earth Keepers Phil Bertrand 503-490-9491 earthaction@uueugene.org
  ~ Human Rights Nisco Junkins 541-225-8696
  ~ Hunger & Berry Broadbent 541-344-9037 hunger@uueugene.org
~ Food Security
  ~ Health Care Pat Bitner HCAO-SIA@uueugene.org
  ~ Housing / Barb Prentice 541-747-9864 housing@uueugene.org
Kitchen Committee OPEN kitchen@uueugene.org
Landscape Group Saro Hendrickson 541-484-5701 landscaping@uueugene.org
Leadership Development/Nominating  Barbara Dumesnil 541-342-8127 nominations@uueugene.org
Lifespan Religious Education Katy Siepert 541-686-2775 uucedre@uueugene.org
  ~ RE Assistant Ezra Black 541-686-2775 uucere.assist@uueugene.org
~ RE Committee Vicky Scheuerell 541-484-9305 ~
~ Adult RE Liaison Lesley Rex adultRE@uueugene.org
  ~ Children Vicky Scheuerell 541-484-9305 ~
  ~ Youth Vicky Scheuerell 541-484-9305 ~
Listservs Martha Osgood 541-484-1180 listmanager@uueugene.org
Nikki Frank 541-343-0191
Literary Journal Judy Sawyer 541-302-0944 ~
Membership Committee Erin Troberg 541-344-8259 memb-chair@uueugene.org
Men’s Groups Bob Coleman 541-461-0956 men@uueugene.org
Minister Rev. Sydney Morris 541-686-2775 minister@uueugene.org
   ~ Ministerial Intern Andy Chirch 541-686-2775 intern.minister@uueugene.org
Morning Doves See Birders
Music Program Camille Lively 541-686-2775 music@uueugene.org
Music Committee Susanne Giordano 541-517-7234 assistmusic@uueugene.org
Newsletter, monthly Bonnie Koenig 480-532-6001 publications@uueugene.org
OFFICE 541-686-2775 office@uueugene.org
~   Business Manager Wayne Parker 541686-2775 bizmanager@uueugene.org
  ~  Office Assistant Jen Del Rosario 541-686-2775 assistant@uueugene.org
  ~  Data Entry Jen Del Rosario 541-686-2775 assistant@uueugene.org
~ Volunteer Pool  
Planned Giving OPEN
Podcasts Nikki Frank 541-343-0191 podcasts@uueugene.org
Poets Groups (4) Bonnie Phipps 541-285-7155 aboutpoets@uueugene.org
President, Board Sarah France 541-912-6598 president@uueugene.org
Publications Committee Dick Loescher publications@uueugene.org
Religious Ed (RE) See Lifespan Rel. Ed
Rentals Jen Del Rosario 541-686-2775 rentals@uueugene.org
Reservations, Dick Loescher 541-579-9196 calendaring@uueugene.org
Scheduling See Calendaring calendaring@uueugene.org
Secretary, Board  Nadja Sanders  541-255-5930 secretary@uueugene.org
Sister Circles OPEN sisters@uueugene.org
Small Group Ministry Dick Loescher 541-485-1157 infoSGM@uueugene.org
Sound See AV Team avteam@uueugene.org
Stewardship Dave DeCou  541-998-2160 stewardship@uueugene.org
Sunday Coffee Team Heather Schantz-Mulford 541-954-8582 ~
Treasurer, Board  Dave DeCou  541-998-2160 treasurer@uueugene.org
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN volunteer@uueugene.org
Ushers Robin Schantz-Mulford 541-954-8582 ~
Vice President, Board Barbara Kellogg 541-434-4175 vice-president@uueugene.org
Web Team Wayne Parker 541-747-1515 bizmanager@uueugene.org
Worship Team Jane Wagner 541-687-0757 worship@uueugene.org

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