SpiritJams are explorations for mind, body and spirit. Each week, we offer several jam sessions for participants to choose from. 

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January 2018 – Theme: Community

1/7Lunch Sack Jam:

The tapestry is wide enough to encompass us all – we help one another with good food and good service, with Berry.

Edict of Torda Jam:

King John Sigismund was the first and only Unitarian King, bringing religious freedom to Transylvania. How would you rule?




MLK Jr. Jam:

Read books about Martin Luther King, Jr’s life, his dream, and his vision for an inclusive America.

Votive Candles Jam:

Black History month invites us to celebrate our heroes and look to them for inspiration in the new civil rights era.

1/21Animal Community Jam – Whole Group Jam Session – Making a rainforest for our hallway, and learning about the ecosystem while we create!



Self Portrait Jam:

Clay sculpture with Martha Snyder

Self Portrait Jam:

Line drawing with Scott Hovis

Self Portrait Jam:

Cubism with Sean Hammond

Example Jam Sessions:

  • NatureJam – using our new playground as an outdoor backdrop, we connect to the earth, to creatures, and to the interdependent web of which we are a part. Activities might include planting in the Flower or Vegetable Gardens,  an Animal Blessing ceremony, building elf houses, a meditative walk through the neighborhood, or a visit by an animal.
  • ParachuteJam – exploring unity and community through working together. Activities might include creating a “mushroom” by cooperating, or keeping a ball (or several!) in the center through working together and communicating with one another while using the parachute.
  • BodyJam – Improv, yoga, martial arts, and sitting or walking meditation are all ways to engage the body and the spirit. Activities might be Pakua, Mindfulness Meditation, dance, or even making our own stilts and stilt walking!
  • TinkerJam – engineering, sculpting, building, and exploring. Activities might be creating recycled junk sculpture, making abstract foam core shapes, engineering marshmallow and toothpick bridges together as a team, or dissecting a video player to see what makes it tick.
  • StoryJam – heartmelting stories on the theme told by skilled storytellers. Activities might be listening to a guest Storyteller, role-playing a story as a skit or play, or a multi-ages book chat.
  • MusicJam – using sound and harmonies to explore the theme. Activities could include building our own instruments, playing in a kazoo orchestra, or group chanting and singing.
  • ServiceJam – walking our talk through service to others, both “in-house” and “out-of-house.” Activities might be creating mini-care packages to hand to the homeless, creating a meal to share at Touchstone Tuesday, working on the playground, or even painting a room!

The possibilities are endless, and the opportunities for learning, laughter and illumination abound with this new approach to religious education!