Renovating the UUCE building was a two-year process in transformation. We did much of the work ourselves, volunteering countless hours to the project. We won awards for green demolishing, for recycling, and for building with “green” in mind. Our plan was to remodel the building in 400 days. It took rather longer (OK, over 600 days) to get to the point of moving in, and even then there was still lots of work to do.



For more of the story of the building renovation (the photo above is what the building looked like before we started), scroll the menu below, then click the month and year you’d like to read about.  The building renovation archive provides a day-by-day record of the project with hundreds of pictures.

We used to call it the BUB: “Butt Ugly Building.” As the renovated design emerged, we began calling it BUUB: “Beautiful UU Building.” It is still beautiful, but now we call it “our church.”

We continue to work on this labor of love, a massive volunteer effort by members, friends and even out of town visitors!





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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The blog entries for the early months of the project, listed below, are missing. We hope to restore these entries.]
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