By shifting to the SpiritJam model of religious education, our goal is to deepen and enrich the church experience for people of all ages. SpiritJam offers multi-age explorations of monthly themes for Mind/Body/Spirit with paid lead teachers, based on the innovative model developed by Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration, Katie Covey.

Our Goals:

  • Align Religious Education with Thematic Ministry.
  • Create a program which will grow the congregation – outreach to the “nones” through vision and excitement.
  • Provide consistent professional leadership and safety for the children. 
  • Free up the energy of parents and other volunteers by utilizing paid lead teachers. 
  • Offer service opportunities for all ages.
  • Remove age boundaries and create the congregation as a “School of the Spirit.”

SpiritJam seeks to provide spiritual growth and learning for adults, families, children and youth:

Participants will choose from multi-age “Jams” led by consistent, paid Lead Teachers.  Youth are invited to pitch in and take part in the leadership of the Jams.

SpiritJam will be lifespan in reach:

Already, there are adults ready to be Teaching Associates and offer WritingJams, PoetryJams, and ImprovJams, based on their gifts. In addition, the DRE’s time will be freed up from recruiting and training volunteers and will be better able to offer support to a Lifespan Program.

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