The Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene is a congregation of 245 members and 130 children and youth. We have 2 paid SpiritJam lead teachers. We invite volunteer Teaching Associates.

Paid Staff:

1 SpiritJam Leader/RE Assistant – Chandra Black, 15 hours/week
1 SpiritJam Leader – ___________? – 6 hours/week
1 Lifespan RE Director – Katy Siepert, 40 hrs/week
1 Preschool Lead Teacher – Zoe Weiner, hours vary
1 Infant/Toddler Lead Teacher – Debi Lynch, hours vary
3 Childcare Assist Staff – Will, Tiffany, and Kaisa

Volunteer Teaching Associates:

We offer a Teaching Associates Program to harness the creative energy and passions of the youth and adults in the congregation. There have always been creative, inspired volunteer teachers at UUCE. SpiritJam will offer an opportunity for these inspired teachers to enrich the program, not require them to run it. They won’t have to volunteer each Sunday or be in charge of classroom management. We have paid lead teachers who will know the children and provide consistency.

If you are interested in poetry, why not help create a PoetryJam?

You love to knit? Help us create a KnittingJam!

You want to teach people of all ages the benefits of composting with worms? WormJam it is!

Bring your passion and expertise to SpiritJam and help to create enriching, engaging, fun opportunities for growth, learning, and spiritual deepening.

Some jam sessions already in the making include:

  • For October’s theme of trust, we’re creating an ImprovJam with ___________
  • For September’s theme of covenant, we’re creating a _____Jam, including ________.

Come Jam with us!!

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