“It’s not a club, 
but it was a great movie!”




The UUCE “Breakfast Cluub” is an open group of younger church members and friends (college students, young professionals, young parents, young at heart). The origin of the group was in 2009 when some people got together and named it the “breakfast cluub” after the group of misfits in the movie of the same name.

We get together regularly for potlucks, work parties, bowling, or at the park (strangely, not ever for breakfast yet except when we’re camping). Other activities include caroling, and wine/italian soda tasting while sharing our favorite book titles, or discussing a currently relevant UU book. Events are open to anyone who’s interested… it’s not a club, that was just a great movie. Bring a friend anytime.

Some of us are in college or are working professionals; many of us have school-age kids. Overall, everyone enjoys being around kids or cheerfully accepts mild chaos at a majority of the events or will help pay a group babysitter if they choose to come to that event. For college-age folks: the 20s part of the group is growing, be involved! You can help organize activities like movie nights or happy hours.


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