Lay Pastoral Help

The members of the Lay Pastoral Programs of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene are committed to providing a caring, helpful response to the needs of our church members. Please use one of these forms to let us know what you or another congregant you know may need.

Online form – click here

Via email – you may send the completed form electronically to or

Printed copy – you may also print a hard copy and give to a member of the Lay Pastoral Associates team.

Form to Request assistance from the Kindness Team:




Phone (h)____________________ ©_________________(w)__________________

I (or another member I am referring) need:

Ÿ Meals on a short term basis

Ÿ A cheering card or a phone call

Ÿ Babysitting due to an emergency

Ÿ Transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment

Ÿ Respite care

Form to Request a Lay Pastoral Associate Visit:




Phone (h)____________________ ©_________________(w)__________________

I (or another member I am referring) need:

Ÿ Crisis help

ŸŸ A caring presence to listen to concerns

ŸŸ A friendly visit due to being housebound

ŸŸ Someone to come regularly to a care facility

ŸŸ Someone to visit due to enrollment in hospice

ŸŸ A church member to visit on a regular basis due to

Ÿ__ grieving

Ÿ__ illness,

Ÿ__ disability,

Ÿ__ marital changes,

Ÿ__ unemployment,

Ÿ__ relocation,

Ÿ Other_______________________________________________________