Brainstorm Jams are Cool!

Once a month, your DRE, the SpiritJam Faculty, and You get together at the Brainstorm Jam to come up with fun, interesting, and new ways to engage people in the theme for the month. Together, we create the jam sessions that keep kids coming to church!

If you have a knack for knitting, a penchant for politics, a flair for flamenco, or feel your spirit lifted by laughter with kids, come share your great ideas and help us with ours. Monthly brainstorm jams and one-Sunday-only jam session are a low-risk commitment with a lot of reward!

The 10 Elements of the Matrix for creating Jams:

  1. UU Faith Formation  (Core Stories, Principles and Sources)
  2. World Religions
  3. Kid and Youth Culture
  4. Music (Theme Songs for the month)
  5. Life Issues
  6. Talents in the Congregation
  7. Sermon topics
  8. Justice Making Projects
  9. Multiple Intelligences
  10. Sensory Play

We review these elements each month during the Brainstorm Jam to ensure jams we are creating align with the theme for the month, and with our UU principles and values. What fun!


Sunday, December 3rd

Sunday, January 7th