We need you to make SpiritJam go! It’s through the power of your imagination, your creative passions, and your inventive minds that we create and present exciting, fun, engaging new material for our children each week. Come join in this guiding brainstorming process, and consider coming to teach the kids a new skill or about a new idea. Some recent jam sessions led by congregants include: basket-weaving, spider plant potting, putting together school bags for refugee children, and much much more! Any interest you may have, I guarantee there are kids who would benefit from learning about it from you. Learn more about our process by going here. All ages, all ideas, are welcome and wanted. 

1st Sunday of each month, after church (11:20-ish) in Room 6

For more info, contact Katy Siepert at uucedre@gmail.com or 541-686-2775 ext. 2

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