DIRECTORY of Members and Friends at UUCE

Each year we publish an eDirectory that can sit on your electronic desktop for use when you wish to contact a UUCE member or friend.  It can also be printed out, two sided, and stapled for use on your (non-electronic) desk.

Please click here to email a request for the Directory.

Included in the eDirectory

  • Printing the eDirectory
  • Using the Directory with the Interactive email and web links
  • Find and Search Functions
  • Navigation with Bookmarks and Thumbnails
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Privacy
  • Board of Trustees
  • Professional and Support Staff
  • Emergency Contacts – First Responders
  • Lay Leaders/Committees and Groups
  • Member and Friends Contact Information
  • Index of First Names

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Using the UUCE PDF eDirectory

The eDirectory is meant for members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene to keep in PDF (Adobe “Portable Document Format”) format on their computer desktop for easy access (see “Hotlinks” below), and/or to print their own hardcopy version for personal use.

For those without computers and/or printers, we are happy to provide a printed copy upon request, stapled in the upper left hand corner, for pick-up at the church office (or on Sunday morning by prior arrangement).

For our blind members and friends, we will provide the Directory in the format of their choice, be it RTF, PDF, DOCX, or other.

If you don’t already have the free Adobe Reader program (you probably do), you can download it at

Updates to the Directory will be published from time to time during the coming year as changes to the content require. No password is required; they will arrive by email.


There is more to this Directory than just names and phone numbers. Scroll through the Directory using your page up and page down commands, as well as the scroll bar of your computer. If your computer is set up for it, the web and email links should be “hot.” This means that links are “clickable” and will open and pre-address an email message for you or take you directly to the webpage referenced.

Find and Search, Bookmarks and Thumbnails Functions  

To use the  FIND Function of a PDF document, press Ctrl+F (Macs: Command+F), then enter the first or last name in the box near the top of the Directory window. Press the right and left arrows at the top right of the page to move to the next (or previous) instance until you reach the exact name you seek.

     • To use the larger  SEARCH Function of a PDF document, press Ctrl+Shift+F (Macs: Command+Shift+F), then enter a first or last name. Click the choice on that page that best meets your needs, then see it highlighted in the Directory. To see another instance (if any), click another line in the Search Results page.

     • The PDF document can also be navigated using the Bookmarks and Thumbnails functions in Acrobat Reader. See Acrobat Reader Help if needed.